Fair Game; The Ugly Truth

From the outside Scientology presents as a humanitarian church working to save the planet and create a better society for all Mankind.

A cursory glance shows the uninitiated a harmless, wacky cult; laughable tales of intergalactic warlords, volcanoes and even a pretend military complete with uniforms.

Aliens aside, Scientology says all the right things, presents to the world all the proper volunteer charity with just a dollop of stoicism as it bravely faces bigotry and intolerance. Not since the days of the Coliseum has a religion been so persecuted.

It all sounds so blissfully hopeful; who wouldn’t want to be part of such an amazing enterprise?

For Never Ins, Scientology is THE Hollywood religion. Amazing celebrities such as John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Jenna Elfman and Elisabeth Moss are members so truly, how bad can this crazy group actually be?

Scientology is the self proclaimed “most ethical religion on the planet”. Only hope for Mankind, it glares balefully down upon the inferior, “Wog” (derogatory Scientology term for non members) world from its superior place in the universe charged by it’s founder with clearing the planet and creating a new world order.

This lip service to salvation is as far as it goes however. A fiction created to cover a syndicate of fraud, abuse, crime, human trafficking and so much more.

During the launch of Scientology’s TV network David Miscavige, beleaguered leader of the organization, announced “I can assure you, we are not what you expect.”

For once the man was telling the truth.

Former Commodore’s Messenger Janis Gillham Grady once described Scientology as an “onion”. Begin peeling back the layers and the rotten core is exposed.

Some have heard that Scientology has policies of fair game, an admonition to “Always attack, never defend”.

Scientology denies such a policy exists.

Not only does it exist, but there is an entire course dedicated to teaching willing members how best to enact bitter vengeance in a controlled, systematic, well planned fashion.

One only need look at social media to see literally thousands of posts targeting “enemies”.

Why and how do these attacks begin?

They are so much more than meets the eye. Going far deeper; insidious in their careful construction; Scientology’s fair game is not simply a knee jerk reaction from members bedeviled by misinformed detractors.

Scientology’s Truth is frighteningly, shockingly vicious and fair game is not a simple lashing out.

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, created a special division requiring an entire, thorough course to teach his followers how to effectively destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Welcome to Department 20. Office of Special Affairs.

OSA for short.

Not a religious or humanitarian group, (no matter what they may claim to the contrary) Office of Special Affairs is charged with the dirty, underhanded operations that destroy lives.

Required reading includes The Art of War, by Sun Tzu and On War by Clausewitz. Not exactly lextio divina for a church or it’s members.

Beginning as the Office for Government Affairs, it morphed into the Guardian’s Office (GO) then to what it is today; Office of Special Affairs. No matter the name it is all the same thing- Organized Psychological Warfare.

Abuse that is taught. Refined through study, drills and clay demos to better envision the material. A “church” issuing teachings on “Attack and Defense”.

Old Testament law is “an eye for an eye”. Hubbard’s law is “scratch out the eye before it can even see you”.

Silence, intimidate and destroy the target.

Toxic, twisted, militaristic Black Propaganda of which Hubbard wrote; “A black artist has to be carefully trained to do this and I am suddenly quite interested in such fellows. It isn’t just ‘tho (sic) way things are written.’ Such are well trained intelligence pros in the field of psychological warfare.”

March 28, 1972; Counter Attack Tactics:

Add to this the directives to “destroy by any means necessary” even to the manufacturing of evidence and an ethical “religion” is most definitely not the result.

Fair game doesn’t just happen. It stems from a systematic, all encompassing training course that every operative must study and pass. Most insidiously, one does not have to be a member of OSA to take these courses on how to destroy someone; one can volunteer.

Scientology sends out a questionnaire to Scientologists, to see if they want to be agents for OSA. If interested, they fill out the questionnaire noting their strengths or special skills. For example a Scientologist working for a travel agency is useful in the case of someone attempting to escape. That volunteer Scientologist would be tapped to illegally search the airline databases to see if the fleeing person bought a ticket and to where. Thus the escapee can be rounded up and returned.

