Hate Monitor Strikes Again

The stupid never seems to end.


Get out your decoder rings, everyone. There’s a “secret anti-Scientology group” on Facebook, but fear not; Hate Monitor is on the case!

Defying COS’ vaunted Study Tech, it would seem that the author of this tweet doesn’t understand the difference between secret and private.

Astonishing in its absurdity, Hate Monitor has decided that as a member of a private Facebook group, of which there are literally thousands on the platform, Dana Kennedy should be barred from writing about Scientology.

How exactly does that work?

Following this inanity, as members of the now private Volunteer Ministers FB group, all members must be banned from any further Volunteer activities including the issuing of press releases.

The stupidity continues.

It’s the equivalent of hiring a reporter to write on the issues of race who is a secret member of the KKK”.


It isn’t.

Interesting that Scientology does not describe any inaccurate facts written by Dana Kennedy. As always the cult shouts that it is misrepresented or lied about yet cannot provide a single example to support their complaints.

It’s also interesting that a group claiming to be superior to the rest of Mankind has such a thin skin.

A faction is only as good as it’s leader. Such defensive touchiness is a good reflection of David Miscavige who, like any schoolyard bully, can dish it out but can’t take it. The fact that he is skulking in the shadows and hiding from the courts proves he is neither a leader nor a man of any honor.

Perfectly comfortable with attacking his underlings both physically as well as emotionally, Miscavige carefully assures he has thugs to protect him from any reciprocal abuse.

David Miscavige is a coward who gets off on terrorizing others. Behavior that is mirrored daily by Stand League and Hate Monitor.

Aided and abetted by Twitter Support, Scientology maliciously persecutes all and sundry knowing it is protected from any consequences.

Hate Monitor established a Twitter account that it uses exclusively to harass, bash, bully and incite others to do the same to whichever target is judged to be “enemy”.

It is a tabloid-esque hate site filled with misinformation, lies, twisted facts and malice. By any definition Hate Monitor is the epitome of harassment, yet Twitter stays silent other than to confirm that Scientology’s actions are not a violation.

Silence is compliance. By allowing such abuse, Twitter is not only condoning daily attacks on unsuspecting innocents, but it is assuring a platform for cyber bullying that is beyond the pale.

Dana Kennedy, Tracey McManus, Ben Schneiders, Yashar Ali and dozens of other professionals are snared in Miscavige’s petty insecurities, hauled onto social media and publicly flogged for imagined slights.

Hate Monitor uses it’s account to spread fake tales of violence, murder and crime laid at the feet of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder for no other reason than it can.

This “church”, this “religion” thinks it can create a better world by psychological abuse and malice.

Dana Kennedy is just the latest in a long line of people judged and named “enemy” for exposing truth. Imagine the precedent set; anyone brave enough to come forward to fight oppression or challenge abuse becomes the target of intimidation.

Welcome to the world of L. Ron Hubbard.

David Miscavige and his conglomerate of greed are not the kind of example right thinking, moral, ethical people want to either follow or emulate. Elon Musk and Twitter Support are as cowardly as Miscavige for not putting a stop to the hate.

In the meantime, Captain Miscavige’s decisions are as simple minded as they are ridiculous.

Announcing to the world that Dana Kennedy’s membership in a Facebook group precludes her from writing about any topic is…well…

…just plain stupid.


3 thoughts on “Hate Monitor Strikes Again

  1. How ridiculous! If someone wants to keep a “secret” they do what? Create, of all things, a Facebook group where they broadcast their secrets, albeit to an invited group. An invited group that can easily be penetrated by the Guardians Office of Special Affairs. All it takes is a compromised FB logon–and we do know that the cult pays operatives to use hacking as part of their bag of tricks–or a participant that they can bribe or coerce into sharing group contents. Written smoking guns, no less!

    You have to hand it to them: They’re unafraid to make fools of themselves.


  2. Thanks for your post. However, I have to emphatically disagree with your comments about Twitter, such as:
    “Silence is compliance. By allowing such abuse, Twitter is not only condoning daily attacks on unsuspecting innocents, but it is assuring a platform for cyber bullying that is beyond the pale.”

    In my book, Elon Musk is a hero for releasing the Twitter Files and shining a light on the Big Tech-Deep State complex of censorship, narrative control and misinformation. In the name of censoring “disinformation” we have seen the suppression of a legitimate story, the Biden laptop. We have seen gov’t actors controlling the online pandemic narrative and suppress dissent that later turned out to be correct or probable. We have seen lopsided “fact” checking, even the silencing of a sitting President. To name just a few.

    If Big Tech gets to intervene, anything they (or vocal parties pressuring them) deem misinformation may be censored. Worse yet, if Big Tech yields to gov’t pressure they can do what the gov’t is formally prohibited from doing, suppress the speech on anyone they deem disagreeable. Without any due process or recourse whatsoever.

    For example, Twitter would have to take the cult very seriously when they provide voluminous evidence that Leah Remini’s “where’s Shelly” posts are an inflammatory hoax that has been debunked by the cult and law enforcement themselves and repeatedly at that. If “silence is compliance” they may have to entertain the notion that Erin McMurtry was indeed radicalized by Leah’s media presence into driving her car into the Austin org, out for blood.

    Twitter would have to be the judge whether Mike Rinder is a Big Psych stooge who is paid handsomely to, gasp, attack a gov’t-recognized religion. They would also have to be the arbiter of whether Rinder is actually a wife-beater And what if their woke millennial arbiters can’t see past the fact that Mike is a white male? What will happen to those of us who publicly refute the “church’s” lies? Would we be deemed despicable enablers of anti-women violence? Again, without due process or any form of recourse!

    Personally, I don’t believe for a moment that “silence is compliance”. The restraint of censors (their “silence” if you will) is what enables this blog, Mike’s blog, Tony’s blog and what could be misconstrued as their bigoted attacks. It also enables Hate Monger/STAND, etc to spew their bile–to their own detriment, more often than not.

    For better or worse, social media has become the town square. Filled with people honest and deceptive, smart and stupid, righteous and evil. And more often, a mix of those attributes. Let’s let them reason and rant without anyone standing over them waving the threat of a gag. And let’s let the listeners sort if out for themselves. I submit that even with the mix of facts with sometimes unrestrained bile, the internet has been an ongoing and unmitigated disaster for the cult.

    We don’t need anyone putting their thumb on the scale. In fact, we should be the first ones to vigorously oppose any intervention in an exchange of ideas that has gone a long ways toward making the cult a foremost laughing stock in popular culture.

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