David Miscavige: Failing Monumentally

Within Scientology nothing happens without David Miscavige’s approval. In fact, the diminutive Captain is known for his insistence that he is the one wearing all the hats, doing all the work.

Without him nothing would ever get done. Just ask him.

Thus it is perfectly reasonable to assert that the vicious, hourly social media hectoring and browbeating by numerous Scientology accounts stem from one source.

Hate Monitor is one such Miscavige approved account. It’s purpose is to humiliate, dehumanize and silence by intimidation.

By any means necessary.

Miscavige’s problem is that he is attacking innocent people and the more he does it the more he makes himself and his cult look like the failures they are.

No justification or evidence exists for the vicious fair game leveled against his targets. Within this void, created by lack of any fundamental excuse for the harassment, fictitious tales are created to justify fair game attacks and to fill that space.

Scientology engages in hypocritical fallacies; their lies model narcissistic disassociation. Simply put, Scientology (and Miscavige) pretends it does nothing wrong while projecting its actions onto others.

In reality Hate Monitor’s nasty social media slurs fall apart under just a bit of scrutiny.

Applying Miscavige’s illogic to his own fair game attacks reveals the reality neither he nor his Hate Monitor minions want the world to know.

Firstly Scientology cannot speak to any of Leah Remini’s relationships as they are not privy to her private life.

Volunteers for Hate Monitor insert themselves into Remini’s privacy, able to substantiate nothing while making COB and themselves look desperate and inept. Posts about her marriage fall apart when one considers that L. Ron Hubbard was a bigamist, a domestic abuser and a womanizer. Current tyrant David Miscavige has set his wife aside, consigned to some out of the way base while rumors of (alleged) cheating follow him.

If support of someone’s stance on a particular subject qualifies as the foundation for friendship then Scientology and the Nation of Islam are bff’s for life.

Both are bigoted, racist haters.

Full Story Here

Miscavige and the NOI are a toxic friendship, besties who have pinky sworn to always support each other.

Next is this gem:

Coming from a cult who believes they are superior to the rest of the world and who refer to non members as “wogs” this is rich, indeed.

ALL of Scientology’s primary and many of the secondary social media accounts preemptively block anyone who forces them to confront the facts. People who had no prior interactions with Scientology find themselves blocked with no idea as to why.

David Miscavige doesn’t want to hear what anyone has to say.

Especially if it’s the truth.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote entire policies solely to annihilate anyone who exposes his conglomerate’s reality. Protecting Scientology’s lies are exactly why fair game and dead agent were crafted.

Miscavige stupidly appears to believe that Leah Remini has no right to protect herself from unrelenting abuse. Choosing not to engage with Hate Monitor’s dehumanizing campaign, especially when neither Elon Musk nor Twitter Support will help protect her, proves her strength and grace under fire.

Scientology on the other hand, uses the block as a coward’s tool. A way to hide from reality and pretend the illusion is truth. It perfectly reflects who David Miscavige is as a man.

A cowardly little bully who hides when things get rough.

Finally a third example:

Hate Monitor’s outraged demands for journalistic integrity and accountability are the ultimate hubris in the face of their own actions.

Miscavige’s twin progeny Stand League and Hate Monitor were born of his obsession, paranoia and insecurities. Hubbard taught that thoughts actually had mass. In this case, Miscavige’s mental illness has given the idea of psychological terrorism actual form.

Tracey McManus writes solid articles backed by provable truths. Scientology doesn’t let a little thing like facts stand in the way of a lurid, nasty thriller.

Time and again the things written by sycophants for COS’ blogs have been proven to be fictional farce, while hate sites beginning “who is…” are filled with purposefully deceptive cruelty; bullbaiting on a monumental scale.

Miscavige thinks nothing of turning the tragic murder of a Scientology staff into a handy tool of mean spirited malice. Where is the integrity or superior morality in falsely accusing someone of domestic violence or murder?

Here are but three examples out of thousands of the blind duplicity Scientology doesn’t want anyone to reveal.

One only need look at Twitter daily or even hourly to see this ludicrous idiocy played out constantly and consistently. Every tweet bears the seed of Miscavige’s hypocrisy and timidity. Each accusation points not to the innocents who are targeted but rather have a boomerang effect, cycling back to its creator, revealing that the only thing he is good at is projecting his own failings onto others.

