Hate Monitor: Another Stupid Fair Game Campaign

Scientology has been proven to have no moral dilemma with twisting facts to suit its narrative. In fact, the cult will happily lie like a Persian rug in the name of good PR.

Fair Game policy states to destroy by any means necessary, including manufacturing entire fictional events such as when then International Director of Stand League Edward Parkin got caught lying just to make Leah Remini look bad. Was it coincidental that just after this lie was exposed Parkin went missing?

Recently David Miscavige’s newest offering in the fair game propaganda machine, Hate Monitor, has gone into overdrive.

Not even pretending to be anything other than a syndicated attack account anymore, Hate Monitor has begun creating lurid photoshopped images and taking harassment to a whole new level. One thought is that Miscavige finally got a look at social media and heads started rolling for the lack of traction.

While the bulk of Hate Monitor’s posts either directly or indirectly target Leah Remini, the Miscavige endorsed group has branched out to also include Yashar Ali, Tracey McManus of the Tampa Bay Times and now Blown for Good Power Couple; Marc and Claire Headley.

To Miscavige’s obvious chagrin, the Headleys have begun drawing subscribers and Likes to their fledgling YouTube channel. Their live shows especially are drawing interested viewers who want to know more about the inner workings of Scientology.

Never Ins who haven’t yet read Marc Headley’s exceptional book, Blown for Good, you are truly missing out. Headley’s account of life at the Int Base, particularly of the bungling ineptitude of David Miscavige is a must read. Now Marc and Claire are bringing their experiences to YouTube and judging from the uptick in rage tweets by Hate Monitor, Miscavige is furious.

Hopefully the turtles blew after this photo shoot

Not content to simply tag her in to the attacks on Marc, Miscavige has turned his attention to Claire with a bizarre and ugly accusation that she endorses animal cruelty.

Claire’s 2 part interview with former Scientologist Gary Morehead which can be seen here and here, is another tragic and amazing look behind the razor wire topped walls of Scientology and the Sea Org.

Listening to Morehead recall his time growing up in the cult, one can see the lost little boy longing for his mother. For love and encouragement he never really received because duty to the cult came first. Gary recounts his experiences, the long hours of labor even as a child, his time at Int Base near Hemet, CA but woven throughout is the loss of family, love and protection.

Missing is any “glorification” of animal sadism or abuse. There is nothing even remotely resembling the exaltation of pedophilia or sexual exploitation in either interview with Gary Morehead.

Once more David Miscavige models stupid by having his minions take to Twitter with this latest fraudulent campaign against the Headleys.

It is a familiar form of Scientology propaganda.

No different than Taryn Teutsch insisting Mike Rinder injured Cathy Rinder Bernardini in spite of audio proving conclusively otherwise, Claire Headley’s interviews are clearly devoid of the sensational, salacious accusations found on Hate Monitor’s Twitter account.

Scientology LIES.

There are hate sites created by OSA for most of those involved with Leah Remini’s multi award winning A&E show. Each website is filled with lies, false statements and ugly manipulation by friends and family members coerced into participating in emotional abuse.

Gary Morehead is nastily featured on the site dedicated to fair gaming Leah Remini.

Two points must be addressed about the allegations made against Morehead.

First; whatever animal cruelty may or may not actually exist, it appears that the basis for the claim is Gary Morehead’s private PC Folder.

In Scientology each person or pre clear (PC) is expected to confess their innermost faults, failings and mistakes in writing. These confessions, no matter how intimate or personal are kept in a file. Scientology likens this procedure to the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation but there is no comparison. Catholics do not write anything down and the Priest does not ask for every lurid detail. It is also Canon Law of the Catholic Church that were a priest to reveal a penitent’s confession he would be immediately excommunicated.

Miscavige on the other hand has no qualms about revealing someone’s most private confessions. This is an egregious and vicious betrayal of another. A veritable spiritual rape.

Hate Monger’s tweets are in reality less about Claire Headley and in actual fact outrageous and astounding proof of the violation of another’s soul.

Second; the entire article about Gary Morehead insists that he is a liar. Readers are expected to come away believing Morehead cannot in anyway be believed. Thus, why should anyone believe his so called confession?

A conundrum for Miscavige has been created because he continues to display a deep and abiding intellectual handicap. (Read: he’s stupid as well as short)

If we believe that Morehead is a pathological liar then the story from his PC Folder must be dismissed. Conversely, if it is not true that he is a consummate liar and we are expected to believe the tale then should we not also believe everything he’s revealed since he left Scientology is also truth?

Regardless, whatever is found on an OSA created website is suspect and must be dismissed as biased and untrustworthy. When an organization has written policies of revenge, training courses on how to lie effectively and directives stating to manufacture evidence if needed in order to destroy someone, everything else is colored by that brush.

As far as the accusation that Claire Headley endorses, supports or otherwise condones any of the immoral activities listed by Hate Monitor at David Miscavige’s behest; there is simply nothing to back up the statements.

Not once during her interviews did the subject of animal abuse or the “drowning of kittens” come up.

Hate Monitor has nothing.

David Miscavige has nothing.

These tweets are just more L. Ron Hubbard policy in action that verify and validate every single thing said about Scientology since Leah Remini and Mike Rinder aired the first episode of Leah Remini; Scientology and the Aftermath.

All anyone needs do is watch Claire’s videos and the truth will reveal itself.

One takeaway from Marc Headley’s book is that Lil Cap’n Miscavige couldn’t find his own ass in the shower. Everything he touches turns to chaos and confusion. If anyone wonders if that image is true, just look at the desperate tweets being churned out by Hate Monitor. More proof that COB just can’t get it right.

2 thoughts on “Hate Monitor: Another Stupid Fair Game Campaign

  1. It’s odd to see the cult publishing context-free Headley tweets where he expresses appreciation for all the support he can get (or so it seems, absent any context) and interpret these tweets as a symptom of failure of Marc’s ventures.

    There are COUNTLESS tweets, even entire flyers, by the cult or its members beseeching and begging people into things such as showing up to make group photos look even marginally impressive, attend “big” events that would otherwise look even more desolate, make major monetary sacrifices to renovate buildings that have been going to seed for decades. Or harangue them to at least harass Disney, or Netflix or whoever else has offended SOB.

    All to very little avail and no results. So who’s failing now?

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