What’s Good for The Vatican Should be Good for Flag.

What if Pope Francis issued a scathing press release calling out sexual abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

How long would it take for social media to explode with contempt and scorn over the hypocrisy?

Would anyone believe Francis was truly being sincere?

Such an action would backfire spectacularly, rebounding on Francis, the Catholic Church and the rest of its hierarchy in a conflagration of outrage.

Rightfully so.

This very scenario plays out daily on social media in a far more vicious way yet the accountability expected of Rome is missing for Scientology and David Miscavige.

Cancel Culture is alive and well. Sometimes it is misused to the detriment of its target but other times it is an effective tool. A tool that needs to be deployed right now against David Miscavige and OSA.

Miscavige’s Hate Monitor account on Twitter has placed itself upon the pedestal of affected moral outrage, flinging bolts of false, misdirected blame at innocents.

David Miscavige, who owns not a shred of dignity, honor or decency spent months hiding like the coward he is from process servers and the courts. In a monumental game of cat and mouse, Miscavige behaved like child, claiming he was resident in California when Florida wanted him and Florida when California wanted him. See Tony Ortega’s blog for more on this.

COB Miscavige (Coward of the Board) presumes, in spite of his lack of integrity, to demand others be held accountable for things beyond their control.

Fine sentiments from an organization whose very Founder and Source hid like a rat, letting his own wife go to prison for Operation Snow White.

Guilt by Association is Scientology’s latest fair game theme. Even when there is no guilt involved OSA creates it, then self righteously places it squarely on the shoulders of those who do not deserve it.

Leah Remini was called to court as a character witness for her friend. She obeyed the law rather than slink into hiding, doing her duty both to the court and her friend. It was not up to her to decide guilt or innocence and it still isn’t. That will be up once again to the courts and a judge, not Remini. Like any witness in any court case all she could do was answer the questions put to her as best she could.

David Miscavige however, seems to believe that Remini should use telekinesis and magic to peer into the heart and mind of Paul Haggis and condemn him in spite of his inalienable right to due process.

Likewise Claire Headley. She too has fallen under the hypocrisy of Captain Miscavige’s presumption.

OSA violated Gary Morehead’s most private confessions and betrayed his right to privacy. Whether or not the tale of past animal cruelty is true, it has nothing to do with Claire.

Simply because Headley interviewed him Hate Monitor shouts across Twitter that she endorses animal abuse and the “drowning of kittens”.

How on Earth is Yashar Ali responsible for what Claire Headley does? Is it up to him to decide who she has on her YouTube videos? Now Yashar, too is guilty of endorsing abuse by association in the second degree.

Miscavige plays a twisted game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with his handing out of blame. One assumes that once the Headleys board their cruise ship for holiday the Captain of the ship will also become an advocate for the drowning of kittens. Xenu help the governments of any ports of call.

While those being targeted by Miscavige are not culpable of any misconduct, if one wishes a real endorsement of hate and pure anti-Semitic abuse due to association one need look no further than Scientology’s cozy partnership with the Nation of Islam.

Miscavige awarded Tony Mohammed Scientology’s Medal of Freedom and named Mohammed’s actions “humanitarian”. Thus David Miscavige endorses and glorifies bigotry and intolerance.

Scientology has not yet provided recompense for hate crimes against Jewish cemeteries or Temples. Yet Hate Monitor demands Leah Remini help pay Haggis’ court ordered debt.

Where is the outrage over Scientology’s ugly hypocrisy?

It is long past time for David Miscavige’s fraudulent duplicity to be hauled out into the light, challenged and yes, cancelled. He needs to receive the same scrutiny and accountability that has been demanded of any other group holding itself out as a moral example.

Were the Vatican creating Twitter accounts to stalk and daily harass the victims of Thomas McCarrick and his ilk, retribution would be swift and loud.

So why is there such silence when David Miscavige is the culprit?

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