Charity or Crime?

According to the IRS Tax Guide in order to retain a 501 (c)(3) tax exemption certain requirements must be met. One of these rules is known as Private Benefit.


Are the beneficiaries of the activities of Stand League, Hate Monitor, Vetted Facts, and Expose Network recognized objects of charity?

Office of Special Affairs, (which is the same as the Guardian’s Office, GO) was created solely to serve the private interests of the organization that is Scientology. OSA has no charitable function. It’s objective is to hunt down “enemies” and destroy them.

Is this charity?

Is this religious?

Of what possible public education is viciously lashing out at anyone who exercises their right to disagree? What public benefit lies in spreading misinformation in order to dehumanize and discredit?

Office of Special Affairs keeps a spreadsheet of volunteers who want to actively help in its mission to destroy by any means necessary. Information is noted for each volunteer as to what useful strengths they have and where they would be most efficacious.

What charitable organization needs people with investigative expertise? Celebrities, lawyers, public figures; anyone who can use their positions in society to provide this tax exempt “church” with inside information on chosen targets.

Is the use of millions of tax free dollars by David Miscavige for lawyers and private investigators to monitor, stalk, harass and intimidate charity or private interest?

How deep does this investigative activity go?

2011 a Federal Jury found Gail Dignam, a Mormon woman who worked closely with Mormon leadership and later was Director of the Louisiana Governor’s Program on Abstinence, guilty of mail fraud. She was subsequently sentenced to 70 months in prison.

Likely unknown to the authorities, Gail Dignam’s name appears on an OSA volunteer list along with the notation; “Provides input on funding and government related matters”.

What “government related matters” could a charitable organization (allegedly) need inside information on? Why would Scientology need to recruit a Mormon volunteer to help OSA in the first place?

Scientology couple Ron and Connie Penner volunteered for OSA. Ron’s marketable skill is that he “does the websites for Pasadena Police and Tournament of Roses”.

Another volunteer is noted as valuable because she’d already worked on two other fair game attacks against Scientology enemies one of whom was BBC journalist John Sweeney.

Note all those tagged as investigators

While this OSA volunteer list is several years old it is a window into the very soul of Scientology. It raises serious questions as to the actual activities conducted by Scientology. Activities that are clearly neither charitable nor religious in nature.

Scientology’s Guardians Office was responsible for the largest infiltration of US government offices in history. Operation Snow White, as it was termed, was exposed by the FBI in 1977. After L. Ron Hubbard’s death in 1986 when David Miscavige staged his coup and took the throne he grandly announced that the GO had been dismantled.

In truth he revamped it over time into what it is today; OSA. With at least one person in the recent past allegedly useful for providing “governmental information”, whatever that information may be, is Scientology still monitoring things it shouldn’t? Now that this volunteer is out of commission who has taken her place?

In the meantime, the question is whether or not the multiple syndicated abuse sites (staffed by those eager volunteers?) squarely within David Miscavige’s purview are engaging in exclusively charitable, educational and/or religious purposes. Are those targeted by these OSA sites benefiting from these Scientology services?

If the answer is “no” then for this reason alone the 501 (c)(3) exemption should be revoked.

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