Taryn Teutsch’s Thanksgiving Message

How is this a “Thanksgiving message”?

Just wondering.

As Mike Rinder’s success grows since the release of his amazing book A Billion Years, so does the rage and pain of Scientology, OSA and Captain Miscavige.

In a nutshell (emphasis on nut) Taryn Teutsch, with the approval of David Miscavige, actually wrote a letter to University of Pennsylvania asking them to cancel Rinder’s upcoming event based upon a massive lie.

Teutsch continually insists, against every bit of evidence to the contrary, her father is a domestic abuser.

No matter how hard she spins it, no matter how many iterations of the story she tells Taryn simply cannot wiggle out of the fact she is lying through her teeth.

Now she seems to believe that University of Pennsylvania should set aside all the credible documentation and simply take her word as the basis for removing Mike Rinder from their event.

It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes all over again.

Mike Rinder is the abused not the abuser.

Taryn’s tantrum can be seen as a foot bullet, backfiring spectacularly if one takes but a moment to consider the situation.

Her ever evolving tale sheds a clear and telling light upon both of her parents.

Mike Rinder went before millions of people and announced that he was an absent and very poor father. He could not have gotten so far up the executive ladder had his priority been his children. Rinder admitted his failings to the world whilst also revealing his deep sorrow and contrition.

Such public honesty not only highlights his integrity but also reveals his compassion and humanity.

Conversely, Cathy Bernardini’s actions show a quite different character.

Bernardini was also in the Sea Org. She was as dedicated to her duty as Mike was. This fact was addressed in Jenna Miscavige Hill’s book, Beyond Belief : My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

In mid 1988, 10 year old Taryn Rinder, along with her brother Benjamin (B.J.) moved into an apartment with Jenna’s family.

Eight people shared a Scientology owned two bedroom apartment. “Justin and I shared the living room on bunk beds and couches with Mike and Cathy’s daughter, Taryn, and their son Benjamin James, B. J. for short.”

Taryn and the other children spent their days watching out for each other. They took a Scientology bus to the Cadet Org’s Apollo Training Academy/nursery with about one hundred other Sea Org children.

Jenna writes, “I rode the bus home with Justin or Taryn, who was also in the ATA. They boarded when we stopped at the academy to pick up the students there. On some days my brother would take me off when we stopped at the ATA and we’d walk back to the apartment together, stopping for Push Pops from George’s General Store across the street from the ATA. While Justin was a little young to be watching me, the Edgemont was a Scientology building, and perhaps my parents took comfort in knowing that there were other Scientologists in close proximity and that their offices were right on the block. Additionally, there was a roving nanny on duty in the building who would stop by the various apartments and check on the children and was available in case any emergency arose.” (Emphasis ours)

She continues;

“That was how the routine went for about a year. The four of us—Justin, Taryn, B. J., and I—formed a makeshift family of our own. Although they weren’t yet teenagers, Justin and Taryn were babysitters to B. J. and me. Together, we hung out, had snacks, and played around. They generally looked after us until our parents came home for dinner or had a day off.”

Taryn and Benjamin would soon have this neglect expanded as Jenna describes the day that family time ended.

“I saw her (Cathy) speaking privately with B. J., who looked upset. From where I sat on the couch, I could hear Cathy tell him this would be their last daily family time together. From now on, she and Mike were only going to be able to see him once a week, on Sunday mornings, since the rest of the week they were going to be somewhere very secret doing important things for the Church.”

This was Taryn Teutsch’s reality.

When the children weren’t raising themselves, they had erstwhile “nannies” checking on them.

Cathy Bernardini was as absent as Mike was.

The difference is that while Mike Rinder takes responsibility for his actions, Bernardini is happy to sit silently back and take credit that she neither deserves nor earned.

Bernardini is guilty of parental alienation, of cruelly keeping Rinder in the dark about his son’s cancer and of using and allowing her children to be used in a campaign of vicious hate.

Thus far it appears that Taryn has inherited her mother’s lack of integrity, choosing to falsely attack her father; insisting that University of Pennsylvania cancel her father with no basis for her demand.

Just because she want it.

Whining that she received a form letter rather than being given her way, she takes to social media like a disgruntled child, criticizing the university.

Teutsch cannot seem to fathom that very few believe her bullshit anymore because she is incapable of explaining away the facts.

Whilst the majority of the responses on her Twitter account challenge her narrative and defend her father, Taryn lives in her fantasyland thanking all her “supporters”.

And she called me mentally ill.

3 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch’s Thanksgiving Message

  1. This “form letter” whining reminds me of the Los Angeles mayoral contest.

    The cult riled its minions up to register their complaints with the campaigns about their “bigotry”. Painfully aware of their own lack of constituency (even in LA), they asked the few willing to embarrass themselves to amplify the background noise by sending repeated complaints DEMANDING personal responses from the campaigns (as though both campaigns hadn’t made it clear in no uncertain terms where they stood on the issue).

    Frankly, even sending a cut-and-paste response goes well beyond the duties of a university (or campaign). Especially when it comes to responding to a cut-and-paste whine that’s been regurgitated for the last 5 years to ever decreasing credibility and relevance.

    Perhaps team taryn/OSA is unaware of the fact that neither universities nor political campaigns in the wog world have a human trafficked labor pool that they can dedicate to sending personalized responses to every noisy crackpot peddling highly improbable gripes.

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