CCHR’s Mutual Adoration Conference

Or; How Ryan Prescott helped organize a giant circle jerk.

Lyin’ Ryan Prescott has, after a blissful absence, resurfaced.

It would appear that the wannabe author is now working with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and his first project was as chaotic and misleading as any of his former offerings.

What do at least 90 recent mass shootings, knifings, and bombings have in common? Find out on August 3rd.”

The event began with an introduction by Master of Ceremonies and Scientologist Betsy Davis.

Looking thrilled to be there…

Addressing the audience of 14, (of whom most were CCHR volunteers, one was this writer, 2 were the guest speakers and one was CCHR, itself) she referred to CCHR’s Psychology: Industry of Death Museum as “world renowned”. Davis then went on to claim that CCHR is so effective in policing the abuses of the mental health industry that it has “tripled in size in the last year alone.”

If such monumental growth continues CCHR will be Saint Hill size any day now.

Sycophant Davis continued “CCHR has saved millions of lives” before moving on to describe how psychiatry is a multi million dollar business that made up fictional illnesses in order to sell pharmaceuticals. Davis stated that there is no science behind the diagnosing of mental illness thus nothing to prove that it is real.

Considering that the entirety of Scientology is based upon L. Ron Hubbard’s made up, un-researched, unfounded, unsubstantiated “discoveries” solely designed to sell books, courses, auditing and a bridge to nowhere, this blatant hypocrisy is real.

Scientology’s faux self help offerings might very well at one time have given Big Pharma true competition for income dominance so Davis’ wide eyed duplicitous claims are laughable.

Davis was followed by the Reverend Fred Shaw.

Shaw split his time at the podium between directly accusing the psychiatric community and mental health meds of being responsible for the entirety of the violence found in the world today and stroking himself for his superior understanding of the human condition.

According to Shaw, none of the shootings and violence seen in society today were found 50 years ago. It was only with the advent of antidepressants and other mental health medications that such atrocities began to occur.

To whit the following information about “the good ole days” may help the Reverend:

Full Article Here

Shaw announced “we could actually take all the money from mental health and cure all the problems”.

Reverend Shaw then segues into the glories of Scientology’s tech, describing how, during one point of his earlier life, he went to a “Psych” for help. Refusing a prescription Shaw says he took over the sessions, asking questions per Scientology training. He so impressed the psychiatrist that he was subsequently asked to lead a class to help others. Thus proving that Scientology and the CCHR are the hope of mankind.

By this point it was 10pm with only half an hour left of the program. So far there had been no mention of the 90 acts of violence noted by Prescott in the event announcement.

Nutritionist Erin Godly took the stage with a technical presentation on how the brain works and how mental health medication works interspersed with notations on how useless such medications truly are.

Godly indicates that the reasons for depression are more likely to be due to poor nutrition or some other condition that she states physicians do not “even test for”.

Personal experience refutes this claim as we were given a battery of tests before settling on an effective course of medication to help with Generalized Anxiety.

During her speech, Erin describes the potential danger for intense withdrawal symptoms if one suddenly stops taking psychiatric medications. “Some have to actually shave off a tiny bit of the pill to slowly wean themselves from the medication.”

Interesting since Scientology’s Narconon is known for abruptly taking their “students” off any of their meds cold turkey as part of their so-called “treatment”.

With time ticking steadily away and only a few precious minutes left Godly finally begins to mention specific incidents of violence.

That was it.

One frame out of the hour and a half long conference mentioning 5 shootings.

Is CCHR correct in blaming mental health medications for the increase in violence?

Doctor Peter Langman, Ph.D, expert on school shootings, compiled a carefully researched “Tally of Shooters’ Use of Psychiatric Medications and Substance Abuse” which shows Eric Harris had been on medication at the time of the Columbine shooting, however Dylan Klebold was not. Both young men were actively abusing street drugs and alcohol.

Kip Kinkel had been on antidepressants prior to the shooting, however he was not when he went on his murderous rampage. He, too also abused illegal drugs and alcohol.

This tally is an accompanying document to Dr. Langman’s research article entitled Psychiatric Medications and School Shootings, Dr. Langman’s analysis clearly shows “The problem with the argument blaming medications for murder, however, is that though there has been a significant increase in the use of psychiatric medications, there has not been a corresponding increase in violence.”

Erin Godly’s presentation claims that “Kip Kinkel shot his parents while they slept” yet this is completely untrue.

Kinkel shot his father as the man was talking on the telephone, later, he met his mother in the garage, began helping her bring in groceries, told his mother “I love you” then shot her in the back of the head.

Langman notes; “Kip Kinkel was not on Prozac at the time of the shooting, he had been on Prozac for three months the summer before his attack. By the time he went on his rampage, however, he had been drug-free for eight months.”

Based on his study Dr. Langman concludes “The belief that psychiatric medications cause school shootings is not supported at either the societal or the individual level.”

CCHR’s “factual” presentation, claiming to link 90 shootings and stabbings to prescription mental health medications was in actuality nothing more than a Scientology circle jerk. By Scientologists for Scientologists, as much time was spent on making themselves feel good as was spent on proffering misleading “facts”.

Ninety acts of violence never appeared and their “experts” were a nutritionist and a “Reverend”; neither of whom have the credentials necessary to competently address such a complex topic.

Whatever part Ryan Prescott had in the organization of this event, he gets a plus 5 for general CCHR butt kissing and a minus 10 for factual quality.

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