Vetted “Facts” Fails Again

Scientology wouldn’t know “facts” if they were handed to them by ET himself etched in stone.

Leah Remini was NOT a character witness for a convicted rapist.

Paul Haggis has NOT been criminally convicted of rape.

He was found liable for damages in a civil trial. Something he is still fighting.

At the time Remini took the stand to speak for her friend there had not even been a verdict for damages against Haggis yet.

During the time Bill Cosby faced multiple accusations against him many celebrities who knew and loved him publicly defended and supported him. Keshia Knight Pulliam is quoted as saying Cosby was “the great man that I know and love.”

Damon Wayans actually mocked Cosby’s accusers.

Were Scientology truly outraged by anyone supporting those accused of a crime why was the cult silent when Cosby was found criminally guilty? Why has Scientology remained mum concerning the Weinstein case? In fact, since Weinstein, at least 71 public figures have been accused of sexual misconduct, including Danny Masterson, yet not one of those names have ever appeared on a Scientology social media account.

Either one is disgusted by anyone “supporting” those accused of rape or they aren’t. If it is so terrible for Leah Remini to appear as a witness for Paul Haggis before he’d even been found civilly liable, then should it not also be equally so for the friends and family of ALL who find themselves in similar straits? By Scientology’s illogic, witnesses who speak in the defense of an accused person are supporters of crime.

How utterly stupid.

Scientology’s ridiculous ongoing campaign against Leah Remini simply for speaking in defense of Paul Haggis who was, until the verdict was read, considered an innocent man, has nothing to do with the law or even rape. Not once has COS or David Miscavige publicly condemned anyone either accused or convicted of rape.

In fact Scientology itself seems to have no problem at all with sexual misconduct , forcing those who were raped to face their rapists in its kangaroo court. Rather than facing prison, Miscavige wants accused rapist Danny Masterson to attend “religious arbitration”.

Anyone who watched Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, ached for Miriam and her friend Saina, both molested and/or raped as children. Scientology protected both accused pedophiles and even went so far as to force Miriam to apologize to her father, who raped her.


Scientology is not morally outraged.

Rather, it is morally outrageous as it makes a mockery of the court by attacking those who participate as witnesses.

Once again Vetted Facts and Scientology gets it wrong and in venting their spleen they disrespect the legal process. All in the name of Fair Game; a policy that instructs to destroy by any means necessary.

Leah Remini did not defend a “convicted rapist.”

Paul Haggis has not been criminally convicted of anything.

Remini participated in a civil court procedure wherein the accused was innocent until proven guilty.

This whole scenario is nothing more than the enacting of David Miscavige’s unhinged obsession with Remini. Every tweet shows his daily fixation with her, his inability to let her go and move on. Remini is living rent free in his head as his minions stalk her on his behalf.

Leah Remini has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Scientology on the other hand has much for which to be contrite.

4 thoughts on “Vetted “Facts” Fails Again

  1. Those wanting “vetted facts” are in luck! Fortunately, we have clear evidence of the cult’s attitude about sexual assault. Evidence not of words but of actions. Even more fortunate, not just the actions of some grunt but those from the very top, “captain” dave.

    Case in point: dave’s late father, Ron Miscavige stood accused of rape (accusations which RM denied). The elder M was a scientologist in good standing. The cult got him, a penniless Sea Org member, a lawyer. Naturally, this could not have been done without dave ordering it. The accusations came to nothing. No charges were ever filed.

    Years later, RM left the cult and years later still, wrote his NYT bestseller autobiography. At this point, and at this point only, the cult set up hate sites trying to discredit RM. As usual, not disproving facts in the book but attacking the character of the messenger (because elron says so). The most salacious: RM was a rapist who got away with it based on a “technicality.”

    Tone-deaf as usual, they did not seem to realize that all they managed to do is put their own hypocrisy and criminality on full display. Either they believed RM’s claim of innocence and materially aided him in averting a false prosecution. Or they disbelieved him, even back then, and conspired with him to cover up his crime. Of course, they could also argue that they helped a criminal exercise his constitutional right to a vigorous defense.

    In any event, they can’t have it both (or all three) ways! It’s safe to say that they knew of his guilt or innocence. After all, a person’s most intimate details are constantly probed for and kept in auditing files.

    If they cared about sexual assault–as any humane person or institution would, and as they loudly proclaim to do–it’s noteworthy that after the alleged incident, they allowed RM to remain not only a member in good standing but also a member of their “clerical elite”, the Sea Org. For many years!

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