The Rainbow Mystery: Resolved

In our previous post the question arose as to where the vague but brightly colored rainbow award claimed by Scientology originated.

In its current display on Scientology’s website, the recognition sits proudly and prominently above a photo of England’s Parliament and adjacent to a quoted tribute by a “Member of British Parliament”.

Having contacted Media Relations for the Palace of Westminster, Scientology’s montage revealed a mystery as this award is not given out officially by Parliament and ergo is not as the cult would have it appear.

This journey to discover the truth at the end of the rainbow began with a tweet by the Volunteer Ministers.

Thus with Parliament’s official stamp of approval removed from the equation, we looked to East Grinstead and this unnamed Councillor.

An email which included a link to the Scientology page in question was duly sent to East Grinstead Town Council.

Again it seems we have hit another wall.

That would be a “No” from the East Grinstead Town Council.

As in so many other instances, it appears that “The Most Ethical Religion on the Planet” has, once again, lied.

If this award, unsigned and undocumented, is authentic, it is not bestowed by either the weighty, noble halls of Parliament nor has it the official stamp of local government. Rather at the very most Scientology asked for and received a “Thank You” note from a scammed English citizen acting solely on his or her own behalf.

From there the Cult intentionally crafted a scenario wherein the vibrant paper was elevated from a layman’s opinion to recognition from a grateful nation’s government.

How desperate and embarrassing.

Perhaps in the end this commemoration is authentic; that it was somehow finagled from a governmental employee acting on his own behalf. If so, there are still the questions as to why it is unsigned by the presenter and why it was made to appear as if it was an official award.

Scientology lies.

Consider this deceit as the cult continually points its finger at Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and others, accusing them of uncountable sins.

Labeling them as evil, hateful and untrustworthy.

Captain Miscavige, you might want to drop that rock and look to your own.

3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Mystery: Resolved

  1. It would seem to me that the way the cult is going about this is highly insulting to the Councillor (assuming he’s even real). It’s safe to say that the cult would crow it from the rooftops were they to land an important endorser. For example, imagine Tom Cruise foolishly speaking up for the cult publicly (demonstrating that he hadn’t learned from previous PR disasters). Would they claim that “an actor” was supportive of them?

    Not only are they in fact expressing that “the Counsillor” is not important enough to be named. They also find it necessary to pretend he’s actually an MP. Add to that an award that an individual council member would be unable to bestow (even in the unlikely event that they wanted to), as well as its photoshopping into a parliamentary document.

    They are in effect telling their endorser (if that part is even real) “thanks for the endorsement; but it doesn’t mean much without some serious beefing up by adding a good many lies.” Pretty embarrassing for all concerned. Potential endorsers, take heed!

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    1. Not to forget the fact that this whole debacle amounts to an admission that they can’t get an MP who would dare endorse them, or even just in a personal capacity would commend their imaginary humanitarian efforts. And, obviously, they know it all too well!

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