LAPD Takes A Page From COS Policy

It appears that the Los Angeles Police Department has learned a thing or two from Scientology.

In 2013 Leah Remini filed a missing person report for her longtime friend Shelly Miscavige. As of that year, Shelly had neither been seen nor heard from for a staggering seven years.

According to Remini; “Hours after I filed the missing person’s report, the case was closed, and the LAPD announced to the press that they had found Shelly. This news was released first to the press, not to me, who filed the report.

I learned about all of this from the media, not from the LAPD.

Journalist Tony Ortega of The Underground Bunker, describes the unfortunate misinformation that arose in the media in the aftermath of Remini’s report here.

Even Remini’s attempts to work through her attorney in an attempt to find Shelly went nowhere.

Fast forward to this week of November 2022.

Former Police Captain Cory Palka made headlines when it was revealed he allegedly shared confidential investigatory information by Les Moonves’ accuser with the CBS executive.

Palka’s cozy relationship with Scientology has long been subject to concerned speculation. As news of his alleged willingness to share privileged, confidential information hit the media, it was only natural to wonder if Palka had done the same with Scientology.

Leah Remini took to Twitter expressing her concerns and the thread went viral.

LAPD subsequently issued a statement that was redolent with Scientology overtones.

Stand League/Hate Monitor loved it, grabbed the ball and ran with it.

Eerily mimicking Scientology form, this short statement seems to indicate that Leah Remini was not being accurate in her comments in that the Hollywood Division had nothing to do with the case nor was then Captain Cory Palka in any way involved. Palka is referred to as “Retired Commander” in the statement. He was not retired at the time Remini filed her report.

LAPD’s statement gives the impression that the Detective Bureau is somehow a separate entity from LAPD. It’s as though Los Angeles Police Department is distancing itself from one of its divisions in an semantically creative attempt to make Remini look bad.

Actually the missing persons department shares a website with LAPD as well as a contact address. Search Los Angeles Missing Persons Department and LAPD is where one lands.

More importantly, Leah Remini stated that 1) “Cory was in charge of the division where I filed my missing person’s report into the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige.”

This is absolute fact.

While Palka may not personally have handled this case, ultimately he was the Chief in charge of the Hollywood Division.

2) “I filed a missing person’s report through a friend I knew at the LAPD.”

The statement issued by LAPD seems to indicate that the Hollywood Division could not and did not handle missing persons reports. Yet the verifiable truth can be seen above in the screen cap from

You may also contact your local community police station.”

That’s what she did.

Bottom line is that Leah Remini, a citizen of Los Angeles filed a legitimate report concerning a woman who had not been seen for almost eight years at that point.

She followed the proper protocols and when that failed, she then spent $50k in lawyer fees trying to get answers.

Not only was that unsuccessful, but she was treated with disrespect and disdain.

For the record, we had a lengthy conversation with a Riverside County police officer who handled public records request. Riverside County is where CST is located and that is where it is suspected that Shelly is being held.

The officer advised us that unfortunately adults are legally allowed to go missing. Unless there is hard evidence of a crime law enforcement’s hands are tied. They cannot go charging in through the gates of Gold Base or CST, weapons drawn, demanding Shelly Miscavige.

In fact legally, if police try and see the reported missing person and someone else comes to the door stating “Shelly doesn’t want to speak with you.” Then that effectively ends the investigation.

Without proof of a crime there is legally nothing law enforcement can do. It is not enough that Shelly Miscavige has not been seen now for 17 years.

The cog in the wrench in this situation is that even hiring a private investigator to try and find evidence of a crime taking place is next to impossible given the security countermeasures Scientology uses.

Finding Shelly may ultimately be impossible given the circumstances. What is also important here is the unanswered question; why does LAPD go to such lengths to protect Scientology?

Our police are supposed to protect and serve the public, not a questionable, dangerous, abusive conglomerate masquerading as a religion.

We may never know what has happened to Shelly Miscavige, but Leah Remini hit the nail squarely on the head with her tweets. Had she not struck a nerve why the strangely worded public statement?

Leah has the last word:

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