David Miscavige Authorizes Stupid

David Miscavige is getting his rocks off by amping up the attacks on Leah Remini and frankly, it’s making him look more stupid by the day.

Apparently between the various lawsuits against Scientology, Miscavige’s bizarre game of Hide and Seek with process servers and Mike Rinder’s new book the pressure has been too much.

Cap’n COB decided to relieve some of that tremendous stress by ordering OSA (AKA Stand League AKA Hate Monitor) to choose the most ridiculous reason that could be found and attempt to make Remini look bad.

The latest smear campaign against Leah Remini is only lacking a resounding “nanny nanny boo boo” followed by a few raspberries to make it complete.


Stand League, with the oh so absent Captain’s blessing, is accusing Remini of…well…let them show you:

As if calling her an “unhinged religious bigot” who “celebrates violence and bigotry” were not enough, Hate Monitor decided to up the ante and in a move stunning in its pretense has added STALKER to its repertoire.



Coming from an organization who has hired private investigators to follow her (and Jennifer Lopez!) and who spent the time to create not one or two but multiple online accounts and websites solely dedicated to decry her every move this is beyond laughable.

Scientology followed her and took pictures they then posted on social media to body shame her. They use Nazi propaganda photography to dehumanize her.

Remini has been regularly bombarded with asinine and false accusations of complicity to arson, murder and sundry hate crimes.

Leah Remini can’t sip water without David Miscavige knowing it and twisting it from a simple drink into dramatic social media headlines; “Leah Remini is the reason there’s drought in South Africa!”

If that’s not the epitome of stalking someone explain what is.

“Leah Remini is now an infamous stalker”


Not having seen one of her close friends for over seven years Remini asked where Shelly Miscavige was. When no one would give her a simple answer to a completely reasonable question she asked law enforcement to check.

That does not a stalker make.

Nor does speaking out against criminal acts and psychological terrorism.

Unrelentingly attacking a woman because she says things you don’t like, discussing her death with private investigators and inundating social media with lies to bully and abuse her- THAT is stalking and obsession in their purest forms.

Scientology claims it is a “church”, a “religion” who wants to clear the planet, create a new Man and build utopia where Man can be free.

When placed beside their actual daily behaviors, that idealistic dream is revealed to be nothing more than the stinking manure pile that it is.

How can golden paradise be created by destroying people?

Here is the most ridiculous part.

Leah Remini, who was accused by COS of being a selfish, nasty person no one wanted to be around showed love and loyalty for her friends and for that she’s being crucified on social media.

By a “religion”.

Over literally nothing.


Whoever got the go-ahead for this latest line of bullshit must have failed Study Tech miserably.

How seriously stupid is it to condemn someone who took the stand on behalf of a friend fighting for his life?

Does Miscavige not understand how the justice system works?

Following this astounding leap of logic, anyone who goes to court and testifies is a “liar” who apparently should be trolled and bullied if their side loses.

Paul Haggis’ former wife defended him. Does that mean she too should be dragged all over Twitter, belittled and degraded?

Justice is not always right or fair.

Anyone remember OJ Simpson? He was found libel in the Civil trial and ordered to pay the Goldman’s punitive damages.

He never served a single day in prison for murder.

Leah Remini spoke for her friend. Just like she tried to do for Shelly Miscavige.

David Miscavige is flogging her for it as though she were the only person ever to appear on the witness stand in a court case.

What an idiot.

Easy for the Captain to lash out from the shadows where he hides in terror of the justice system. Such a man’s man to constantly abuse women. (Where IS Shelly? You do remember her? Your WIFE?)

Speaking of which, we come to yet another mind boggling accusation:

Captain David Miscavige is the malignant narcissist who checks every box.

This latest attempt to attack Leah Remini is the most simple minded one yet. Rather than make Remini look bad, it is David Miscavige and Scientology that look like fools.

Miscavige is a coward a bully and a fool. He’s got nothing with which to actually make Leah Remini or Mike Rinder villains.


All he can do is resort to Hubbard’s policy and manufacture things that are not real. Like a fake domestic violence attack or in this case trolling Leah Remini for nothing more than doing what thousands of people across this country do every year- speak in court for someone in a case being heard.

Ooo the world should immediately ostracize her for engaging in the justice system! What a horrible person!


Hey Miscavige?

To quote Bill Engval:

4 thoughts on “David Miscavige Authorizes Stupid

  1. What makes propaganda so transparent and ludicrous is that it eschews proportionate responses for hysterical cry-bullying and demonstrates an utterly tone-deaf lack of self-awareness. “LR celebrates violence and bigotry.” Where and when? Unsurprisingly, they don’t say! “Next? She will be prosecuted.” For what and by whom? Again, zilch. Certainly, the cult has not undertaken any efforts to challenge her in court for a single thing in her multiple award winning documentary, her podcast or her tweets. Or for any findings that the PIs the cult has stalked her with have discovered.

    The much more telling phrase in their rant is “In a world condemning hate…” Even aside from anything Leah has done, the LA mayoral candidates were in a race of who could distance themselves further and faster from the cult–in LA, of all places! And both candidates did in fact express “condemnation.” Although NOT for Leah.

    In both trials–even the one Leah did not appear in–the judges found the cult’s machinations relevant to the pursuit of truth. Several former scientologists distanced themselves in court from their cult past decisively. LM Presley was standing by to do the same. Obstruction of justice hovered over the LA trial–not by Leah, but by the cult! And the one witness who proudly declared his cult allegiance was also “coincidentally” caught in many lies, omissions and enough “not remembering” to do a Clinton proud.

    But the most uniform and damning “condemnation” was found in the wide-spread press coverage of the trials and the LA mayor’s race. A few years ago, most folks would have thought of scientology as a weird but harmless 1950s space age cult. Most of these folks know better now. And seeing propaganda emissions aping the playbook of the world’s most cruel and heinous dictatorships will do nothing to sway the public’s view of the cult in a favorable direction. Quite the contrary!

    Case in point: Leah took a courageous and potentially costly gamble, as a Hollywood celebrity and as a woman, when she stood by Haggis. Tellingly, she did NOT find herself at the receiving end of a seemingly inevitable twitter firestorm. Neither did Mike Rinder–unforgivably, a man and a white one at that–for doing the same. Not even his current book promotion tour suffered any from his stance or from his ex-wife’s “cries for justice.”

    The inescapable conclusion: Even the “thou must always believe the woman” mob of twitter “activists” fell silent when faced with the trade-off between missing a golden opportunity for virtue-signaling and being found on the side of this most odious cult’s propaganda fails.

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