Happy Father’s Day, Taryn!

Scientology has a penchant for taking something meant for good and twisting it into a malicious shadow version of itself.

Charitable, humanitarian acts become mere photo ops.

Natural disasters are reforged into vehicles for public relations points.

Nowhere is this bastardizing of good more clearly demonstrated than in Taryn Teutsch’s dark fantasy world Justice4mom.

Whether hitching her limping wagon to events meant to expose the evils of domestic violence or warping holidays into a lash with which to inflict pain, Taryn’s ongoing tantrum for attention is proof that Scientology is useless.

Happy Father’s Day.

“After decades of showing no love to my brother or me, my father, Mike Rinder, walked out on his whole family, then attacked and continued to harass each of us.”


If your father was so incredibly, horribly abusive, cruel and neglectful then why, for the love of all that is holy, would you want anything to do with him? If ever there were an argument for healthy disconnection it would be now.

Have you ever heard of the phrase; “I’d rather be healthy alone than toxic with you”?

If even a third of the claims leveled against Mike Rinder by you and your mother were true, that you are campaigning so hard for his attention is truly, deeply unhealthy.

Added to your allegations of abuse and neglect is the accusation that ultimately your father turned his back on you, your family and your “religion”.

Is this not a clear enough statement for you? If Rinder walked away without looking back in addition to “attacking” everyone he left behind why drag him back? According to you he has no redeeming qualities.

Evil personified.




Yet you expend so much valuable time, energy and effort to engage with him.


Wouldn’t you be much happier if you just accepted your reality and moved on? Why wallow in the mire of an unhappy past?

The problem here is that since this entire situation is in fact a mock up by your reactive mind you are stuck. Caught up in your own web of lies you are unable to move forward.

Truth comes with choices, with viable options for living.

Lies are shackles that bind one in place. For every lie told, one must continually construct another and another until eventually all one can do is insist fantasy is reality while ensconced in a walled cell of one’s own creation.

Truth is simple.

It is also very dangerous, threatening and painful to face.

Mike Rinder, your father, did not abandon you when he left.

Your mother and your religion forced that disconnection upon you and Benjamin.

Cathy Bernardini betrayed you.

Your father reached out. He tried to pull you, his family, from the very reason you never had a functional, safe family.

Your mother said “Fuck you” and divorced him.

She took away what your father was offering. She destroyed your family in the name of Scientology.

Mike Rinder left everything he’d ever known; realized and admitted he’d made a horrible mistake, then offered to free you so that together you could learn to be a family.

Every single step of the way it has been Cathy Rinder Bernardini and Scientology undermining any chance you might have of having your father’s love.

What is true for you…https://www.mikerindersblog.org/an-open-letter-to-my-family-by-mike-rinder/

Your father sent letters. He tried to reach you and Benjamin.

It was Cathy and Jenny Linson who were screaming “You stay away from our family! You stay away from Benjamin!”

Why would they have been ordering him to stay away if he’d already abandoned you?

THINK Taryn.

Cathy admitted she’d not told your father about Benjamin’s cancer.

How can you hold your father responsible for something he didn’t know?

On this Father’s Day the best possible gift you could give yourself is the gift of truth.

Open yourself to the possibility that your father, Mike Rinder, though as flawed and human as anyone else; loves you and would open his heart to you in spite of what anyone in Scientology may say.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If everything you believe about Scientology is true, then you have the right to reach out to your father. Disconnection is, after all, a personal choice. (Right?)

You’ve done everything except the one thing that makes the most sense- talk to Mike Rinder.

What would happen if you asked him to stop “attacking” the family?

Are you too frightened to allow him to tell you his truth? Is opening a comm line with him just too threatening?


You have taken upon yourself the role of defender of your family. Your constant campaign against your father’s perceived evils is a public testament to your anger.

If Justice4mom is not simply a petty Scientology construct borne of Fair Game then do the one thing, the best thing for you and Benjamin.

Talk to Mike Rinder.

Are you willing to take a risk, take a leap of faith and actually try and work things out?

Taryn, you’ve spent over a decade publicly attacking your father all without allowing him the common human decency to speak directly to you.

Such a conversation would accomplish one of two things.

1- He will reject you and nothing will have changed. In this case then you will know for certain where you stand. Everything you believed is confirmed and you will feel justified in your attacks.

2- (Far more frightening) He will embrace you with love and forgiveness which will open the door for you to nurture a new, healthy relationship with your father. It will also throw into chaos your safe little Scientological world. If Cathy truly loves you then this will not, can not, change. You’ll have both parents in your life.

Won’t you?

Either you want to fix this mess or you are perfectly happy in the place you are.

Isn’t having your father in your life worth ending Justice4mom and all the anger, lies and attacks? Is your relationship with your mother truly as strong as you allege? Are you willing to risk discovering her responsibility in this mess?

Everything. Absolutely everything hinges upon your having a serious, thorough discussion with Mike.

But you already know this, don’t you?

It’s why you refuse to do it.

Having everything you’ve ever believed in crumble before your eyes is a terrifying thought, isn’t it?

Mike Rinder knows.

Just ask him.

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