Saint-Denis, Paris Does Not Want Scientology

-But as usual, Scientology couldn’t care less.

Citizens of Paris, Saint-Denis are proud that their city will be hosting the 2024 Olympics.

That Scientology is about to open a new building directly next door to the very heart of the venue; not so much.

In 2017 Scientology bought a 5 story office building for 33 million euros, much to the chagrin of city authorities. Local planning officials were opposed to the sale but were helpless to stop it. David Proult, head of urban planning for Saint-Denis is quoted as saying “We told them again and again that they were not welcome (…) and I observe that everyone is a little helpless.”

30,000 residents of Saint-Denis signed a petition against Scientology’s incursion into their city to no avail. One local signee stated that Scientology posed a “danger” a “risk to the people of the city”.

In spite of such a clear message that they were/are not wanted, Scientology did what they do best and bulled their way over the wishes of their prospective neighbors, taking the matter to the French court.

Since 2017 the building has loomed over Saint-Denis but now it appears the cult is prepping for a grand opening; just in time for the influx of visitors the Olympic Games will generate.

Knowing the hostility toward them, Scientology recently took to the streets of Saint-Denis in what they referred to as a “flash mob” ostensibly and ironically celebrating “a challenge to all members and friends to celebrate all year long, the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights”. Once again COS demonstrates it’s complete disregard for those around them, forcing their presence where they are not wanted.

This “In your face” celebration could not have done much to change public opinion.

With the 2024 Olympic drawing ever closer, one wonders about the timing of Scientology’s planned opening.

Ideally located to interfere with the hundreds of thousands of potential visitors to the games, Scientology is poised to be exactly what the citizens and officials of Saint-Denis fear; a “Sectarian Aberration” spreading its harmful message during what should be a joyful and profitable time for France.

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2 thoughts on “Saint-Denis, Paris Does Not Want Scientology

  1. There is a definite common theme here. I am not aware of a single location that the cult ever established itself at where they were welcomed, or continued to be. (A few politicians tried to buddy up with them–with disastrous career consequences for themselves).

    elron had to flee the US to England to the high seas. Followed by getting kicked out of as well as banned from numerous countries. Followed by the invasion of Clearwater and elron’s hiding from everyone while he degenerated into a Howard Hughes like condition.

    All of elron’s family (save one) have long fled the cult. As have almost all miscaviges. And these families are the ones that know what’s going on from close up!

    Admitted, people may generally not react favorably to what they don’t understand. But the cult’s problem seems to be just the opposite: The better it becomes known, the more unwelcome it finds itself!

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  2. Parisians need only use on protest signs these words, to stifle Scientology:



    Put those words on protest signs, and aim the words as Scientologists, and watch the Scientologists squirm away.

    XENU the Scientologists away from your area.

    (And if Parisians wish to understand this backfiring problem L. Ron Hubbard created for his Scientologists, the Hubbard rules state it is excommunicatable for Scientologists to define XENU or define BODY-THETANS publicly. Therefore outsiders can say and write and define these two words above, publicly, and cause Scientologists to suffer Hubbard’s stifling rules against themselves! I say use Hubbard’s nonsense backfiring words to “magically” make the Scientologists squirm due to Hubbard’s self censoring rules.).

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