The Rainbow Mystery

2023 is beginning with an intriguing Scientology puzzle.

Scientology has long been known for awarding itself fake accolades for fictitious humanitarianism. L. Ron Hubbard is notorious for Stolen Valor, having claimed military medals that he did not earn, some of which did not even exist during his time in service.

More recently is the egregious theft by fraud against Leah Remini who received a fake FDNY trophy for a nonexistent charity in the wake of 9/11.

While the latest award in question is less exalted, it still demonstrates the lengths Scientology is willing to go to fool both their own members as well as the rest of the world.

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According to Scientology it is beloved across the globe.

From Mexico to Australia to the UK, photos and video showing grateful admiration for the cult’s tireless humanitarian commitment from community leaders up to Britain’s Parliament fill the screen.

(Consequently numerous letters and emails have gone out to some of these organizations in the hopes of clarification which we will share with our readers in future posts.)

One glowing commemoration stands out for it’s bare simplicity.

Scientology’s placement above the photo of Parliament, next to a quote from an unnamed “Member of Parliament” obviously leads to the belief that this recognition was awarded by Britain’s government.

High honor, indeed.

Reaching out to Paul Connelly, Media Relations Manager for the Palace of Westminster we were told that this award does not come from Parliament and whoever this unnamed MP may be he or she was most likely acting in an individual, rather than as an official capacity.

So where did this award originate?

In the same section of their website, Scientology has a video featuring a Councillor of the East Grinstead Town Council.

Initiating a Google reverse image search of the award revealed a very similar picture by Mid Sussex MP Mims Davies, granted to an organization called Age UK.

Could this plaque have come from East Grinstead rather than London?

There are stark discrepancies between the two however.

On Scientology’s award their name is done in formal calligraphic lettering. Age UK’s name is written in. Further while Age UK’s document is signed by the presenter, Scientology bears no date, signature or any other official identification.

Shouldn’t such an honor contain the name of the official who thought so much of Scientology? Why is there simply a vast, barren space on Scientology’s version where Ms Davies’ signature appears on Age UK’s?

Additionally, Scientology never misses an opportunity to plaster their websites and social media with awards, whether real or imagined. Accompanying Age UK’s plaque was an official letter on House of Commons letterhead.

This letter is conspicuously missing from Scientology’s pages of glory.

Google’s reverse image search also produced a similar award found here. In this case, while the wording is a bit different, every one is signed in that vacant space.

So the Rainbow Mystery is born.

Is this award real? Where did it come from? Why does it appear next to a picture of Parliament when it is not a Parliamentary accolade?

Is it from an MP acting privately? Does it come from East Grinstead’s Town Council?

Stay tuned to this space to see if Scientology’s rainbow ends at a pot of gold or just another pile of lies.

3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Mystery

  1. Stefani, These clowns will never learn.
    I have little doubt that this “award” is as real as Xenu & Body Thetans.
    Someone ought to give you an award for your selfless work exposing the cult of Scientology.
    Happy New Year. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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