The Evil is REAL

Paul Haggis has so far lost his court case against Hailey Breest, having been ordered to pay his accusers $10 million.

A decision that is stunningly unjust as the most crucial evidence in Haggis’ favor was withheld from the jury. It is to be hoped that Haggis will appeal this judgment and ultimately he will be vindicated.

Sadly there are times when the justice system fails; this feels like one of those times.

It is often said that one discovers who one’s friends are during the bad times. During his trial, Paul Haggis had multiple witnesses come forward to testify under oath as to the kind of man he is.

One of the friends to speak for him was Leah Remini.

Since the verdict, Scientology has taken to social media not only to rejoice in the travesty of Justice against Paul Haggis, but more importantly to the cult; to embrace another opportunity to attack, belittle and dehumanize Leah Remini.

Scientology is abusing Remini because she stood by her friend, spoke up for him in his darkest hour and did not distance herself from him once the verdict was read.

As Captain Miscavige celebrates the outcome of Haggis’ trial, his bots and minions have taken to social media on new accounts and old ones just to thumb their collective noses at Remini. Not only is this cult rejoicing in a man’s struggles but they are publicly attacking a woman who is showing integrity, loyalty and compassion.

The thing is, Remini’s testimony was no different than that of any of his other friends who love him and stepped up to support him.

In 2018 Deborah Rennard, Haggis’ former wife, issued a public statement defending him stating Paul was; “not the type of man who would ever commit an act of violence or aggression against a woman.” A sentiment echoed by others who know him well.

Scientology has taken no pot shots at any of Paul Haggis’ defenders except for Leah Remini.

Consider Scientology’s actions against their claims of being a religion.

Gleefully reveling in Paul Haggis’ pain, they stand on his back whilst throwing abuse at a woman who has shown nothing but loyalty and care for a friend.

What religion behaves in such an abhorrent way?

This is not about Paul Haggis.

Always attack, never defend.

“Make enough threat or clamor to cause the enemy to quail,”

“May be tricked, lied to…destroyed”

Directives by L. Ron Hubbard that are being carried out on a dedicated, consistent basis against Leah Remini. This religion wants Remini DESTROYED. Miscavige wants her dead.

The “Most ethical religion on the planet” has unrelentingly pursued Remini in the single most despicable display of hate against a person seen in modern times.

Think for a moment how it must be to live under the horrendous stress and strain inflicted by a “church”. Stop and consider what weight Remini bears because she cares about saving others from the very psychological terrorism she lived while in the cult and still must endure to this day.

Leah Remini was accused of being a bully, of being nasty to others. Yet evidence of her kindness, loyalty and strength abounds and that is what Scientology is attacking her for now.

Since she left, this conglomerate that claims to be Mankind’s only hope for salvation has wrongly accused her of inciting hate crimes, falsely accused her of being complicit to arson and murder. Scientology, under Captain David Miscavige’s directive has used her own family against her, inflicting the maximum pain possible on her heart.

COS created literally thousands of social media accounts for the sole purpose of cyber bullying and libeling her on a daily, if not at times hourly, basis.

She has been body shamed, name called and had Nazi propaganda used to dehumanize her.

This is one woman standing against a multi million dollar corporation intent upon destroying her for no other reason than she had the courage and integrity to expose their rotten reality.

This is Scientology in all it’s stinking filth.

Leah Remini has not only faced all of this with class and composure but no matter what they have thrown at her she continues.


Wife, mother, actress, author, producer of a multi award winning docuseries that caught the world by storm.

Scientology tries every Hubbardian trick to silence her.

Leah Remini single-handedly proves that none of it works.

This doesn’t minimize the emotional toll inflicted by a self anointed “church”.

Rather it highlights exactly what that “church” is and the world should take note.

Scientology wants to clear the planet and create it anew in its own image.

Look to their constant treatment of Leah Remini to see what that new world order will be.

Remini is living her life and fighting this parasite.

In the meantime, she is disproving over and over all the ugly, unfounded things Scientology claims of her.

With no proof on offer than she is a horrible, selfish person a “church” now takes aim at her for caring for a friend during his most devastating time.

Scientology LIES.



Evil is real in the world and this cult is proof.

6 thoughts on “The Evil is REAL

  1. You write: “…the most crucial evidence in Haggis’ favor was withheld from the jury.”

    Can you please elaborate on this and/or provide source(s)/link(s)? I’d love to learn more about this.

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  2. I made a few random observations about this trial as well.

    First off, I was appalled to find out that Haggis’ serial adultery was allowed to be brought in even though his ex-wife was also very specific that she believed that violence was never involved in any of these affairs. The law has come a long way in disallowing making victims out as cooperating in their rape. (“Yes, but she was wearing a short skirt, drinking like a sailor and making all of these sexually explicit cracks. So how was I supposed to take her seriously that she really meant ‘no?'”). Yet it seemed that the alleged perpetrator was allowed to be judged by his propensity for adultery to also be a likely rapist.

    Second, let’s for a moment assume the worst about Haggis. The “church” wants to pretend in its propaganda that what Haggis had to say about its abusiveness now becomes less credible? A classic case of “what-aboutism.” Also a classic case of the horse having left the barn over 10 years ago when Lawrence Wright broke the Haggis story.

    But let’s play along and adopt the “church’s” demand that Haggis’ utterances are to be discredited due to his alleged personal conduct. (Of course, that says nothing about hundreds of other witnesses and victims of the organization’s depravity.)

    Intellectual integrity and common sense would require us to apply the same standards to the “works” of elron. It’s uncontroversial to observe that his claims about his person and accomplishments have been discredited hundreds of times. (We also know a thing or two about his treatment of women.) It’s equally safe to say that his “science” is anything but by any scientific standards; its credibility solely rests on “source’s” say-so. Applying the “church’s” standard about its author would absolutely devastate elron’s “works.”

    Finally, I am absolutely blown away by Leah’s courage in standing up for Haggis. Hollywood is reeling from “me too.” The order of the day is a demand to “believe the woman” and to virtue signal about one’s willingness to do so blindly and in utter disregard of due process as needed. Non-conformists may find themselves facing a twitter mob and demands for their cancellation. THIS is the environment where Leah is making a living, as a woman no less. What she is doing is taking enormous courage!

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