Once approved that volunteer becomes an agent or operative for the OSA NW (network).

Actress Jenna Elfman is one such volunteer. Actor Jim Meskimen is another.

Following is a capture of the Volunteer list kept by OSA:

As an aside, note the reason Doug Williams (11th from the bottom) is considered as a resource.

From Paulette Cooper to Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares to Danny Masterson’s accusers to Leah Remini the format is the same.

Do whatever it takes to silence the enemy. Find out what is important to them and use that as the Achilles Heel.

OSA and it’s volunteer operatives use their training and resources to try and ruin a target’s career, destroy his/her reputation and incite the public into distrust and anger. They plan out their campaign with all the precision of a military strategist. As can be seen from the above list many of the volunteers are considered for “internet work”. How many of them are participating in the daily social media attacks across Twitter and Facebook?

Paulette Cooper’s fair game attack consisted of Scientology framing her, stealing her stationery and sending bomb threats in her name. Gabe Cazares faced a Scientology plan to frame him for both a hit and run and sexual misconduct. Mike Rinder is framed for domestic violence while Leah Remini is falsely accused of inciting hate crimes including arson and murder.

In Remini’s case the operation continues. Using social media OSA and it’s volunteers have created over one hundred separate accounts solely to provide likes, retweets and spread the misinformation Scientology’s OSA has manufactured against her and others. (These are just the ones that are known so far. There may be more)

Not individual people enjoying social media, sharing their lives, interests or hobbies. Rather this is a cumulative collective of individuals forming a single unit for one purpose.

A concerted, controlled group attack by OSA. Every bit as coordinated as any other campaign in Scientology’s history. OSA’s name has changed; it’s purpose has not.

This is Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs doing what it was created to do.

“The object of the department is to broaden the impact of Scientology upon governments and other organizations and is to conduct itself so as to make the name and repute of Scientology better and more forceful. Therefore, defensive tactics are frowned upon in the department. We are not trying to make the Central Orgs and HCOs ‘be good.’ We are trying to make their reach more secure and effective. Only attacks resolve threats.

Directly from OSA’s training course:

In the case of Twitter, part of Scientology’s success is in keeping the scale of their operation hidden. One wonders, should it become known that hundreds of accounts are created by one entity solely to spread misinformation, libelous speculations and for destructive cyber bullying might something finally be done about it? One desperately wonders what it will take for someone to finally put an end to this ongoing abuse by one organization.

One also wonders what kind of person would volunteer their talents for such a despicable application.

Fair game doesn’t just happen. It is not spur of the moment or arbitrary. One can be absolutely certain that just as there were files outlining the entire attack against Paulette Cooper such files are also extant for Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, the Headleys, Aaron Smith-Levin, Chris Shelton and every other former member who has spoken out.

Consider the scale of such operations; each with it’s own special name, each with a terrible plan of destruction personally tailored to it’s namesake. Every one being carried out according to the extensive training courses attended by wannabe “investigators” for the Office of Special Affairs.

In 2006 Scientology’s OSA targeted one C. Beatty who was causing “trouble”. To give a clear example as to exactly how organized, detailed and specific a fair game attack is we have included the actual instructions generated by OSA on “handling” Beatty. Although tailored to the individual notice the similarities between how Beatty was treated and how Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s (and others) fair game is being executed.

OSA NW=Office Special Affairs Network

Scientology’s OSA absolutely has similar paperwork on ALL their “enemies” each with a target, a plan and an objective. Every Facebook post or Tweet has been planned in advance in accordance with in depth protocols. Nothing is done without falling within the parameters of L. Ron Hubbard’s Intelligence Training.

Fair game and dead agent policies are alive and in full force in this so-called “church”. Scientology’s denials that it exists, just more deceit.

One thought on “Fair Game; The Ugly Truth

  1. Every time I hear/see the word ‘wog’ I feel sick in the pit of my stomach. I’ve not noticed anyone commenting on the fact that, in Hubbard’s time, this word was commonly used by British racists as a slur against Southeast Asians, and people of African descent. So despicable.

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