“What Can I Do To Help?”

Often I am asked by Never Ins “What can I do to help?”

The answer is simple- be a voice.

Recently Leah Remini launched a series of tweets concerning former LAPD Chief Cory Palka who finds himself under investigation for allegedly leaking a sexual assault victim’s confidential report to her alleged attacker, Les Moonves.

Palka was Chief during the time that Remini filed a missing person’s report concerning Shelly Miscavige, who had not been seen at that time for seven years.

It is no secret that Palka and the LAPD had/has a close relationship with the Church of Scientology.

Remini pointed out several questionable examples in her Twitter post including a photograph of Palka accepting a check from the cult. It cannot be forgotten that LAPD was raked over the coals for installing a kiosk in their front lobby which disseminated Scientology literature in 2018.

Leah Remini asked the question; “Cory is now being investigated for providing confidential investigative information to top CBS executives.

Which begs the question…what investigative information has he provided to Scientology over the years?”

Remini’s missing person’s report was dismissed and she was treated with an egregious lack of respect by LAPD.

So what can Never Ins who want to help do?

Write a letter to current LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore and ask that an investigation be opened into how Remini’s report was actually handled and why she was treated the way she was.

To make it simple following is a letter that can be copied and pasted then printed out, signed and mailed in to the noted address.

Voices count.

Voices effect change.

Please be a voice, stand up and speak out for justice.

Thank you.

November 11, 2022
Michel R. Moore
LAPD Police Chief
Los Angeles Police Headquarters
100 West 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Dear Chief Moore:
In light of former police Chief Cory Palka being investigated for providing confidential investigative information to top CBS executives, as well as his history of questionable interactions with the Church of Scientology I am hereby requesting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the way that Leah Remini’s missing person’s claim was handled in 2013.
It is concerning that Ms Remini’s report does not seem to have been treated with the gravity, respect and thoroughness that she had a right to expect from LAPD. Further, if Palka was capable of (allegedly) providing investigative information to one entity, what would prohibit him from doing the same with Scientology? LAPD claimed the investigation into Shelly Miscavige’s whereabouts was “thorough”, however Ms Remini was not given any information detailing what that encompassed.
According to Ms Remini; “Hours after I filed the missing person’s report, the case was closed, and the LAPD announced to the press that they had found Shelly. This news was released first to the press, not to me, who filed the report. I learned about all of this from the media, not from the LAPD. When I asked if detectives had spoken to or had seen Shelly themselves, I was told that was ‘classified’ by the LAPD. I was told to file a public record request if I wanted further information. I spent $50k in attorneys fees filing various requests. My requests for information from the LAPD were shut down. I still don’t know anything about the circumstances of this investigation.”
Surely this is not the way a citizen of Los Angeles should be treated.
With respect I am asking for fairness and transparency by LAPD and request an investigation be opened with respect to how Leah Remini’s report was handled and why it was handled in the manner in which it was carried out. Finally, as Ms Remini stated; “An investigation must be opened into Cory’s relationship with Scientology and the LAPD’s interactions with Scientology overall.

And the LAPD must not attend Scientology events anymore or accept their funds.”

As of the present Shelly Miscavige has not been seen or heard from for almost 16 years.
Thank you for your for your time and consideration.

Your Name

Cory Palka accepting a cheque from Scientology’s Celebrity Center International

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