Is South Africa Scientology’s New Mecca?

Clearwater, Florida has long been targeted by Scientology to be the cult’s version of Vatican City.

In recent years however, COS’ behind the scenes land grab has been exposed to the consternation of Clearwater citizens.

Having crept into the City under an assumed name and false intentions, Scientology furiously and viciously attacked then mayor Gabe Cazares when he revealed the truth.

Although COS vehemently fought Cazares for defying them until he left his office, the cult’s difficulties have not disappeared.

Instead it has become ever more difficult for the church to pursue it’s undercover expansion due to the diligence of Tampa Bay Times journalist Tracey McManus and others concerned with the revitalization of the City.

Has this continual outing of Scientology’s agenda turned COS’ focus to a new target?

Scientology leader David Miscavige will never relinquish his iron grasp of the City of Clearwater. After all, what could be better than control of an entire city?

When tensions in that city are so uncomfortable perhaps control of an entire country is a sweeter consideration?

Government Leaders, Business Leaders, Education Faculty and Prison Staff

It would appear that Scientology is inveigling its way through every sector of South African society completely unchallenged and unchecked.

Worst of all is the direct indoctrination of South Africa’s youngest and most vulnerable of citizens; the children.

“Orphans they adopted”, “Opening an Orphanage”

Viewers of the multi award winning docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath may remember hearing that L. Ron Hubbard once considered adopting orphans in order to be able to raise them without parental interference. It was a disturbing statement that left many feeling relief that he never went through with this particular scheme.

Frighteningly it seems that Hubbard’s wish is being fulfilled in Wanga Parish, South Africa.

Concerned, we have written numerous emails to multiple governmental and educational directors in South Africa. Each and every inquiry has been met with silence.

Our most recent letter:

No Response was Forthcoming

This silence speaks chillingly towards a support of Scientology’s interference.

We’ve attempted to contact those in charge of the founding of orphanages as well as those whose responsibility is to the innocent orphans of South Africa. In every case there is a resounding lack of response.

Scientology is spreading their doctrine and practices across South Africa with apparent impunity.

If the Volunteer Ministers’ social media postings are to be even partially believed, hundreds of community leaders in every segment of South African society is being tainted with the toxic, abusive belief system created by L. Ron Hubbard.

From individual villages…

To government and community leaders:

From teachers:

To students.

Empowered or Ensnared?

Scientology is disseminating their isolationist, unfounded, abusive “scripture” across the South African landscape.

What does this mean for the country’s future?

A generation of people are being raised on the poisonous vitriol created by a mentally ill conman driven by greed, rage and vengeance.

Children are being taught to be Scientologists before they are of an age to choose for themselves. Many of these youngsters are already emotionally and psychologically scarred by the loss of their parents and the detrimental experiences that have left them alone in the world.

Scientology is their education

Now Scientology is writing their own version of dysfunction across the already scratched slate of these adolescents’ lives. Children with no one to speak for them are being shaped and formed by a dangerous cult every bit the same way the clay is used in their demos.

Those who are influencing young minds are the same who have been caught in lie after lie. Indeed the rampant exaggeration and deceit so part of Scientology can be found in the South African Volunteer Ministers’ bragging as well.

Hours through the jungle on foot? Why?

Beyond ridiculous, according to MapQuest, Mbale to Bubilabi is 19 minutes by car.

Even by foot it’s neither “hours” nor “through jungle”.

Thus the quality of character of those who are forming the minds of the children in their “care”.

In spite of multiple attempts to locate even one concerned, responsible leader our efforts have come to naught. There seems to be no one willing to step up and protect the people of South Africa from the spreading taint of a cult reviled in so much of the world for it’s crime, greed and psychological terrorism.

Are the children of Wangu Parish going to end up trafficked for their labor across the globe?

As orphans with no one to look out for them but Scientology, who would even notice if they disappear? Who will care if they are abused?

That Scientology is gaining such an omnipotent status with no one overseeing or questioning their actions should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Sadly, it seems that all those who should be fulfilling that rôle are either being indoctrinated themselves, or somehow otherwise silenced.

Something COS has not managed in Clearwater, Florida.

Wondering just what the cult is thinking of their successes in South Africa thus far?

There you have it.

One thought on “Is South Africa Scientology’s New Mecca?

  1. Very worrying indeed. However, Uganda is in East Africa on the Equator. South Africa is at the southern tip of Africa. These are 2 completely different countries that are far away from each other. This article reads as if they are the same place. You should rewrite it that CoS is infiltrating 2 African countries.

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