Picking Apart Another Bit of Fiction

For anyone not familiar with the ongoing campaign of false accusations of domestic violence against Mike Rinder please see here and here.

Taryn Teutsch has a new offering on her Justice4mom hate blog and the desperation is real.

“One of the ways that my father, Mike Rinder, the abuser of my mom, has victim-shamed my mom is by taking information out of context.”

Well that’s definitely not backwards.

“One specific is the notation the paramedic made on the medical report they did at the scene of the attack. Under pain level, they wrote, ‘2 out of 10.’ They had asked my mom in that moment of extreme trauma and pain, which was her response.”

Taryn’s new attempt at demonizing her father is to allege that Cathy Rinder Bernardini’s low pain rating was due to something she calls “Delayed Pain Reaction”.

Where did she get this new medical diagnosis?

She googled.

“I finally found the answer by simply looking online. Upon looking, there were so many mentions and studies on it — all of which made total sense to me. There is a known medical term for it which is Delayed Pain Reaction.”

Teutsch’s entire narrative up to this point has been:

“And and she’s yelling ‘you’re hurting me. you’re hurting me.’ and he’s like ‘you Bitch. You bitch’ Spittle coming out of his mouth. And…and I’m looking in his eyes — and…and this is — seems like a fraction of a second, this all went down. So by the time I’m going ‘Get off her!’ And she’s saying ‘you’re hurting me.’ By this time her shoulder was already cracked.

And, she will tell you, she heard her bones crack. and she — she was just in so — in so much pain she – she wasn’t sure if she was going to collapse.”

In another video Taryn repeats the broken bone claim.

Not enough to claim Rinder cracked Bernardini’s shoulder, Teutsch and Bernardini also add dislocation as well.

“He shredded her arm and shoulder to the point where she needed surgery and will never regain the full use of her arm. The damage included nerve damage, a dislocated and cracked shoulder and a severe gash to her arm that left her scarred for life.”

Remember Taryn’s accusation of taking things out of context?

Delayed Pain Reaction refers to soft tissue injuries not to broken and dislocated shoulder bones.

This condition is also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.

According to the National Institute of Health’s website; “Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a sensation of discomfort that occurs 1 to 2 days after exercise. The soreness has been reported to be most evident at the muscle/tendon junction initially, and then spreading throughout the muscle.”

Where did Taryn find her new diagnosis as she desperately searched for a way to once again make Mike Rinder a villain?

“Here are just a few of the studies I found:

Delayed onset pain means symptoms went do not begin immediately but come on at some point after the initial injury. In some cases, pain may begin a few hours later, while in other cases, the pain may be further delayed by days or even weeks.”

This “study” Teutsch quotes from without reference actually comes from here.

With a bit of careful editing, Taryn changed the statement to remove two interesting tidbits. Here is the full quote:

“Delayed onset pain is most often associated with litigation after a personal injury in which the patient begins to have pain right about the time their mind gets around to considering the idea of filing a civil lawsuit to receive financial compensation.

This article defines and explains the controversial topic of delayed onset back pain.

What is Delayed Onset Back Pain?

Delayed onset pain means symptoms which do not begin immediately, but come on at some point after the initial injury or perceived injury. In some cases, pain may begin a few hours later, while in other cases the pain may be further delayed by days or even weeks.”

Taryn then says; “It’s clear to see, using the report written within the hour of the attack, the severely damaging domestic violence attack by Mike Rinder is an inaccurate gauge of the abuse and of the damage done to my mom.”


What is clear is that DOMS is a muscular issue. It does not address cracked, broken or dislocated bones/joints.

Had Cathy cracked her shoulder as well as dislocated it the pain would have been immediate.

The Mayo Clinic describes the symptoms of shoulder dislocation.

Dislocated shoulder symptoms can include:

A visibly deformed or out-of-place shoulder
Swelling or bruising
Intense pain
Inability to move the joint
Shoulder dislocation can also cause numbness, weakness or tingling near the injury, such as in the neck or down the arm. The muscles in the shoulder might spasm, which can increase the pain.

