Scientology’s Fair Game Continues

“In 2016, Andre Barkanov called the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles and threatened to assassinate the Church leader, the receptionist, her family, Church staff and Scientology parishioners. Barkanov, who was found to have an arsenal of guns, had no direct knowledge of the Church but, when interviewed by the LAPD, stated he made the threat after watching ‘the King of Queens lady,’ referencing Remini’s character in a cancelled sitcom.”

As previously noted Scientology is struggling to keep their accusations against Leah Remini straight.

One tweet dated July 4, 2022 states that Barkanov “made the threat after watching anti-Scientologist Leah Remini”. While an earlier statement in a Stand League article clearly says Barkanov watched Going Clear.

The fact that neither Remini’s book nor her multi award winning A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath came out until after Andre Barkanov’s threats has also been noted. This firmly established fact subsequently resulted in Scientology actually changing the dates of Barkanov’s crime from 2015 to 2016 in order to fit their narrative.

Such an act can only be considered deceit with malice and forethought solely to cause harm to Leah Remini.

Despite being stymied by LAPD after filing a Public Records Request concerning the Barkanov case; Wisconsin’s Kenosha County, Barkanov’s home residence at the time of his threats, was more forthcoming.

Always aiming for the dramatic whilst keeping in mind L. Ron Hubbard’s directive to manufacture facts, Scientology announced that Barkanov had been discovered with “an arsenal of weapons”.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, this turns out to be a lie of epic proportions.

Kenosha Police obtained a search warrant for Andre Barkanov’s home as part of the investigation in partnership with LAPD.

On November 13, 2015 Officer Buchanan led the search and confiscated as evidence a number of items. The closest thing to a weapon that was discovered and seized was a magazine containing 15 9mm blanks.

Additionally a holster (empty) with camouflage design along with a badge holder were taken into evidence.

Was this part of Andre Barkanov’s well thought out plan to assassinate David Miscavige? Did Barkanov, after being inspired and incited by Leah Remini, begin collecting deadly weapons to annihilate Scientologists?


According to the Wisconsin Affidavit For Search Warrant Barkanov has an earlier criminal history in Chicago that includes 2 convictions for False Personation (sic) of a Police Officer in 2002 and 2008.

The search warrant lists: “…media articles, books, magazines, web print outs, audio and visual recordings related to the Church of Scientology, items related to law enforcement including but not limited to tactical vests, items resembling law enforcement badges and identification, law enforcement radio scanners, vehicle light bars and/or photos of Andre Barkanov dressed as a law enforcement officer or engaging in tactical training…”

No arsenal of weapons.

Not one weapon.

Certainly had weapons been found they would have been taken as evidence and listed on the evidence inventory cards. Why note a holster had been discovered but neglect to mention the weapon intended to be secured within it?

Scientology would have the world believe that having somehow watched or listened to Leah Remini, Barkanov kitted himself out with a battery of weapons and threatened to kill Miscavige and Scientology staff.

So where is this arsenal?

The only mention of a gun is item #10 Pocket Pistol Magazine.

In spite of Scientology wanting this to be an “arsenal”, sadly for them this is an actual, printed magazine.

Photograph of an arsenal…

As many dogs know; a magazine , when rolled up, can be considered a weapon.

Semantic manipulation is a Scientology stock in trade so at a stretch, perhaps the presence of multiple periodicals could be construed as an arsenal?


Barkanov has a documented history of impersonating law enforcement. When placed in context his possession of paraphernalia to enable this pretext makes perfectly logical sense.

As for the claim that he’d seen Leah Remini under any circumstance; his only mention of her is that he was aware of the actress.

Nothing more.

Scientology claims Barkanov rants; “I don’t watch this show that often… I want to burn down every single Scientology building. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.”

What show?

Note in the detailed inventory it says : “…media articles, books, magazines, web print outs, audio and visual recordings related to the Church of Scientology”.

Barkanov obviously was focused on Scientology for some time.

Scientology and the Aftermath did not air until after Barkanov’s threats.

Perhaps he remembers the show from a prior existence?

Given the evidence; Leah Remini is completely out of this equation entirely. Her involvement in this incident is impossible.

The Most Ethical Church on the Planet contends that by speaking against their abuse she is responsible for inciting criminal actions by others.

What of Fair Game?

Dehumanizing Leah Remini by telling the world she is the cause of egregious and heinous crimes leaves her open and vulnerable to the outrage of others. Creating the image that she is a hate filled and bigoted monster (something she most definitely is not) grants permission to the easily influenced and unstable to commit attacks both verbal as well as physical upon her.

Scientology self righteously points the finger outward all while opening Remini up to the exact scenario they allegedly condemn her for.

Scientology feels the need to lie, to create a false narrative because otherwise there is nothing with which to accuse Leah Remini.

Leah Remini speaks truths backed by decades of similar experiences.

Who is the real danger here?

Scientology lies.

5 thoughts on “Scientology’s Fair Game Continues

  1. I commend you on getting to the bottom of this and publishing the truth.

    I am an ex scientologists kid born into it 1969 and left as an adult , went back, left again. I still have family who swear by it but whom don’t force it on the rest of us and we haven’t outcast each other from our lives. This therefore still makes speaking out about our adverse affects and true thoughts, difficult for me and other family members whom have left it. We know that the remainers would have to disconnect from us if we do speak out openly to them or to anyone. We are still therefore living in fear or suppressed somewhat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry you and your family have to endure this kind of manipulation and control at the hands of Scientology. Here’s hoping one day you can all be together in honesty, love and truth.


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