Scientology’s Reminian Rebellion

Scientology was created in order to generate income.

It is arguably the most financially successful con ever created.

In spite of the existence of L. Ron Hubbard’s own letter clearly stating he wanted the “religion angle” for its monetary benefits, Scientology somehow continues to be allowed it’s abuses, crimes and fraud.

Hubbard, in order to create an illusion of religious, humanitarian good will, decided the ultimate goal would be to Clear the Planet of all evil so that mankind can be “free”.

This idea, coupled with the assertion that only Scientology can save man, forms a clear picture; in order for mankind to be saved and free, only Scientology can prevail.

Clearing the planet of war, insanity and crime is the duty of the Sea Org. People so indoctrinated that they are willing to sink to any depth of immorality; be it lies, bullying, destruction of relationships, abuse of others, the list goes on and on, to create their brand new world.

In the end, society must be recreated in the image and likeness of L. Ron Hubbard before duty is done.

Scientology bears a condescending, patronizing view of the “wog world” around them. In its superiority and pride, Hubbard’s conglomerate is certain that it has all the answers, that it is mankind’s only hope and it is going to save us in spite of ourselves.

Perhaps this is why Elisabeth Moss did so well in The Handmaid’s Tale, Gilead could be seen as the Scientology ideal; rape, abuse and intolerance are all acceptable when the “greater good” is being served. That the “greater good” is actually darkness masquerading as light is unacknowledged by most of its blinded denizens.

Scientology bots and sycophants inundate social media with lip service to tolerance and inclusion all while maliciously attacking anyone who dares oppose them. Fair Game’s goal is intimidation and silence of its victims. Destruction of “enemies” by any means necessary is not freedom, but oppression in its purest form. Attacking because of non compliance with Scientology’s policies and agenda is tantamount to attempting to force the world to submit.

It is no different than Antiochus IV who set out to either convert or destroy the Jews in 168 B.C.E.

Scientology published its own interpretation of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, twisted enough to be forced into a Hubbardian mold, ostensibly to promote its illusion of religious tolerance but in fact once more displaying ignorance and hypocrisy.

Hanukkah is not about Scientology

“They are not like us. The essence of every hate-filled rant bellowed by every two-bit demagogue, every would-be conqueror, every aspiring dictator who can only feel tall by making others small. It’s been said many ways in many tongues:” Including every Scientologist who smirks as he looks down on the “wogs” beneath him.

Hanukkah’s history has a modern counterpart if one wishes to follow Scientology’s skewed path.

Antiochus IV wanted to Hellenize the Jews, they would covert or die. Consequently, the king forcibly took over Jerusalem and desecrated the Second Temple with pagan rituals.

In defiance there arose the Maccabean revolt who fought Antiochus’ far larger forces and won.

Scientology scorns and mocks Christianity by bastardizing it’s beliefs and desecrating the Cross. It’s goal of creating a New Man and a Cleared Planet according to its own ideology is no different that attempting to force paganism upon the Jews. Antiochus took over Jerusalem while Miscavige takes over Clearwater.

While Scientology’s modern Maccabean revolt is not a religious attempt for survival, it is no less a fight against hate and intolerance. No less a battle for freedom from oppression, no less a fight not to be silenced.

The intrepid group of former members who defy Miscavige and who are fighting his vicious dictatorship which oppresses his own people through force, coercion and manipulation are also a David verses Goliath scenario.

Miscavige’s confused blogger could not resist inserting the true reason for this article, writing: “To our dismay and heartache many a would-be Antiochus—be they commanders with millions of troops, celebrities with millions of followers, or a single lunatic with an assault weapon—have not yet been brought to account, their villainy exposed, their enablers defanged.”

Perhaps this is because the celebrity with millions of followers is not a would-be Antiochus but rather she is on the side of right, light and truth.

Hanukkah” is actually rooted in the Hebrew word for “dedication”. It is not so much a celebration of the revolt, (although this is part of it) as this Scientologist would have one believe but rather it is the celebration of the rededication of the Temple.

Hanukkah reminds Jews to rededicate themselves to keeping alive the flame of the Jewish faith so that it may be passed on to the next generation.

In Scientology’s case, as they attempt to force Leah Remini and others to submit, obey and conform to Miscavige’s will or be destroyed by any means necessary, there is one important detail to remember.

When David faced Goliath, David won.

When the Maccabees faced Antiochus’ huge numbers, the Maccabees won.

The Reminian Rebellion is also small but it only takes one well placed stone to drop a giant.

2 thoughts on “Scientology’s Reminian Rebellion

  1. … “every aspiring dictator who can only feel tall by making others small.”

    Careful there! Pretty much every anecdote elron ever told was about making others wrong. Especially those who, unlike him, knew what they were talking about and were recognized for their expertise and skill beyond the narrow confines of a small cult following

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