Dear Bill Burr

Scientology’s greatest camouflage was, for many years, their ability to quietly perpetrate their abuse and crime behind the guise of a weird Hollywood cult. For most people the word Scientology conjured up visions of aliens followed by a shrug.

How bad could the group be with adherents like John Travolta and Tom Cruise? Despite the fact that no one really understood the reality of life behind the walls there was very little public scrutiny.

Certainly there were former members whose experiences were quietly public. Scientology’s penchant for viciously attacking their detractors was enough to keep most ex practitioners warily silent.

In 2016 a wrecking ball, more appropriately known in the trade as a headache ball, smashed through the illusion leaving Scientology’s best defense in a dusty pile.

Leah Remini was that headache ball.

Together with Mike Rinder the duo systematically stripped away the mystery of the Church of Scientology. No longer was it the strange but benign celebrity cult that caused people to chuckle at but ignore.

Week after week a growing community of former members stepped forward and shared their truth.


Psychological abuse.


Sexual, emotional, verbal, spiritual abuse.

Forced abortions.

Fair Game.


Scientology was exposed as anything but benign or silly and the cult retaliated with vicious, unrelenting retaliation gone so far across the line that even Remini’s death was mentioned.

The suffering, destruction and damage caused by L. Ron Hubbard’s pretend religion is nothing to joke about.

During a recent Monday Morning Podcast, comedian Bill Burr made a concerning comment seemingly in defense, however backhanded, of Scientology.

17:50- “No, I think it (Scientology) gets more shit than it deserves, you know, for as fucked up as they say it is, for as cult-y as it is. I got one question. Where are the bodies? Where are they?”

Burr later goes on to make a snide reference to Leah Remini that would make Stand League’s Hate Monitor proud.

“I need to see the hardware — as a former Catholic. I mean, we got bodies stacked up. We got pedophilia. We got, we got torture. We have crusades. Wow. What do they got? Little mind control, couple of fucking disgruntled sitcom stars?”

Where are the bodies?

Look around you, Bill.

Literally there is Taylor Tweed, Philip Gale and so many other Scientologists lost to suicide.

Lisa McPherson died during a psychotic episode following Scientology’s version of “care”.

What of Narconon deaths and all of the lost children due to forced abortions?

Are these the bodies you are seeking?

Then there are the walking wounded. Thousands of people who joined Scientology thinking they were going to accomplish something great but ended up spiritually, emotionally and psychologically crushed.

Miriam Francis who thought of suicide at 5 years old because she was raped by her own father then made to apologize to him for her attack.

Saina Kamula, another victim of sexual abuse as a child in Scientology. Her abuser too was protected as she was blamed and re-victimized.

Children who were abused at the cult’s ranch.

Adults now, their struggles from the trauma inflicted during their incarceration there continues to affect them.

Every former member who has been scarred by the brutal psychological terrorism, the virtual rape of mind and soul that is Hubbard’s sacred scripture are more of your bodies, Bill.

“I need to see the hardware — as a former Catholic. I mean, we got bodies stacked up. We got pedophilia. We got, we got torture. We have crusades.”

Scientology has bodies stacked up. They’ve got pedophilia, they’ve got torture. They even have crusades.

Certainly the Fair Game employed against Paulette Cooper qualifies as a crusade.

So does the unrelenting attacks against the IRS that ended in the granting of their undeserved exemption.

As for the snidely dismissed “fucking disgruntled sitcom star”; Leah Remini is the reason the world now knows about all of these bodies.

The torture.

The pedophilia.

Perhaps you might consider taking her up on her request to call her.

Maybe meet over a cup or two of F. Gaviña and Sons coffee.

3 thoughts on “Dear Bill Burr

  1. Is this guy for real? He is a shining example of why Scientology continues to get away with all the s##t that they do! Wake up Bill: this is not a comedy skit: real lives – real people are being destroyed daily by this organization. Considering I had to google who this joker even is and Leah Remini is known, I am guessing globally, I would say his disdain for her is envy and proof positive of his true level of intellect.

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  2. I think maybe he’s just rather ignorant.
    “Where are all the bodies?”
    It’s been proven that Scientology fails to report deaths, or more commonly will announce a death long after it occurred, like Annie Broeker (who was designated along with her husband Pat to take over upon the death of Hubbard. But we all know what happened subsequently.) Or how about the elderly SeaOrgers who no longer have anything to offer? Where do they go to die? And are they given an obituary in Freedom magazine for the 50 years of tireless service, eating rice and beans daily, and working to “Save the planet” 18 hours a day 365 days a year for literally pennies? How about all of the Narcanon deaths? There’s a slew of them. Is Shelly dead? Will we ever know what happened to her? Surely her death will NEVER be announced. How many other Shelly’s are there out there in the SeaOrg- who just disappear into a (the) hole from which they never emerge? Plenty. And THATS THE TRUTH.
    Why, at Gold Base, can’t you connect to 911? You cannot get an ambulance there, it’s not permitted. Lose a limb doing MEST work, and they will drive you themselves to a hospital. Who flips the bill? Us. The taxpayers.
    Okay, done with my rant.
    Oh wait, no I’m not. The comment about the disgruntled ex sitcom star was uncalled for. I commend Leah for having the balls to stand up and tell the world what’s really going down with Scientology. At great risk to her personally.
    My point here is, f*ck you Bill. Whoever you are.
    I’ve never heard of you, but if I see something with you in it, I’ll watch something else.

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  3. Actually, Bill Burr is a well-known comedian, actor, and podcaster.
    And, yes, he doesn’t know what he is talking about; doesn’t have a fucking clue…

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