Jim Meskimen Cannot Possibly Be Serious

With so much to unpack in this single tweet one struggles to know where to begin.

Meskimen’s actual video rant will be addressed in its own post later. For now the fact that Jim seems to be under the impression that real religions control members’ right to free speech is worth commenting upon.

So too his obvious impression that tattling Knowledge Reports are not purely a Scientology thing but something accepted in the real world. (This in spite of the fact that tattling is generally dissuaded as early as kindergarten.)

There’s also his shocking, disingenuous and patently false assertions “we as Scientologists would never do this to you” and “we respect people of all faiths”.


Positively exhausting, but one does what one must.

Dear Jim Meskimen,

First, as off the rails and heretical as our current pope is, he’s not going to beat any Catholics or consign one of us to a Hole for speaking according to our conscience. Nor will any of our Bishops.

As foreign a concept as it may be, we’re allowed to exercise independent thought.

What exactly do you expect Archbishop Gomez to do in this situation, smack his little hands and give him a demerit?

Unlike your cowardly Captain, our leaders are supposed to be concerned with the state of our souls and teaching the faith according to our Catechism. It is not Gomez’s job to call Rick Caruso into his office and punish him for political campaign strategies.

L. Ron Hubbard created Knowledge Reports as a way to create paranoia and suspicion between Scientology members. It is an incredibly effective way to assure that no strong relationships are created that might end with people comparing notes then fomenting defiance against the Collective.

Policing one another and taking someone else’s inventory is the Scientology way.

We know that when we die we are not going to be asked what our spouse or friend did. We’re going to have to answer for our own actions.

We don’t tattle on each other.

Running to the Archbishop to “tell” on Caruso made you look exactly like a four year old.

As for whining “we’d never do this to you”.

Yeah, you would.

“This”, according to you, is Rick Caruso attacking Scientology.

Jimmy, all Scientology does is attack people.

It’s what Stand League and Hate Monitor is all about.

Need a refresher?

Remember this, Jimmy?

How about this:

“Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

You know, like this for example:

Jimmy, if this is a case of your Reactive Mind compelling you into dramatizations with idiotic faithfulness perhaps you might spend a bit more time on course and less time tattling and whining.

You look like a petulant second grade bully.

4 thoughts on “Jim Meskimen Cannot Possibly Be Serious

  1. Meskimen is in effect claiming that the Catholic church is neglecting to do its job of muzzling Rick Caruso. Of course, he fails to mention that what he’s asking for is in fact NOT part of the church’s mission. In fact, the church is simply failing to let Meskimen (a non-Catholic, at that) have his way. Instead of approaching the archbishop privately to air his non-existent grievance, he is PUBLICLY shaming him and his church. But if scientologists would never “attack” another church, then what is this?

    He’s also mis-characterizing what Caruso has done. Caruso never attacked the “church.” Caruso “attacked” Bass–as candidates do–for her poor judgment and dishonesty. Not to be left behind, Bass fired a few broadsides against the “church” in an effort to distract from her own failings. Most quotably albeit unconvincingly, she proclaimed: “Everybody knows Karen Bass condemns Scientology.” Oops, it appears Meskimen picked the wrong cleric. Maybe, he should try attacking Bass’ Baptist pastor instead?

    Naturally, Meskimen “forgets” to mention that all of these “attacks” (whoever they may have come from) were NOT attacks against a religion–even a fraudulent “religion angle” (elron’s words, not mine). No one was refusing to grant scientology beingness. Criticisms focused exclusively on the cult’s abysmal human rights record. Or more precisely, on Bass for supporting such an odious organization for the political gain she hoped to reap at the time. (If nothing else, it would appear she gained the cult’s lasting gratitude. Despite her “condemnation” of scientology, the cult’s attacks have consistently focused on Caruso and given her a pass.)

    Meskimen’s selective memory about attacking other religions equally applies in failing to recall elron’s comments about religions, particularly the Christian one. What would Baptists or Catholics alike make of hubbard’s comment that Jesus was a pedophile? Or the often repeated false advertisement that one can join the scientology “religion angle” while retaining one’s original religion. (Notwithstanding that they made a diametrically opposed claim to the IRS when swindling their tax exemption).

    Meskimen’s comments are what impotent rage looks like. For as long as he’s Miscavige’s door mat, he’ll be unable to ask the real questions. Such as why, between this and Masterson, his cult has become the talk of the town that’s home to the most scientologists on the planet. Why candidates, both sides alike, can’t distance themselves fast and far enough from a “religion” whose performative benevolence should have made them pillars of the community. Or why they are the constant brunt of nearby Hollywood’s reliable jokes. Even said impotent rage doesn’t get to be his own. Unless he’s channeling his puppet master Miscavige, he doesn’t get to speak at all.

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  2. Hey love, it’s Goldie (you know – the meanest moderator on YouTube?🤣) Super article. As a fellow Catholic, I couldn’t agree more about your comments on the Pope. I would go so far as to suspect that Satan is within him. Scary stuff. Anyway, keep up the great work and if you ever need a hand (Idk with what exactly, but I’m willing) let me know!

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