Scientologists: People of Goodwill

Clearwater, Florida may have dodged Hurricane Ian, but it did have its own angry windbag to deal with.

As reported by Vice News here and here, Scientologist and CEO of PostcardMania Joy Gendusa created a flap resulting in unwanted PR for both her company and her so-called “church”.

As Florida braced for Ian, which had already pounded Cuba and was heading for the State with 155 mph winds, Gendusa was insisting it was all media hype by “fearmongers”. (Sound familiar?)

In true Scientology style Gendusa was all about the money, telling her employees to bring their families and pets so they could continue to work.

“Obviously you feeling safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance, but I honestly want to continue to deliver and I want to have a good end of quarter,”

Exposed by disgusted staff, Joy first lied saying she was just trying to offer shelter to her workers then compounded her issues by releasing a video rant against the “rotten apples” in her company.

Seriously Joy, two staffers already leaked your entheta to the media. Did you honestly believe a video of your tightly controlled rage and snark would fare any better?

Talk about a foot bullet.

Aaron Smith-Levin pointed out the similarities between Gendusa’s freak out and that of Tom Cruise’s profanity laced diatribe during the pandemic.

Why are so many Scientologists so angry?

L. Ron Hubbard by many accounts was driven by rage. His policies of revenge and punishment are testament to this. One does not need to yell to display the fury seething inside. Destroying families, domestic abuse, child abuse, fair game- all examples of unchecked, burning wrath. In later years some who knew him recount his screaming at staff over the smallest of infractions.

Viewers of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath may remember season 2, episode 7 The Ranches.

Scientology’s Mace-Kingsley Ranch was an abusive labor camp for the cult’s children. No one who heard it will forget the audio recording of an out of control Wally Hanks viciously beating a child with a belt while yelling “Look at that picture of LRH!”

Mike Rinder’s short lived predecessor, Tommy Davis was known for his temper tantrums. Called by Gawker journalist John Cook in 2009 “…the latest chief spokesman and outraged-interview-cutter-offer for the Church of Scientology”, Davis seems to have burnt himself out and just disappeared from COS’ public face.

Tom Cruise’s temper is well known by those who work with him. His most famous tirade was the December 2020 verbal attack on his staff for not social distancing.

Leader of Clearwater, Florida’s Downtown Development Board, Paris Morfopoulos clearly needs auditing;

Joy Gendusa has joined the illustrious ranks of angry female Scientologists who prove that anything the guys can do they can do better.

Kirstie Alley obviously hasn’t attested to Clear yet.


While Cathy Rinder Bernardini and Jenny Linson-DeVocht shine with vitriolic profanity that would make a drunken sailor blush recorded by BBC journalist, John “The Roar” Sweeney in April 2010.

These dainty flowers descend upon Rinder with all the class of meth addicted trailer trash opening with “FUCK YOU” and screaming like fishwives until the end.

Gendusa’s reaction both to her employees and the incoming hurricane brings us to the furious little leader of Scientology; COB David Miscavige.

His brutal verbal abuse is rivaled only by the vicious physical attacks on those who serve under him.

Cowardly in the extreme, Miscavige is always careful to have bodyguards on hand when dishing out a beating to ensure no quid pro quo is served. Like Joy Gendusa, Miscavige sees his staff as financial tools. Lip service may be paid to common human decency, but reality is “MAKE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY, MAKE OTHERS PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MONEY”.

Miscavige was beyond miffed that the pandemic had the unmitigated gall to disturb his plans. Dismissing it as “hysteria” and “planetary bullbaiting” Captain COB’s attitude is mirrored by Joy’s opinion of the hurricane.

Why does Scientology seem to produce such unhappy, angry people?

It starts with their doctrine, rooted in madness, rage and revenge and modeled by their current leader and other public members. Add in the destruction of relationships through the practice of Knowledge Reports, the repression of one’s emotions, disconnection and unhealthy doses of shame and guilt and what other condition could there be?

One thought on “Scientologists: People of Goodwill

  1. You are correct. I have observed OTs including OT8s who seem unable to control their anger and who get viciously angry over a trivial comment or even an offer to pick up something at grocery. They think they are better than other people but seem to have no control of their tempers. Then when you don’t want them as friends they are shocked.

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