More Twitter Approved Misinformation by Hate Monitor

Maledictus homo qui negligit famam suam.*

Scientology’s Hate Monitor Monger daily continues its Twitter approved hate and harassment against its enemies free from consequences or accountability.

In addition to a constant stream of false accusations against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, lies that have thoroughly been debunked, Hate Monitor also sprinkles in attacks against other innocent entities for good measure.

In spite of their unending accusations that Remini incites hate crimes, Scientology has never once offered a single fact linking the actress to any said crime. In fact, this “most ethical” cult deliberately, knowingly misrepresents these crimes in order to make Leah Remini look bad. See here and here for two examples.

Attacking Kellogg’s cereal because their commercials air during Remini’s People Puzzler is just more stupidity by an unhinged David Miscavige. One does not get a dose of bigotry with their Corn Flakes.

Striving to be an equal opportunity hate monger, Scientology has recently taken aim at the Tampa Bay Times newspaper and one of its reporters, Tracey McManus.

According to this tweet TBT hired McManus exclusively to write untrue, bigoted articles about Scientology.

In fact, a simple search of the journalist’s name shows that of McManus’ 14 most recent articles, 11 of them have nothing to do with COS. (The first notation is an error.)

Hardly proof that McManus spends her time focused upon Scientology.

As for alleging her articles are untrue; McManus’ expose of Scientology’s Clearwater land grab, for example, is undeniably factual.

COS may accuse McManus of hate speech, but the cult cannot provably dispute anything she’s ever reported on.

Something hypocrite David Miscavige cannot lay claim to. See here.

Hate Monitor then tweeted another lie concerning the Tampa Bay Times.

As usual, Scientology’s data is disingenuously misleading.

Hate Monitor would have its readers believe that due to bigotry and bias, the Tampa Bay Times’ readership is badly slipping.

According to TBT is 7 out of 10 newspapers for weekday print circulation between 2020-2021. notes that “The Tampa Bay Times changed from a daily paper to a Sunday and Wednesday paper in the second quarter of 2020.” Something that would, of course affect the numbers.

Tampa Bay Times is listed as in the top 10 U.S. Newspapers by circulation as of July 2022 by

Further, Scientology misses that it is not just TBT whose readership has fallen. The UK’s Press Gazette shows that on average the top 24 largest newspapers in the U.S. have a 12% drop in circulation in 2022. Tampa Bay Times is #9 on this list. Press Gazette also points out the newspaper’s change from daily print to Wednesdays, information pertinent to the statistics.

Unlike Scientology, who lays claim to any number of false, fictitious or misrepresented recognitions and awards, the Tampa Bay Times has won 14 Pulitzer Prizes between 1964 and 2009, including one in 1980 for an investigation of Scientology.

The TBT also won a Gold Medal from the Florida Society of News Editors in 2010 for their “Inside Scientology”.

Ironically, Scientology asserts that Tampa Bay Times’ membership is falling due to hate speech and bigotry.

It isn’t.

Scientology, however, is facing exactly this scenario.

David Miscavige’s toxic obsessions, blind rage and embrace of Hubbard’s vengeance policies have led him to make one stupid decision after another. The psychological terrorism, cyber bullying and pure hate spewed by Stand League/Hate Monitor across social media displays to the world exactly what kind of organization Scientology really is.

Thousands of square feet of empty real estate stand mute testimony to the falling numbers of applicants to this cult of greed.

The Bible, Matthew 7:3-5 says it best; “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Put more simply; physician, heal thyself.

As usual, Scientology deflects it’s own evil onto innocents. It ignores abuse, hate and malice it lives by while self righteously pointing at others.

Always, always consider the source. Miscavige needs look no further than his own backyard for examples of true bigotry and hate.

He needs look no further than the diminishing membership numbers for the consequences of his stupidity and hubris.

*Cursed be the person who neglects their own reputation.

3 thoughts on “More Twitter Approved Misinformation by Hate Monitor

  1. What about the cult’s own metrics in the journalism game? captain dave’s one-time facing of the press was such a rousing success that he has not done so, in any way, shape or form, in almost three decades.

    Freedom magazine, the one cult press organ designed to appeal to the general public, has not had a single issue published in years (even before that, months if not years would pass between, ahem, “releases”). Its reporters have been frequently implicated in highly unethical maneuvers of pretend-journalism fronting for intelligence gathering for hate web sites.

    Scientology TV publishes no viewer figures. But the content that is limited to unwatchable infomercials that rarely ever change makes it fairly easy to guess the “network’s” appeal.

    As is the case with most contemporary businesses, driving traffic to the web site is the name of the game. Clearly, the cult attempts to do just that with its advertisements, including SciTV and the annual Superbowl propaganda. Unfortunately for them, view statistics of their web site are available to the public. They are routinely outdone by several cult-watcher web sites even though their viewer distribution hints at their numbers being bolstered by click farms.

    Dto for youtube subscriptions and user engagement. Or their languishing on any social media platform they enter.

    Library holdings are curated to reflect the public’s interest in subjects, personalities and opinion makers. Log into your city’s or county’s online library catalog. See how many hubbard texts, if any, you’ll find. Next, check for texts about the cult and see whether those are favorable or not.

    Well, this is what happens if a statistics-obsessed organization is clamoring for data indicating popularity. Let’s play…

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