The Lies and Hate Continue by The Most Ethical Church on the Planet

As Taryn Teutsch celebrated Independence Day by taking yet another pot shot at her father, Stand League’s Hate Monger Monitor kept things equal by firing at Leah Remini as well.

So much for freedom, liberty or justice.

Directly on the heels of Twitter posts celebrating freedom and condemning hate, ugly Stand League’s even uglier stepsister employs deceit propaganda to dehumanize an innocent person.

Mark Twain once said “if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”; solid advice that COS desperately needs to heed.

Just as with Taryn’s ever changing fiction concerning what happened to her mother in April of 2010, the devil is in the details as Scientology once again forgets their shore story.

Specifically, in the tweet dated July 4, 2022 it states that Barkanov “made the threat after watching anti-Scientologist Leah Remini”.

This is very different from what Scientology’s Stand League article noted in 2021; “According to police records, Barkanov told police he had ‘seen the HBO movie’ directed by Gibney. When asked if he knew of anyone else involved in the Church or celebrities, Barkanov replied that he knew of the ‘King of Queens lady,’ Leah Remini, who had left the Church and been in the news.”

Further, Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw (infamous for the destruction of her own church doctrine) forgot to mention Leah Remini during her correspondence with the LA Times.

“‘From what we have been told, his actions appear to have been incited by anti-Scientology propaganda,’ said Karin Pouw, the spokeswoman.”

Crucial to this false narrative; Troublemaker by Leah Remini was published November 2015. Barkanov‘s threats happened in June and July of 2015 before her book came out. His threats also happened before The Aftermath premiered on A&E in November 2016.

What Leah Remini creation did Barkanov watch then, to drive him to two months of threats against Scientology and Miscavige?

It is telling that in the current tweet referencing Barkanov, the date of his threats has been changed from 2015 to 2016. Was this fact change made in order to address the above conundrum?

Both Stand League and Hate Monitor make bold statements on their social media platforms concerning fighting for and protecting the rights of others. As Scientology snuggles warmly in bed with the Nation of Islam, Stand League posts outraged tweets concerning hate crimes against the Jewish Community.

Journalists are regularly called bigots for any mention of Scientology and publicly ordered to stop spreading “hate”, a seriously misunderstood word that COS consistently confuses with the word “truth”.

Wanting to appear as concerned freedom fighters, it all fails spectacularly when every tweet in between is a deceitfully contrived fair game attack against innocent people.

Scientology LIES.

Tom Cruise stated that Scientologists could create whole new realities.

He was right.

Leah Remini had nothing to do with Andre Barkanov or any of the other actions taken against Scientology over the years. She did not incite him to threaten Miscavige. Barkanov had no ties to COS prior to his phone calls. When asked by police if he was aware of any Scientologists he cited Remini who was prominent in the media at the time. That he mentioned her name is a far cry from accusing her of inciting his crimes.

As usual Scientology twists the truth to fit their evil policy of destroy by any means necessary. They do indeed create their own reality in order to justify abuse and hate against another.

Scientology being a champion for rights and freedom for all is like saying former Cardinal McCarrick is a champion for young boys.

Hate driven, duplicitous and phony as a three dollar bill, Scientology is malicious and abusive.

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