Fair Game: A Disgusting New Low

Scientology teaches that the spirit (Thetan) and the body are two separate entities. In fact Hubbard’s followers refer to the body simply as the Thetan’s vehicle, a “meat body” that is animated only so long as the Thetan is using it.

Thetan, on the other hand, is “immortal” and spends eternity dropping one meat body after another in a never ending cycle of reincarnation. It is also believed that the Thetan chooses it’s next body, so it is (for Scientologists) reasonable to believe that your daughter was once your parent or your spouse could have been your child.

A 2019 interview of former Scientologist Sam Domingo discussing the death of Jett Travolta quotes Domingo; “‘Scientologists believe the spirit Thetan doesn’t pick up a body until birth. If you lose a baby before it’s born, then it’s just an empty shell, nothing to worry about,’ Domingo explained. ‘It’s the same with death. To them once your body is of no use, your Thetan can just go out and pick up a new body and carry on right where you left off.’”

The article goes on to say; “‘When you lose a child in Scientology, you believe that the spirit — Thetan — has left that physical body and will find another one,’ Domingo explained. ‘In the case of Kelly, she got pregnant while she was being audited (counselled) several months later and Ben was born just over a year and a half after Jett’s death. She will believe the Thetan of Jett is in Ben.’”

Also important to understand is that in the Sea Org, there is NOTHING more important than duty.

Clearing the Planet is so crucial an endeavor that even children are a hindrance. In early days, Sea Org members who had children turned them over to Scientology to raise them.

With David Miscavige at the helm, family became even less relevant and coerced abortions were the norm. Now, any woman who does not terminate her pregnancy in the name of duty must leave the Sea Org.

In 1982 Mike Rinder’s newborn daughter died of SIDS while he was in California.

In his soon to be released book A Billion Years My Escape From Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology Rinder talks about this tragedy and explains the Scientology thought process surrounding this loss.

As the publication of Mike Rinder’s book looms closer, David Miscavige’s nerves are showing in the increase and intensity of attacks across social media.

David Miscavige is afraid. (Also a coward who leads from the relative safety of deep behind the ranks.)

In the name of Fair Game then, COS/Taryn Teutsch recently took to Twitter in one of the lowest, most immoral and frankly most disgusting attacks to date: using baby Kimberley Rinder’s death to dehumanize her father.

This vicious series of tweets was in response to Rinder’s acknowledgment and support of Lisa Marie Presley’s essay on her grief after losing her son.

Right thinking, reasonable people who see that Mike lost a child would naturally ask him about it. Rinder preempted this by stating the information would be in his upcoming book. By doing this, he effectively stopped the possibility of his story overshadowing Presley’s.

One look at the multitude of empathetic responses by those who also lost loved ones would show that the sharing of such painful tragedies is a normal and acceptable form of compassion.

Many tweets contain “I lost my son, daughter, mother…”, showing Lisa Marie Presley that she is not alone in her grief.

That Mike Rinder also shared his loss was in no way wrong or selfish. It most certainly was not bigoted.

What was inappropriate was that Taryn would have no compunction whatsoever with turning an empathetic, compassionate and supportive moment into a weapon to inflict pain upon a man who lost his baby daughter.

This is where the outrage should be directed.

At a cult who has no concept of empathy or compassion.

A conglomerate who pretends to spirituality while allowing no boundaries in the name of revenge and hate.

Nothing is off limits. No low sinks too far when L. Ron Hubbard’s policy of “destroy by any means necessary” is employed as scriptural doctrine.

There was nothing at all in Rinder’s tweet for Taryn to have used against him so she twisted her own baby sister’s tragic death into propaganda for psychological terrorism.

This is the “religion” of Scientology.

This is the raw, ugly face of “the most ethical religion on the planet”.

Nothing is sacred.

Anything goes when hate is the foundation.

We encourage anyone who can to go to the @TarynTeutsch Twitter account and, without name calling or threat, let her and Scientology know that this is not alright. Be civil but be completely clear that falsely accusing a man of domestic violence and most especially, using the most terrible loss any parent can endure as a tool for abuse is unacceptable and vile.

Most importantly, as the publishing date of Mike Rinder’s book draws ever closer, remember that Scientology’s holiest of ideology is vengeance.

“Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

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