Twitter Champions Scientology’s Hate

Right now there is a malicious, vicious, unrelenting attack being perpetrated by a group of liars, led by a coward and fool, upon one woman across social media.

It is cruel, consistent, unreserved abuse on a level only found amongst the lowest most reprehensible, twisted minds.

NO ONE in a position to do so appears to have the balls to step up and stop it.

Neither Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg nor any of those employed by these financially driven men choose right over popularity, instead allowing the daily persecution to flourish unchecked.

No amount of citing their own Terms of Service, reporting, letter writing, begging or pleading penetrates the thick hides of these misguided Defenders of Free Speech. They would rather allow hate and abuse than show even a modicum of morality. One wonders why there is even the pretense of posting “rules”.

Window dressing.

Hate and cruelty are expected of Scientology.

It is a cult founded by a conman incapable of telling the truth. A bigoted shyster consumed by greed. L. Ron Hubbard was a domestic abuser, kidnapper and bigamist with an unholy gift for psychological manipulation and emotional blackmail.

Hubbard’s legacy has obviously been embraced by his successor, David Miscavige. With the same narcissistic personality as a serial killer, Miscavige embodies Hubbard’s worst demented characteristics.

Nothing comes from Scientology without Miscavige’s approval and this campaign of cyber bullying against Leah Remini is no exception.

David Miscavige is obsessed with Remini.

Given the amount of ridiculous but savage, rancorous posts on Twitter and Facebook by Stand League/Hate Monitor against this one woman, this obsession is on the edge of insanity.

Both Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have been apprised of the reality behind these accounts. To everyone but them, the hate filled delusion that is Hate Monitor is clearly a direct frontal attack filled with propaganda designed to dehumanize the actress and incite others against her. The vehement denial of action against Scientology by those who have the power to condemn this behavior speaks volumes.

News clips of Smash and Grab robberies across the country sear their images into our memories. People shake their heads in shock and frustration asking “why isn’t anything done to stop this?”

All too often if the thieves are caught, they receive a pat on the head and are back on the streets to wreak their havoc over and over. Incredibly it is the inaction by the store employees and bystanders that leaves us astounded.

Twitter inaction in the face of vengeful attacks are no less astonishing and frustrating.

Why do bullies continue to get away with their reigns of torment?

Why do the shoplifters keep stealing?

Why is Scientology and other cults who are abusing others not being held accountable for their actions?

Evil and hate no longer have accountability whether on the streets or on the internet.

Elon Musk has a choice.

He can, like David Miscavige, be a coward. Twitter can continue to be part of the problem by allowing Scientology to attack and torment Leah Remini and so many others without any consequences except for their victims. Musk and his team are not proponents of free speech. Free Speech was never intended to be carte blanch for abuse or hate. If it were then why are their laws against such things?

Freedom of Speech was the protected right to speak against the abuses of the government. Something not allowed by the aristocracy or nobility in England, France and other crown ruled kingdoms.

If Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg were truly concerned with protecting the rights of the people to speak freely, without fear then their main objective would be to do what is necessary to protect Leah Remini. She is, after all, being blasted purely because she is speaking.

So where are Remini’s rights in this mess?

Who is her champion or defender? Twitter certainly has a solid history of defending Scientology.

Who will step up and take a stand for what is right?

Here then is Musk’s other option.

He can enforce the terms of service and stop Scientology’s unchecked rampage against Remini. Elon Musk can make a statement desperately needed in the world today.

Every day there is another hate tweet. Another lie, another sick, twisted post intended to try to intimidate and silence.

Leah Remini is one woman against a conglomerate (albeit one that is thankfully slowly sinking) whose cowardly little leader is determined to destroy by any means necessary.

Twitter thus far is hand in glove with this objective. First Dorsey, now Musk smoothing the way for their relentless evil.

David Miscavige is a weasel who hides in the shadows like the troll that he is; issuing orders from his madness that are telling in their violence.

It is beyond time for this particular campaign of obsession and hate to be ended. Leah Remini has the RIGHT to live her life free from this insanity.

Scientology does not have the right to continually harangue her, libel her, ATTACK AND ABUSE HER because David Miscavige’s knickers are in a twist.

Victims of any other former organization who were abused are allowed to come forward seeking justice, change and validation. Not once has there been a victim of former Cardinal Thomas McCarrick so mistreated on social media.

No one is attacking the women and girls abused in the FLDS.

Where is this same compassion and care for Leah?

Where is her justice?

Where the outrage over the blatantly fabricated claims made by Scientology?

All complete lies.

In the absence of, and until there is, justice for Leah Remini, please be a voice for her.

Never Ins ask what they can do to help.

Here is a way.

Be heard.

  • Condemn Scientology for their treatment of Remini.
  • Condemn them for lying.
  • Call Scientology out for their tweets designed solely to dehumanize Leah Remini and other former members.
  • Condemn Stand League and Hate Monitor for their hypocrisy and duplicity.
  • Condemn David Miscavige for his cowardice.

Let both Scientology and Elon Musk know we are tired of the hate and abuse against Leah and against anyone who dares speak out against this cult of vengeance.

If Twitter or Facebook executives will not have the common human decency or the morals to stop Scientology’s rampage of terrorism then perhaps enough voices might change their minds.

Be heard.

7 thoughts on “Twitter Champions Scientology’s Hate

  1. Have you really not noticed that Scientology is getting the living shit kicked out of it on Twitter? Scientology is wholly incapable of competing on anything remotely resembling a level playing field in the marketplace of ideas, and yes, I’d prefer Twitter fact-check their more blatant, incendiary lies.


  2. Thank you, as always for your analysis. Although I have to admit that I see it vastly differently.

    True, STAND is one sewer of lies. However, their emissions have the credibility as well as the tone of a N Korean press release. So I say: Let them embarrass themselves, the more the better.

    The alternative would be to flag, shadow ban, annotate and/or remove them. But the problem with misinformation is who/what gets to decide what constitutes “misinformation.” Not so long ago, a laptop story was suppressed. Now we know it was absolutely true. And we’d be a lot better off had the voters known back then, when it actually mattered. Now we know that our battle with disease that’s been going on for three years had nothing to do with bats, and that we may very well have to think the “chief disease fighter” for the origination of the problem. Not too long ago, recognizing so would have led to censoring and even bans.

    I know, the world would be a better place if nobody got to lie. But then again, it wouldn’t be exactly a free place either.

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  3. You’re of course correct to be concerned about Leah. But look at it this way: She’s acting as their straightman. She’s pulling them out into revealing an awful lot about themselves (while they really fail to land any blows revealing anything derogatory about Leah).

    Those wondering about the cult may read those emissions and will be unable to miss that a “church” or any organization treating its adherents with human decency would NEVER write stuff like that. And you get to be part of checking their statements, being a more reliable lie detector than any e-meter, and exposing their cray-cray, and more importantly their utter viciousness, for all to see.


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