OSA is Officially Out of Control

In a staggering case of throwing crap at the wall to see what will stick, David Miscavige’s desperate goons are making their boss look like a monumental asshole.

With each new tweet the gap between believability and malarkey widens.

First some fresh faced little operative decided that they’d attack Yashar Ali by making public a legal issue he’s involved with.

Does this tweet speak louder about Yashar Ali or about a so-called “church” who claims to be superior to the rest of the world and the most ethical on the planet?

Ali is being targeted because he is a friend of Leah Remini and because he has been an outspoken opponent of Scientology. This tweet by Hate Monitor has no other basis.

Is Scientology putting Yashar Ali’s personal issues on social media because they are trying to teach some sort of spiritual lesson?


There is no reason for telling the public that Ali has had a court issue. Why should any “church” be that involved in anyone’s privacy? Especially someone who is not even a member of Scientology.

Whatever Yashar Ali’s case, it is Scientology who, once again, looks like a petty, petulant collective fool.

Not a good look for an organization who wants to be seen as a religion.

Beyond even the egregious violation of Ali’s right to privacy for no good reason is the simple, schoolyard taunting and name calling that accompanies each tweet.

Is THIS what a Church does?!

A “church” member actually spent time creating the cartoons and captions that are used to attack someone just because they don’t like him or his friends.

A CHURCH did this.

Body shaming, name calling, taunting. What church, what religion spends its time acting like this? Most importantly, what does this juvenile behavior say about Scientology’s leader; David Miscavige? That he approves of such buffoonery is clear indication that he’s on board this campaign.

None of this would be happening unless he green lighted it.

Perhaps we should not be surprised given Miscavige once had people salute his dog and call it “Sir”.

As Hate Monger spews their childish insults at enemy wogs, we found it epically incredible when Taryn Teutsch decided to slap back at someone with the temerity to body shame her.

For the record we do not condone body shaming or making fun of anyone. Please do not make fun of anyone because of their looks, it’s not right.

With that said, Taryn Teutsch spent a great deal of time falsely accusing her father of domestic violence. Something far worse than what was recently done to her. But apparently it stung.

So tell us Taryn, is what your “church” is doing to Yashar Ali appropriate? While you were so quick to correct Shive and remind her what a “good Muslim” would do, what about a good Scientologist?

Hate Monitor’s actions make your comment look incredibly hypocritical and it certainly weakens your position.

Sadly Hate Monitor’s conduct is exactly what a “good Scientologist” does.

Like every childish bully, David Miscavige, Taryn Teutsch and those lashing out on social media can all dish it out but not take it.

Hey Taryn? Might want to just stay off the porch from now on.

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