@standmonitor Told Another Big, Fat LIE

Remember back in 2020 when then International Director of Stand League Edward Parkin made up a big fat lie about F. Gaviña and Sons Coffee Company?

Not long after this was exposed for the fiction that it was, Edward Parkin went missing.

Of course there have been many other porkie pies from Scientology since then because that’s what the most ethical “church” on the planet does. Recently however @standmonitor has amped up its viciously nasty fair game attacks and some troll OSA volunteer needs to stop, drop and roll to put their pants out.

The IDPR has not dropped Leah Remini as a client.

As with the coffee lie, we reached out to those involved with this latest accusation and discovered that it is usual for actors to take a hiatus with their publicists during downtime. This is actually what is happening. Neither Kelly Novak nor her company IDPR have dropped Remini.

What is disgusting here is how David Miscavige is using and fair gaming Ms. Novak simply because she is Leah Remini’s publicist.

No one deserves the malice and filth that is the Hate Monitor Twitter account. At this point this account is so far beyond the pale of common human decency one wonders what the Hell Elon Musk is waiting for.

Scientology has far crossed the line from acceptable freedom of speech into pure, unadulterated cruelty. Bad enough that they are attempting to intimidate and silence Leah Remini, their blatant attacks on Yashar Ali and anyone who has even a professional association with her are nothing less than psychological terrorism. Innocent people like Novak, are being publicly flogged by a vindictive, ugly conglomerate.

It is one thing to express dislike for someone. Creating hundreds of accounts solely to psychologically gang bang a single person, is quite another.

Leah Remini has not been dropped by her publicist.

Scientology LIED.


Leah Remini had nothing to do with the 2019 stabbing in Australia.

Scientology LIED.


Leah Remini had nothing to do with Erin McMurtry’s run-in with the Scientology window.

Scientology LIED.

Right now David Miscavige’s @standmonitor is posting disgusting tweets calling Remini a “rapist defender” and using the Paul Haggis case to brutalize her.

This from a tax exempt “church”

It is spewing malicious, abusive misinformation about her and those connected to her.

What possible benefit to the public does @standmonitor have that it is permitted to continue by Twitter Support or Elon Musk?

Is THIS what a tax exempt charitable religion looks like?

What is it going to take for this Leah Remini Hate account to be banned?

When is enough…enough?

7 thoughts on “@standmonitor Told Another Big, Fat LIE

  1. As we know from a CRIMINAL trial, the “church” consistently aided and abetted a member accused of serial, violent rapes, danny masterson. Support included threatening victims to prevent them from going to the authorities, perjured affidavits, and the deliberate disappearing of witnesses. There is also the suspicious disappearance of evidence from the police investigators (the church is well connected to LA law enforcement; do the math).

    On the other side, there’s Leah Remini who acted as a character witness for a friend in a civil trial. Not so different from all those scilons who wrote affidavits for masterson; except for the fact that they claimed masterson was innocent. She never made any such claims regarding Haggis.

    Also of note: Haggis was not found “guilty” of anything; he was found “liable” for damages. So whether he committed a crime remains anybody’s guess at this point (including Leah’s).

    So while we simply do not know, it is highly suspicious that his accuser never went to the police to file a report, never had medical evidence collected about the alleged assault, and never made any attempt to convince the state to file a criminal case against Haggis. (Given the political realities in a state such as NY and the political moment, no one could claim that this would have been difficult for her to do). Instead, she went to Haggis demanding hush money who in turn self-reported the accusations. So is Leah really to blame for believing a friend over an accuser who has some credibility problems of her own?

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  2. Here’s how “guilt” works in the “most ethical” religion of all:

    Member in good standing. Not guilty.
    Non-member. Guilty
    Former member. Guilty beyond the shadow of doubt
    (NOTE: Groups two and three are also mandated to be made targets for any form of harassment possible, “fair game”, to be executed by the “church”)

    Case in point: Ron Miscavige. Not guilty of rape accusations while in the cult (and provided with an attorney by the cult) was pronounced guilty by that same cult the moment he left it. How does that work?

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