Paris Morfopoulos Got Roasted on Twitter

Looks like Taryn Teutsch actually has a supporter after all.

Scientologist, President of One Stoppe Shoppe and head of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board, Paris Morfopoulos is a prominent face of COS in the City. Lending his voice and support to Teutsch’s recent psychotic tantrum against University of Pennsylvania is not exactly what Clearwater needs from one of it’s representatives, however minor.

Taryn insists Mike Rinder viciously attacked her mother twelve years ago. In spite of the cold, hard facts disproving her lies, Teutsch continues her narrative, determined to somehow make the truth disappear.

As part of her ongoing effort to create this new reality Taryn wrote a letter to University of Pennsylvania demanding that they remove Rinder from an upcoming event because she says so.

Sadly for Taryn it didn’t go as well as she’d hoped.

Posting her fury on social media that in response she received a form letter email rather than immediate compliance, her temper was 1.9 on the Tone Scale towards UPenn.

Enter Paris Morfopoulos who decided to champion Taryn in her pretend crusade against an innocent man.

The head of the City of Clearwater’s DDB publicly supports Scientology’s fair game attack against Mike Rinder.

Bitter Bernardini’s notorious event took place in 2010 in Clearwater. Pinellas County Sheriffs were the investigators on scene.

Ignoring the fact that there is a plethora of unbiased, legally valid documentation exonerating Rinder of any wrongdoing, Morfopoulos could easily discover the details of what happened for himself. Given what Karen Bass went through when she failed to do her due diligence one would think her experience might be a cautionary tale for other public servants.

Instead, Morfopoulos whipped out his pompoms and cheered for the lying team. His participation in spreading false accusations of domestic violence does not speak well for someone wishing to be taken seriously by citizens of the City of Clearwater.

Is this a good look for Morfopoulos?

No. But it is consistent with his true character.

It also clearly proves that no matter what Paris Morfopoulos will chose Scientology over the truth.

The internet never forgets and Morfopoulos’ past definitely came back and bit him.


Dude got ROASTED.

Morfopoulos’ video can be seen here in all its ugliness.

Body shaming; “until you lose some weight get the Hell away from me”.

Filth: “…if you can’t control your eating habits what about your sexual habits? Where do they run? To children…animals…little boys?”

This is Taryn Teutsch’s supporter.

Nasty, aggressive, intolerant.

Pure Scientology at its finest.

Paris Morfopoulos sits as head of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board yet he publicly supports someone engaged in the degradation of another.

He is ignoring truth, facts and reality in favor of causing harm to an innocent person’s reputation.

A leopard never changes its spots.

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