Miscavige is a liar, a conman and a bully who never left high school behind him. His father, Ron, wrote that David quit school after constantly being bullied and involved in fights.

David Miscavige couldn’t handle school and he can’t handle the leadership position he manipulated and forced his way into.

Obviously he’s not smart enough to see that every ongoing attempt to fair game Leah Remini, Tracey McManus and Yashar Ali is a dismal failure. A good leader knows when to cut his losses and move on. Miscavige just lets Hate Monitor continue ad nauseum, drawing more and more people to defend and follow Remini and the others. No amount of blocking the opposition will balance the lack of support the account is receiving from its own. Barring two or three unknown brown noses who obediently parrot the lies, the majority of the responses are from disgusted, fed up Never Ins.

Rather than blocking each and every detractor COB’s best bet at this point would be to shut down Hate Monitor completely.

Instead, Miscavige is creating a platform for Leah Remini’s supporters to continue to challenge and expose the very things he wants kept hidden away.

In charge and doing all the work himself, he’s making a right mess of it.

8 thoughts on “David Miscavige: Failing Monumentally

  1. Yashar Ali is the “defender of a rapist defender?” The Nazis were so fond of this kind of “justice” that they created a term for it . They called it “Sippenhaft” which roughly translates to “tribal incarceration.”

    An extreme version of “guilt by association” it allowed them to imprison (or worse) anyone for the crime of being in any way associated with (or just related to) someone accused of some crime or other. And “accused” was all it took.

    Naturally, failing to support the party line and worship the diminutive grand poobah was more than enough to justify the most extreme and cruel forms of punishment. After all, they were the ones with the only solution, proclaimed by the one and only one who had all the answers.

    I am NOT generally fond of Nazi analogies as they so often serve as an inflammatory and lazy rhetorical device. So in all fairness to scientology and its Hate Monger propagandists, they’re not the only ones. Sippenhaft has been equally popular with socialists, tribal warlords, Islamic extremists and similar beacons of benevolence. So yes, the ill-tempered dwarf fits right in…

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  2. I’d say this post on the diminutive despot hits the bulls-eye. His whole, “I do everything, poor overworked me,” line has been heard from many ex-es. His aggravating actions, playing hide and seek with the process servers, then having his lawyer say he doesn’t do business in Florida, while running self-aggrandizing events for the faithful at Scientology’s Florida Mecca of Technical wanna-be perfection, is ridiculous. His attacks are pathetic schoolyard taunts writ large, believed by few. Sadly, those who do believe this crap are deep into the cult mindset. Imagine being a good little Scientologist and getting called in for some “Important Briefing,” and finding out that this week’s SP target is Leah Remini. Now the good little Scientologist is asked to hit like and leave nasty comments on social media. Because Miscavige isn’t clearing the planet, he isn’t winning with his Tone 40 Intention, he is creating negligible effects. But L Ron Hubbard was all about the stats. Lil Davey has his “how many feet of marble” set in some empty mausoleum of an Ideal Org. And I guess, “How many likes on his Hate Monitor posts, (monitoring Dave Miscavige’s hate target du jour), and how many comments on his STAAD League twitter. It’s pathetic. These posts snap back on Scientology. They are thought leaders all right – the leading church of smear, lies, familial disconnection, and slander.

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    1. You bring up an interesting point from Stefani’s post: Not only is the cult in possession of THE ultimate “tech” for running businesses. It even sells said “tech” to small businesses for big bucks (larger businesses seem to be getting by without it, disappointing as that may be). What’s more, their latest push is to advance the planet into the “Golden Age of Admin.”

      So how can it be that the top executive of such an organization running on this unparalleled “tech” is surrounded by nimrods that are unable to do their job? Espees even. Why does he have to pull out his expensively coiffed hair and do all the jobs himself? After all, he has tools available to him that even his customers using the admin “tech do not, such as sec checks, the RPF and correcting miscreants with a few punches. Even a goon squad standing by to make sure his targets will not retaliate against the pint-sized despot.

      Clearly, he can’t have it both ways. Either the “tech” (especially his own augmented version) is creating an exemplary, efficient, highly productive and happy work environment. One that his attorney Monique Yingling dubbed “a worker’s paradise” (a term she had tellingly appropriated from the socialist dictators of Iron Curtain countries). Or he is the chief executive presiding over one big disorganized, dysfunctional, failing “tech” mess that he is single-handedly trying to redeem.

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