Did @ExposeNetwork Expose Too Much?

@ExposeNetwork posted this bizarre tweet on April 4th and all that can be thought is that perhaps it was a belated April Fool’s Day prank.

Scientology does not have a movie theater, bowling alley, entertainment complex or nightclub. Nor was there a “spirit of partnership or collaboration with the city” with the purchases of the above referenced properties.

This tweet is a fantasy of monumental proportions.

It may be that @ExposeNetwork has exposed something David Miscavige might not have wanted known with this social media brag. If so, someone is in big trouble.

First a realistic look at the properties called an “investment” in downtown.

The only match between @ExposeNetwork’s tweet and the real thing is the green roofed Post Office on Cleveland Street and NE Ave. No income producing nightclub or dining establishment can be seen but rather a cold, dingy, empty industrial site bringing in no tourist revenue to the city.

Does Scientology own all this space between Cleveland Street and Drew Street at the top of the photo? Did Miscavige buy all that land in order to foster good relations with the city in a spirit of partnership?

Not exactly.

According to Pinellas County, pcpao.gov, all of the land shown in @ExposeNetwork’s tweet belongs to various Limited Liability companies. The only consistency between the properties is that each was sold in the early part of 2017.

Starting from the first property highlighted in red on Pinellas County’s property map above; this is owned by Cleveland Street East LLC.

Searching Cleveland Street East LLC is the equivalent of tumbling down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Cleveland Street East is managed by Waterfall Group LLC. The principal address for Waterfall Group is 500 McCLennan Street which is owned by Ft. Harrison Prop Co LLC, which is managed by Waterfall Group LLC. Each of these LLCs shares the same mailing address; 900 Pearl Street Unit 300, Boulder, CO.

According to Boulder County, 900 Pearl Street is owned by Waterfall Pearl St LLC whose mailing address is…

500 McClennan Street, Clearwater FL.


The second property, to the right is owned by 714 Cleveland Street LLC.

Above the first property comprised of lots 3, 4 and 5 is 715 Laura Street, owned by 715 Laura LLC.

Across Laura Street all the way up to Drew Street the majority of the properties are owned by Myrtle Development LLC. The City of Clearwater owns lots, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Here outlined in red are the Myrtle Development LLC properties.

The mailing address for Myrtle Development LLC is:

CLEARWATER, FL 33756-5643

This law firm represented David Miscavige and Scientology in Dandar et al v. Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. et al.

The manager of Myrtle Development Inc is Scientology Corporate Secretary Glen Stilo.

Finally, the last two properties included in @ExposeNetwork’s tweet, as part of the parking lot for the grand entertainment venue are owned by Drew Myrtle LLC, 413 CLEVELAND ST, CLEARWATER, FL 33755.

413 Cleveland Street belongs to one Festus Porbeni who is a member of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board.

According to @ExposeNetwork’s tweet, Scientology owns all this property and the “church” bought it all as a significant investment in downtown. Public records show something far different.

So who actually has control of these properties? Does David Miscavige make the decisions for all these LLCs? How can there possibly be partnership and trust with such deception?

Not one of these properties is owned outright by Scientology nor have they been renovated with the City in mind. Sitting empty and gathering dust since at least 2017, this is 5+ years worth of tourist revenue denied Clearwater thus far.

Whatever @ExposeNetwork has been smoking, this tweet could not be further from the truth. As things stand Miscavige hasn’t a legal leg to stand on in deciding what, when and how to develop these properties because he does not own them.

Scientology made no investments with an eye to easing the tense relationship between itself and its neighbors.

The Church has no ownership over these parcels.

There’s no bowling alley, no movie theater or games complex.

@ExposeNetwork’s tweet is entirely made up.


2 thoughts on “Did @ExposeNetwork Expose Too Much?

  1. Two observations: Ever since the CW land grab was exposed in the Tampa Bay Times, the “church” has been going out of its way to claim that “we have no idea what our ‘parishioners’ are investing in, nor do we have any control over their investments.” This claim couldn’t be more contradictory of the previous claim!

    So which is it? Is the “church” taking control over downtown CW in order to gain leverage and force itself as a “partner” on the community? Or is it just a coincidence that a bunch of “parishioners” have all of a sudden simultaneously woken up to the fact that it is a brilliant investment move to buy a plethora of commercial real estate for cash and at vastly inflated prices–and let it all sit around to rot while the “investors” have to pay for maintenance while receiving zero income? (To say nothing of the enormous opportunity cost of tying up one’s money in such a foolish way while FL is booming everywhere with real estate investment opportunities.)

    Second, a church–a tax-exempt entity–NEVER “partners” with a community by investing in commercial for-profit entertainment ventures of any kind (let alone, imaginary ones). It does so by establishing benevolent organizations such as shelters, soup kitchens and recovery centers for the indigent, and pays for those from the parishioners’ contributions. Clearly, something the “church” has never done even once in its 70-year history, despite its predatory fundraising.

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