Wherefore Art Thou, David O’Donnell?

Scientology recently misplaced actor David O’Donnell and it looks like Catherine Bell may be next.

Not enough for the Volunteer Ministers to show up briefly in the hurricane devastated areas for photo ops, now they are calling in some of their celebrities to add a bit of glamour to the show.

David O’Donnell took to Instagram recently from Ft Myers, Florida (or in his case, “Ft. Meyers”) giving himself an attaboy for his contribution to the clean up effort.

An excited Catherine Bell replied to this deeply touching self tribute.

This may be a problem for her but we’ll get to that shortly.

According to CNN Ft. Myers was in “shambles” in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

In the face of such destruction any available help would no doubt be greatly appreciated. Those who immediately drop what they are doing and rush to the aid of their struggling fellow Man are a special, dedicated breed.

David O’Donnell, along with the Volunteer Ministers, apparently set out for Ft. Myers, offering residents like the unnamed elderly woman a helping hand in a dark and frightening time.

Except he didn’t.

Perhaps the elderly woman was crying because the actor never actually appeared in her neighborhood.

Curiosity has ever been our weakness and so we couldn’t help but take a closer look at the photographs O’Donnell posted of his humanitarian time in Ft. Myers.

David’s first pic, posted above, shows him standing on a completely dry street on a day sunny enough for sunglasses. Yet his shirt is wet and he’s wearing waders. It was the next photo that caught our attention, however.

There is no Horseshoe Ave in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Horseshoe Ave, with a cross street that matches the signs in O’Donnell’s Instagram is in North Port, FL.

Almost an hour away from Ft. Myers.

In fact, once this location was found, it was discovered that all of David O’Donnell’s pictures, claimed by him to be from his time in Ft. Myers, are in fact from North Port.

Why the lie? It seems so senseless.

O’Donnell attested to Clear in 2002. Scientology explains that someone who is Clear is “…rational in that they form the best possible solutions they can with the data they have and from their viewpoint. A Clear gets things done and accomplishes more than they could before they became Clear.”


How rational is it to be standing in one town whilst claiming to be in another 40 miles away?

Obviously David O’Donnell’s Super Power (he did the Super Power Rundowns in 2017) is not navigation. Dude was lost.

O’Donnell’s photos all were taken in North Port.

Why the arbitrary deception?

Aaron Smith-Levin is going to address this bizarre Instagram offering by David O’Donnell further in an upcoming YouTube video.

If Catherine Bell intends to follow David, please someone send her a map beforehand.

A-Aron, take it away…

2 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou, David O’Donnell?

  1. My guess: A Photoshop mishap. And since no other VMs were there either (as you documented a few days ago), they were unable to provide a locational assist to the hapless actor. As all of us (outside the cult) know, chief scientist Dr. hubbarf was unable to comprehend even freshman math. Which must be why $cienology stories never add up.

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