A Stand League Threat to Rick Caruso?

Did Scientologist sycophant Jim Meskimen threaten L.A. Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso?

– Jim Meskimen

Tony Ortega’s recent article reveals that COS is fuming over Rick Caruso’s political ads against his opponent, Karen Bass.

As the saying goes, choose your battles.

Faced with the Danny Masterson rape trial and Mike Rinder’s book, A Billion Years, Scientology decided to focus its energies on Caruso and Bass instead.

Responding to the Caruso ads by producing a slick campaign of its own, Scientology would have the world believe it is an irreplaceable pillar of the community. (Not to mention veritably steeped in saintly purity.)

Jim follows this video counter offensive with a salvo of his own; an article that is all gas and no substance.

“When political candidates struggle to defeat one another, not by demonstrating their best attributes but by broadly advertising their own religious bigotry, one wonders just how low a politician will go to win an election.”

Rick Caruso’s ad in question can be seen in full here.

Religious bigotry is not a part of the video.

Nowhere during the broadcast is any Scientology doctrine mentioned. Portions of Karen Bass’ speech at the Scientology gala are shown, followed by quotes from mainstream media that contradict her statements.

First Bass says that she knows than Scientology’s goal is “to make a difference”.

Caruso’s team rebuts:

Considering the lawsuits by Valerie Haney and Valeska Paris, the Danny Masterson rape trial and everything exposed since Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s award winning A&E series, this counter statement can hardly be called a lie.

This format continues for the duration of the 1 minute ad. There is no bigotry. Simply silent rebuttals to the glowing endorsement Bass provided. Rebuttals that show Karen Bass could not be bothered to take the time and vet the organization she was championing.

“With the approval and financing of these reprehensible ads, the candidate Rick Caruso reveals himself as one who doesn’t care. He doesn’t care to do thorough research…”

Obviously Caruso did look into Scientology. Meskimen just didn’t like what was discovered.

The Stand League article continues, “Caruso, using long-debunked false statements and accusations from a few disreputable and unreliable individuals…”

These statements have not been “debunked”. They have only been denied by Scientology, who demands the world believe them even after constantly being caught in their deceit.

As an actor, Meskimen cannot resist a bit of intense drama, “The effects such negative ads will have on the greater Los Angeles community are unknown, but just as in the case of someone irresponsibly shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater, the possibilities of tragedy are abundant.”

Sorry Jim, but Scientology is simply not that critical to Los Angeles. The City will not fold up and blow away because someone exposed your true face to the world.

In his rant Meskimen seems to be intimating that Scientology has both the standing and the means to inflict consequences upon Caruso for his stance against them. His baseless outrage escalates into what can only be seen as an open ended threat.

“If his goal as mayor is truly to make L.A. safer, he is ill-advised to begin by alienating Scientologists, who have more commendations for their work in the areas of drug abuse, human rights and illiteracy (all major contributors to crime) than he can ever hope to earn in his lifetime.”

According to ehlinelaw.comCrime Rates Compared to the 2,633 violent crimes reported at this point in 2020, Los Angeles has so far, in 2022, reported 2,752 violent crimes; an increase of just over 4%.”

The Los Angeles Department of Health reports “a 52.4% increase in overdose deaths between 2019 and 2020”.

Judging from the statistics it doesn’t appear that Scientology is doing much to earn those so-called commendations.

Bottom line is that Rick Caruso’s political ads are neither lies nor bigotry. Further, Jim Meskimen includes nothing in his article that proves different.

Jim does say “Hate crimes are motivated by prejudicial statements and beliefs, and the more broadly bigoted and inflammatory statements are spread, the more likely these sorts of crimes will be committed.” Which leads to his threat.

What exactly does Jim Meskimen mean when he warns that Caruso is “ill advised to alienate” Scientologists?

Or what?

4 thoughts on “A Stand League Threat to Rick Caruso?

  1. Habitual scientology brown-noser Jim doing what actors have been conditioned to do, reciting lines that OTHERS have fed them:

    “Hate crimes are motivated by prejudicial statements and beliefs, and the more broadly bigoted and inflammatory statements are spread, the more likely these sorts of crimes will be committed.”

    Unfortunately, he raises more question than clarification here.

    For one, a crime could be defined as an abuse of one’s freedom. One abuses their freedom to drive without much gov’t interference by running red lights or driving drunk. One abuses their freedom to privately enjoy the sanctity of one’s home by locking up victims of human trafficking in the basement (ring a bell, Jim?). One abuses one’s right to religious freedom by creating faux religions, abusing religious visas, creating deplorable working conditions and misusing tax-exempt funds to terrorize one’s fellow human (are we getting warmer, Jim?).

    But how is it an abuse of free speech to discuss abuses? Even if someone were to commit a crime–and there’s no proof this has ever happened–as a result of having a group’s abuses denounced, what is the remedy? Stop committing abuses? Deal with the criminal actor? Or get us all to never discuss criminal atrocities for fear that this may lead to the extremely unlikely outcome of someone taking the law into their own hands?

    If critical talk is such an explosive enterprise, wouldn’t it be fair to say that accusing an entire branch of the medical profession (perversely enough, one including a disproportionate number of Jews) of instigating the holocaust is the epitome of reckless endangerment? Doesn’t labelling the vast majority of humanity with a racist term, “wog” (a word comparable to the infamous n-word) set these folks up for attack? To say nothing of shilling for a “religion” that keeps a long list of “enemies” (their term, not mine) and urges its practitioners to get even or worse. If nothing else, all of these actions add up to bigotry on a massive scale!

    Freedom of speech allows you, Jim, to speak up even though you are obviously straying far from the truth and wading knee-deep in hypocrisy and BS. It equally allows people to question Bass’ judgment, diligence and fitness for office Or Caruso’s, for that matter.

    Sometimes, public criticism of abuses even leads to much needed reform. But it’s painfully obvious that there is little chance of that happening in your “religion.” But on the bright side, free speech also cautions people away from predators, even if they are sporting clerical collars, using pseudo-religious jargon and are bragging about acts of social betterment that they neither performed nor ever intend to!

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