None of this was mentioned by Cathy or noted by professionally trained paramedics.

Even were readers to believe in Taryn’s new theory of DOMS and allow for a delayed reaction by Bernardini, why didn’t Taryn tell the paramedics anything about the supposed attack? Where was Andrew Rinder in all this drama?

Further considering DOMS in this equation, it is not the job of paramedics to diagnose future injuries. Their focus is on triage and stabilizing the patient in order for the doctors to actually diagnose and treat the illness or injury.

In this the onus is completely on Cathy Bernardini.

Pain level two is an excellent explanation for why she did not seek an Orthopedic Surgeon’s intervention until a full year later.

Actual surgery was not done until fourteen months after the initial “dislocation” and “cracked bones”.

Dr Bell first repeats what he was told by Bernardini. Then he states what he actually treated her for; bursitis, tendinitis and an acromion hook with impingement. Nowhere in his letter does he mention either broken bones or a dislocation.

Thus Taryn once again gives it her best but sadly falls flat.

Delayed Pain Response is not why Bitter Bernardini rated her pain a two out of ten. Cathy’s injury was exactly as noted on both the paramedics’ report as well as the sheriff’s report; one small, minor skin tear on her forearm.

From Paramedic Report


Until next time, Taryn.

*Big thanks to Sky for letting me know Taryn had this and big thanks to Barb for her help with some paramedic details!

4 thoughts on “Picking Apart Another Bit of Fiction

  1. Thank you for holding Taryn’s lying feet to the fire. Of course, the cherch could just write this crap themselves and throw it up on her blog, while she scrubs dumpsters because her last angry posts achieved nothing.
    It’s interesting that barely double-checking her post yields altered definitions for obscure medical maladies and confusing and conflicting supposed injuries to her mom.
    What cherch supports continued public, ugly-lying to smear former members?
    Will Shakespeare said it best, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What kind of religion indoctrinates a daughter to LIES profusely about her father. Taryn is both brainwashed AND a mental case. The LIES she spews
    are tragic because the cult is having her keep up this fantasy.
    I have known Taryn since she was in diapers.
    (Our kids were in the same nursery in the Sea Org.)
    That Taryn has turned into a wicked attacker of her own father is not
    a surprise because she has been born and raised in an Abusive cult.
    Shame on you Taryn !

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It’s interesting that a member of a cult that disparages medical science (especially when it comes to the mental health disciplines) would claim its authority now. Albeit in highly perverted form.

    However, this effort fails even when considering the mendacious aspect of such injury claims:

    “Delayed onset pain is most often associated with litigation after a personal injury in which the patient begins to have pain right about the time their mind gets around to considering the idea of filing a civil lawsuit to receive financial compensation.”

    The cult gang shows up with a gaggle of “witnesses” including several family members, a few cult officers and even a couple of Private Investigators to confront one man. And bring back something actionable to the tiny tyrant. The SP does something terrible to his former wife while they all watch. Both the sheriffs and EMTs show up, and no one thinks to mention anything to them. In fact, most of the cult coven scrambles to safety before the officials get there, and the “abuse victim” retreats none the worse for the wear.

    Alas, one or two days later the pain (although usually reserved for muscle strain) becomes unbearable! And yet, the world’s most litigious cult fails to rush its abused minion to a doctor and assemble a team of its ethically highly flexible lawyers to interview the multitude of “witnesses” and initiate a quest for civil, if not criminal, justice?

    As it turns out, all the pain and suffering is only “re-stimulated” years later when the villain picks up multiple awards for a highly successful documentary series and releases his memoirs.

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  4. “Victim-shaming” is an odd accusation when this shaming in fact means proving conclusively that there was no “victim” in this Jussie Smollett like incident at all.

    If there’s a victim in this, it is Mike Rinder, the target of provably false accusations. And when it comes to shaming, isn’t it all the much worse to shame a person (your own father, no less) for something you perfectly well know he has not done in the first place!

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