The Stupid Continues

The stupid continues as Hate Monger Monitor creates post after post on Twitter, advancing Captain David Miscavige’s unhinged obsession with Leah Remini.

Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, OSA, demonstrates yet another brilliant choice to the world as they look to The National Enquirer as a venue for legitimate, serious and credible news.

The National Enquirer

Anyone looking for timely, fact centric news surely turns to this periodical before any other. After all, who wouldn’t trust the purveyors of such grave pieces as “UFOs Swarm America!

Certainly The Enquirer has a long history of serious, thought provoking pieces.

More importantly, The National Enquirer is expert on all things Scientology.

Enriched with such a long-standing, distinguished career in the news business, it’s no wonder David Miscavige looks to this most credible of news sources to bolster his claims of victory against long time nemesis Leah Remini.

Miscavige’s accusations simply must be soberly considered when backed by The National Enquirer’s gravitas. Without doubt if TNE writes about it, it must be true.

Scientology and The National Enquirer; veritable powerhouses of integrity brought together in a quest for truth, justice and the American way.

Given Miscavige has once again chosen poorly and opted for the ridiculously asinine rather than the more intelligent silence, it’s no wonder why Scientology is crumbling apart.

It also explains why COB needs so many assistants in his life. Even walking and chewing gum at the same time must be a challenge for the diminutive Captain.

OSA seriously wrote a piece for their Stand League/Hate Monitor blog in which they solely cite The Enquirer as the justification for their claims against Remini.

Take a moment to savor the exquisite stupidity.

“Leah Remini LOST. The National Enquirer said so!”


Well that sure shows Remini!

Or not.

Miscavige’s unhealthy obsession with Leah is at the breaking point. He is making the worst possible decisions and only accomplishing the very things that frighten him the most; he is reinforcing everything that has been said about Scientology since the first episode of The Aftermath.

For his own good this hate filled gnome needs to be placed in a nice, quiet room and given some space.

2 thoughts on “The Stupid Continues

  1. Actually, the most important point of the Enquirer headline is lost on the cult propagandists: The piece equates a loss for Haggis with a win for the cult.


    Haggis’ accuser claimed that the cult has no part in her lawsuit. The cult itself denied any participation equally strenuously. They want the world to know that they are not party to the Haggis matter.

    It seems pretty obvious that by claiming victory now, as well as concurring with the Enquirer calling this a cult victory, they put the lie to their own as well as the Haggis accuser’s prior claims.

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