Stand League Celebrates World Humanitarian Day.

“There’s no job qualification needed, no lengthy resumé and no set of important-looking initials preceding or following one’s name required to become a humanitarian.”

Hypocritical Cult

Stand League celebrated World Humanitarian Day by publishing a sanctimonious article as fake as it’s author.

Scientology’s very foundation wobbles upon the myriad of lies told by their Source; science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard claimed a lengthy résumé of false qualifications, military honors he never deserved and a Ph.D he never earned.

Given this pathological liar, narcissist and domestic abuser is the yardstick by which Scientology measures “humanitarian” Stand League’s inability to recognize the irony is obvious.

As the fictitious Martin Landon describes what it is to be a true humanitarian, it is lost to him that he is describing every former member who has come forward and spoken out against the evil he embraces.

“A humanitarian is someone with a strong belief in the value of human life, who acts upon that belief. Humanitarian work, then, would be any activity that helps other human beings who are suffering.”

One cannot but help remembering the pain, anger and tears as survivor after survivor recounted their experiences of loss and abuse to Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Before this multi award winning docuseries aired no other so very public platform existed, the only remotely safe spaces were found online on private message boards. Former members were wary of speaking against Scientology for fear of fair game attacks.

Remini and Rinder burst onto the scene with a revolutionary platform for truth and healing. The Aftermath was both a cathartic beginning for so many to finally have a voice and a warning to innocent others: Stay away from this abusive cult!

Landon writes; “We are all familiar with the long list of ills inflicted by humans on other humans: intolerance, abuse, discrimination, denial of the basics of life and denial of rights and liberty, to name just a few.”

Thanks to Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Marc and Claire Headley, Amy Scobee, Mary Kahn, Aaron Smith-Levin, Karen DeLaCarriere and all those who bravely appeared on the show and shared their truths millions discovered the long list of ills inflicted by Scientology upon their members. “Intolerance, abuse, discrimination, denial of the basics of life and denial of rights and liberty, to name just a few.”

People who long worked in relative obscurity were finally brought further into the light, their names and dedicated efforts to expose Scientology now familiar and respected; Jeffrey Augustine, Chris Shelton, Tony Ortega. All humanitarians seeking justice.

Exposing truth.

Scientology is an armchair charity.

They spew all the right words, presuming to instruct the world on ethics and morality while hiding lies, abuse and psychological terrorism. Those who won’t do, hypocritically teach. But how can such an organization be taken seriously? When every move is a calculated dance of lies; a shallow Shore Story for good PR, where then is the humanity?

Actions speak so much louder than empty words.

It is so easy to sanctimoniously preach from the sidelines. Real humanitarians prove their worth through action.

Landon cites 5 famous men who lived compassion for their fellow Man; Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, the Dali Lama, Mahatma Gandhi and Fred Rogers. (Notably missing from his list is his own Source, L. Ron Hubbard.)

None of these heroes would have thanked Scientology for recognizing them.

Imagine the kind, gentle Mr Rogers wanting in any way to be associated with a conglomerate who teaches its children they are responsible for their own sexual assaults.

Mahatma Gandhi, who was the antithesis of revenge, would have shuddered at Hubbard’s policies of Fair Game and destruction.

Stand League writes lauding the bravery, kindness and selflessness of some while at the same time attempting to dehumanize and destroy a courageous group of humanitarians who model the exact same characteristics.

In belated honor of World Humanitarian Day it would do well to understand that a true humanitarian acts. They don’t pretend, award themselves false accolades or pay lip service to good.

They DO.

Photo ops in the name of illusion did nothing to help the refugees in South America.

Once again Scientology has offered a hypocritical, tone deaf article filled with emptiness and saccharine two faced rot.

Nothing COS attempts to teach carries substance as long as they are practicing fair game and disconnection. Viciously abusing former members who speak out is not charitable.

Always consider the source.

3 thoughts on “Stand League Celebrates World Humanitarian Day.

  1. I agree: It is telling that they did not have the temerity to publicly suggest elron as a candidate for the top 5. Of course, behind closed doors they sing a different tune. There is only one “greatest “humanitarian.”

    It’s equally telling how one becomes recognized as a “humanitarian” within the cult. No one is ever featured in their magazines for making a major contribution to, say, the Red Cross even though the cult never tires of claiming that they are partners with this organization. Even though the cult claims that you can be a member of a religion as well as a scientologist (and constantly seeks inter-faith photo ops), no one is ever recognized for life-long contributions made to a church and its benevolent endeavors. Nor is anyone ever recognized for travelling to a disaster site and pitching in–unless they don the yellow t-shirt and mug for photo ops.

    The only way to become a “humanitarian” in the cult is the way everything else is done: Write a big check to the cult itself, specifically to a fund that offers zero accountability for what it does with the money received.


  2. Steve Bushemi was a NYC firefighter before he was movie star. On the day of 9/11 he took his his turnout gear to his old firehouse then dug up bodies at Ground Zero without pay.


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