Ryan Glover Has All The Facts

Scientology has found a new Safepoint supporter in Ryan Glover.

Out of nowhere and for reasons that probably elude even him, Ryan has taken to his blog to proclaim Leah Remini is a bigot and dangerous for poor Scientology.

Considering it was David Miscavige who advised his private investigators he wanted Remini dead, had her stalked and photographed as she went about her life and has created hundreds of social media accounts solely to dehumanize her, this is rich.

Especially in light of a recent Scientologist actually posting something dangerous and violent against Marc Headley.

Ryan Glover however seems to be enthralled with Scientology and it’s wonders. Even holding up Grant Cardone as a shining example of what the cult can do for you.

Insisting he has all the facts, Glover wrote a Stand League worthy fair game article against Remini.

To begin with he calls Leah Remini a bigot.

Just like Scientology, Glover seems to have no understanding as to what this word means.

Leah does not spend her time attacking the beliefs of Scientology.

If anyone is bigoted, is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, it is Scientology.

Glover opens by complaining that Remini swears a lot.


“Leah Remini has a long history of erratic behavior…”

This actually sounds like something straight from Scientology.

He continues with “because of her own personal vendetta against Scientology has been able to convince bigoted reporters from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter to publish false stories about Scientology. Leah admitted in a past interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t vet stories for her documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Pretty irresponsible behavior considering this show has attracted obvious ‘clout chasers’ and the mentally ill as guests.

Just like Stand League, Ryan Glover cannot elaborate on what those “false stories” may be. Considering Stand League, Hate Monitor and other Scientology social media accounts have a long, exasperating history of posting “Leah Remini doesn’t Vet her guests” there is only one place Glover could have gotten this one from.

Now to the meat of Glover’s article.

“Leah Remini conspired with a police officer named Detective Kevin Becker #25941 to file a false missing person report…”

No she didn’t. There was no conspiracy and the report was not false.

According to California Law:

Remini had not seen or heard from her friend for years at this point. She was absolutely within her rights according to the law to file a report. More on this can be found here.

There was no conspiracy. No lies. Nothing untoward.

“Leah has built a social media following attacking other Scientologists but most of the time she is talking about people she doesn’t even know.”

When asked to elaborate on all these people Remini is supposed to have attacked, the only person Ryan could name was Joy Villa. He directs his reader to an interview he did with Villa, particularly at the 18:55 mark.

Prior to this point, Villa had been talking politics and Ryan Grover interrupts her saying “…you talk about haters and one of your haters is Leah Remini who was in the past a Scientologist.” Grover is the one who brings Remini up, not Joy Villa.

While there had been some short back and forth tweets between the two it obviously did not impact Villa as much as it did Grover. Villa’s response was was to basically dismiss the situation saying she did not know Remini except that she had been a Scientologist and then moved on to once again discuss politics and racial issues.

Ryan Grover’s next accusations prove that not only is he shilling for a destructive, abusive cult but he could not be bothered to even consider fact checking the blatant bullshit he wrote about someone he has never even bothered to speak to. Yet he describes himself as an “award winning journalist”

Leah Remini’s Lies Have Real World Consequences For Scientologist and Fuels Bigotry.

Leah has also inspired hate attacks on Scientology such as Erin Michelle McMurty who crashed her car into the Church of Scientology building near the University of Texas at Austin and told police that she believes the church is “evil,” she also cited Leah Remini as a “true inspiration.” Than Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance on the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath threw a hammer threw a Scientology Church window.”

Unless one lived in Austin, Texas, or are a Scientologist bent upon fair gaming Leah Remini, the Erin McMurtry incident would not have been common knowledge for the average person. In fact, Scientology is the one who posted the most about it all over social media.

We filed a FOIA request with the Austin, TX police department concerning this event. Details can be found here and here.

The long and short of it is that McMurtry was deeply mentally unstable and she was not inspired or incited by Leah Remini to do what she did.

What Scientology fails to disclose is that Erin McMurtry had prior arrests for the burglary of several churches before her unfortunate run-in with the Scientology window. While she did mention Remini on her FB page, she also posted about many other topics including medical marijuana.

At one point Scientology also claimed that McMurtry said she was sorry no one was hurt when she drove her car through the window. This was absolutely untrue as well.

Here is Erin McMurtry’s actual handwritten statement:

These are the facts of the McMurtry incident as stated by the police investigation. Leah Remini was not the reason this incident took place yet Ryan Grover chooses to take the twisted lies told by Scientology as gospel and repeat them.

As for Brandon Reisdorf, anyone who watched The Aftermath saw Brandon himself state that Leah had had nothing to do with his throwing a hammer through Scientology’s window.

Reisdorf, suffering from untreated mental illness at the time, explained that he’d had a psychotic episode that led to the vandalism. He clearly stated that he’d not read Leah Remini’s book, nor was she part of what happened that night.

Again, Ryan Grover failed to do any due diligence before he chose to attack an innocent woman.

With gag inducing irony, Grover concludes by saying “Consider if someone was promoting this type of hate towards a Jewish Temple, would you tolerate it? They would likely be deemed a white supremacist or a Nazi.”

Apparently Grover failed to discover that his beloved Scientology has embraced THE most ugly, bigoted, anti-Semitic organization in this country; The Nation of Islam.

Going so far as to have bestowed its highest award on Tony Mohammed, the Medal of Freedom. Scientology called Mohammed’s actions “humanitarian”.

Grover ends his fair game piece with a link to Stand League.

On Twitter he stubbornly insisted that he had “The Facts”, refusing to understand that sourcing Scientology was neither ethical nor fair to Remini. He plaintively asks “why is it okay for Leah Remini to promote bigotry and hatred fueled by lies towards the Church of Scientology?” All while joining in Scientology’s organized psychological abuse.

Like the cult he defends, Ryan Grover refuses to consider any other source but Scientology. He blindly, hypocritically contends that Leah is a bully and a bigot because she has stepped up to expose the crimes and abuses committed by her former “church”. Grover did no independent research, no fact checking before he simply repeated the ugly falsehoods already spewed for years by Scientology.

That’s not journalism. It’s bullying and it’s exactly the fair game policy written by L. Ron Hubbard and embraced by his followers.

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