Theft By False Pretenses: Scientology’s 9/11 Scam

In the aftermath of 9/11 Scientology created the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project in order to garner good PR for the cult.

Essentially this was a fancy new name given to a questionable old practice; The Purification Rundown.

The “Purif” as it is known, contends that long hours in an excessively hot sauna, interspersed with bouts of intense exercise combined with unregulated mega doses of niacin and other vitamins and minerals will release toxins stored in fatty tissue.

Scientology set up shop and began offering The Purif to First Responders for free.

While Tom Cruise was the public face, the project was actually run by a Scientologist named Jim Woodworth. Cruise and then wife Katie Holmes were front and center at a dinner gala hosted by the project in Manhattan where tickets cost $6,250.00 to attend.

Scientology is all about the money so it didn’t take long for the fundraising to begin.

“Roughly 240 rescue workers and 80 downtown residents have undergone the program; most have paid nothing, although a few non-rescue workers have been asked to contribute $5,000 apiece.”

Behind the scenes the money grab continued with members being encouraged to “adopt” a first responder, donating money to help these brave men and women who sacrificed and risked themselves at Ground Zero.

Leah Remini spoke of her donations in the Fair Game podcast, episode 72. Beginning at the 55:40 mark Remini describes how she took on 10 first responders at $40,000.00 each through Scientology’s/Cruise’s Detoxification Project. (This incredible generosity should be noted in contradiction to all the claims made by COS that she is “selfish”, “mean” or otherwise a bad person.)

Remini was left with the understanding that her donations would go directly to “her” first responders to help make their lives easier.

For their part, FDNY was so grateful for her support they sent her a recognition award for her kindness.

While Remini has many less than warm memories from her time spent in Scientology this recognition by FDNY should be one of the few happy ones.

Should be.

Unfortunately for Leah and any other Scientologists who may have participated in this program there is a slight problem.

Scientology has made the claim of multiple awards given to L. Ron Hubbard amongst which was a suspiciously familiar presentation.

Skeptical, we contacted FDNY through a FOIA request asking if this recognition was legitimate.

That would be a NOPE

Given this lie, it stood to reason that the piece given to Leah Remini was most likely a fake as well.

We filed a new FOIA request asking whether her award was real. We also asked if the FDNY was aware of any type of “Adopt a First Responder” program and if any money had been given to individuals who served on 9/11.

NOPE number 2

Which begs the question; where did Leah Remini’s $400,000.00 go?

California Penal Code 532 states: “(a) Every person who knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defrauds any other person of money, labor, or property, whether real or personal, or who causes or procures others to report falsely of his or her wealth or mercantile character, and by thus imposing upon any person obtains credit, and thereby fraudulently gets possession of money or property, or obtains the labor or service of another, is punishable in the same manner and to the same extent as for larceny of the money or property so obtained.”

If the property or money stolen is over $950.00 then the charge is Grand Theft.

Thus in Scientology no good deed goes unpunished. Thanks to Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, Leah Remini is out almost a half million dollars and all she has to show for it is a fake accolade that’s as empty and meaningless as Scientology, itself.

Another grand con by The Most Ethical Religion on the Planet.


2 thoughts on “Theft By False Pretenses: Scientology’s 9/11 Scam

  1. This is just horrible, once again scientology has been caught out in a horrendous lie. The “most ethical” religion in the world uses human tragedy to line its tax exempt pockets. Scientology has no shame.

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