The Insanity of it All

Scientology’s Hate Monitor had a bizarre response to offer after being caught in yet another lie concerning Leah Remini.

Rather than quietly going away in shame, they doubled down on it, continuing their attack against Kelly Novak, an innocent woman who has done nothing at all but attempt to run her business and live her life.

David Miscavige and his OSA minions are like a vicious pack of Pit Bulls, swarming unsuspecting passersby in a bloody wild hunt. Tearing their victims apart for no other reason than the joy of the kill.

This is The Church of Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard’s rabid legacy of snarling destruction.

First they fabricated the lie that Novak had quit as Leah Remini’s publicist.


Miscavige once again models his questionable ability to make rational, intelligent decisions in the face of public humiliation by now attacking Novak for NOT dropping Remini.

Apparently Kelly Novak, who hasn’t done anything at all except be the target of this unhinged conglomerate and its twisted little leader, is now a hypocrite.

A hypocrite is a person (or oh so ethical “church”) whose actions belie their stated beliefs. How is Novak a hypocrite in this situation?

We ALL know who the real hypocrite is.

3 thoughts on “The Insanity of it All

  1. Thanks for the suffering Scientology’s irreligious nastiness and translating the truth.

    I admire anyone who sees through the Scientology ridiculous nastiness and exposes it like you are doing.

    Xenu Caused the Wall of Fire, is what I say to OSA spies and nuts doing their OSA “Handling Programs”. Give Scientology their taboo Hubbard words back to shake their brainwashing a little bit.

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  2. For an organization claiming to be in the biz of eliminating the reactive mind these d-bags are astonishingly reactive! That and entirely oblivious to the fact that the egg is on THEIR face. Pity the fool who pays big bucks to train in their PR “tech!”

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