Scientology Volunteer Ministers Busted Again.

The City of North Port, decimated by Hurricane Ian like large portions of coastal Florida, now struggles with search and rescue operations, clean up, mold and the myriad of logistical challenges left behind by a Cat 5 storm.

As residents mourn the losses of loved ones, homes and livelihoods first responders are on scene lending compassionate aid to these misplaced, grieving survivors.

San Pedro Catholic Church has become the staging point for aid with the National Guard working closely with volunteers from the church providing supplies, ice and other necessities. In spite of the tragedy of the hurricane, kindness and selflessness are in the forefront as North Port begins to heal and knit itself back together.

Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers claim they are also part of this charitable humanitarian selflessness.

Out in force?

Helping with rescues?

First we reached out to San Pedro Catholic Church. As the staging ground for the community it is reasonable to believe this would be the first stop for those wanting to offer their help.

I received a response from the Church Office concerning my query:

Following Jeanne’s suggestion I then contacted the City of North Port asking the same questions and received the following reply:

So there it is. The primary meeting point for the community doesn’t even know who the Volunteer Ministers are while the City has no knowledge of them being there.

Once again the Volunteer Ministers run roughshod over devastated people reeling from a natural disaster, using their tragedy to inflate Scientology’s own illusory self image.

In spite of so much death, loss, danger and grief Scientology cares only for the opportunity for a dramatic photo op.

Anyone who believes this is the behavior of a “religion” is wearing blinders.

We have yet to understand why Scientology maintains a 501 (c) tax exemption as a charitable organization when the majority of their oh so ethical humanitarianism is as false as the number of their members.

The Volunteer Ministers are busted again.

Scientology LIES.

2 thoughts on “Scientology Volunteer Ministers Busted Again.

  1. Time was that they at least showed up, lollygagged, got underfoot and tried to suck up to the local politicians. At least that’s how I got to observe them in inaction a few years back. Now they don’t even bother with that any longer.

    They are any bit as parasitic as the looters.

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