Corporate Scientology and Hate

There is a global conglomerate with policies so horrible it refuses to admit them publicly.

Policies so anti-social, so abusive, so malicious that the organization actually has additional policies on how to hide them.

Like any giant, cutthroat corporate enterprise this group has two faces; one public, one private. But no matter how hard it tries to hide or excuse away the metaphorical bruises, there are glimpses of the rot within.

Were this any other cartel with former employees exposing serious fraud and/or crime the backlash, outcry and legal questions would occupy the media front and center.

This insidious organization is not like other businesses, however.

Meet The Church of Scientology.

Overtly and provably a false religion, it threatened and bulldozed its way into a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization tax exemption.

Now it’s former staff and executives are labeled “apostate”, their experiences of abuse, fraud, child labor and more dismissed as the ranting of disgruntled, disaffected members of a “religion”.

Amazing what a simple word change from “business” to “church” can do.

Rhetoric and semantics aside, it is past time for plain speaking; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is most definitely a duck.

Scientology is a business. They provide services (albeit questionable) in exchange for remuneration.

Like any CEO, David Miscavige lives a luxurious lifestyle from the proceeds garnered on the backs of his employees.

Personal chefs, hairstylists, tailored suits and custom cars are only part of his extravagant world. Millions of tax free dollars are earmarked for revenge against “enemies” while millions more are spent on questionable attorneys who are willing to compromise the truth for a paycheck.

Scientology’s Machiavellian corporate structure is viciously protected from public scrutiny but even with their policies of “lie and deny” the truth cannot be completely hidden.

Dedicated hate groups created and staffed by the “Church” such as Stand League and Hate Monitor are telling windows into the soul of this vindictive business.

Hypocrisy painful in its extreme ostensibly preaches tolerance, inclusion and the inalienable rights of all Mankind while simultaneously working to dehumanize anyone who opposes their code.

Founded in hate, paranoia and anger how could Scientology teach anything but?

For every former adherent Scientology has a story.

Each renegade was somehow evil; they stole, committed adultery, lied or were guilty of other terrible character flaws.

Lazy, ill tempered, violent people seem to have reached pinnacle positions within the organization but were only called out for their shortcomings after leaving. In fact it would seem that Scientology is the only religion on the planet whose members experienced a metanoia upon freeing themselves from the doctrine, rather than the embrace of it.

Strong, courageous, dedicated people are honed by their journey through and then out of the wall of fire that is Scientology.

Hate, lies, deceit, revenge, hypocrisy, abuse and duplicity are the worst of Mankind and this worst was the best L. Ron Hubbard had to offer his followers.

Scientology teaches that the only way to survive is to destroy one’s enemies by any means necessary. Manufacture evidence in its absence, lie to get ahead; always attack, never defend.

Each time this financial institution posts an attack against one of their former employees on social media understand that what is being protected is an illusion. There is no tolerance, no inclusion, no respect for others.

Scientology is neither a religion nor a church unless one recognizes that money is their god.

Nelson Mandela said “if one can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.” Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than with those Scientology persecutes the most. Former members who were taught to hate blew free to find new lives they dedicate now to helping save others.

Surely knowingly submitting oneself to fair game, dead agent and disconnection in order to save others is love.

As Hurricane Ian devastated Florida the company PostcardMania was rightfully outed in the media for its uncaring attitude towards its employees. More worried about the bottom line than the safety of their staff, Joy Gendusa was exposed for her callous decision to have work continue through the storm.

PostcardMania is a small example of what needs to happen to Scientology. It is time to stop pussyfooting softly around this cult for fear of violating some fictitious religious right. David Miscavige needs to be exposed for the violent bully he is and his malicious directives that condone fraud, human trafficking and abuse addressed and stopped.

Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Aaron Smith-Levin, Chris Shelton, the Headleys, Mary Kahn and countless other former members are not apostates and they need to be taken seriously.

As seriously as Miscavige takes them.

With every attack website dedicated to each former member, every ugly comment on social media, every story crafted to dehumanize comes the question; if these people are just disgruntled apostates why does Scientology work so incredibly hard to silence them?

What is the cult trying to hide?

Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

It’s time to put the fire out before anyone else gets burned.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Scientology and Hate

  1. “Scientology is neither a religion nor a church unless one recognizes that money is their god.” True words.
    I love that as a never-in Scientology watcher you see it so clearly.

    Liked by 1 person

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