Scientology Dad Thad Reeves Is A Liar

Thad the Scientology Dad is either the worst Scientologist ever or he’s intentionally lying just to make someone look bad.

Our money’s on the latter.

Thaddeus Reeves got his knickers in a real twist over Ali’s tweet and he was quick to warn the media to beware.

Yashar Ali stated that in Scientology it is a high crime for one Scientologist to report another to law enforcement. He also noted that this policy is in writing.

Reeves insists there is no such policy and that Ali made it up to make Scientology look bad.

So who is lying?

First it’s important to understand that according to Scientology, stated in writing in their IRS Statement, Form 1023, ALL of L. Ron Hubbard’s works are sacred scripture.

“Scientology is a religion based upon the research, writings and recorded lectures of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, which collectively constitute the Scriptures of the religion. A Scientologist is one who recognizes the writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard as providing the fundamental keys to an understanding of his or her existence.
The Scientology Scriptures are the sole source of all the doctrines, tenets, sacraments, rituals and policies of the Scientology faith. They encompass more than 500,000 pages of writings, nearly 3,000 taped lectures and over 100 films.”
(Emphasis ours)

Thus it is Scientology who clearly states L. Ron Hubbard’s policies are far more than rules or laws for the organization.

They are sacred scripture.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote; “HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the senior data on which we operate.”

Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, HCO POLICY LETTER OF 23 DECEMBER 1965RB, Revised 8 January 1991. This policy letter clearly outlines what constitute crimes:

If Thaddeus Reeves wishes to ignore Hubbard’s policy letter, he surely cannot dismiss his Founder’s scripture Introduction to Scientology Ethics. Within the pages of this tome are found the same actions labeled as Suppressive Acts. According to Introduction to Scientology Ethics, suppressive acts are considered High Crimes.

Suppressive Acts

Here then is the proof that Scientology has a strict policy concerning law enforcement. Reporting a Scientologist to law enforcement is considered a suppressive act and ergo a high crime.

Yashar Ali did not make this policy up in order to mislead or make others think ill of Scientology. He stated a fact.

Thaddeus Reeves makes an interesting blunder however when he claims that such a policy would cause outsiders to “hate” them (Scientologists). Reeves also places himself in a difficult situation with his attack on Ali.

First, as a Scientologist Thad must be aware of the laws, rules and policies of his own group. According to him he’s attested to Clear. Reeves knows he’s lying in his post. How telling then is his assertion that people would hate Scientology for such a rule.

He’s right.

Denying someone their right to justice in a court of law is an egregious violation of one’s constitutional right to due process. That alone is a travesty. Adding to it the fear of disconnection, as Jane Doe stated during her questioning, her potential loss of friends and family, loss of career and of her home and this policy becomes the true psychological abuse that it is.

Thad Reeves’ comment shows that even he knows how heinous this abominable policy truly is. The kernel of truth buried in his lie.

Secondly; Thad has placed himself between a rock and a hard place.

Reeves attacked Yashar Ali by claiming the journalist made up the policy. Now the Scientology Dad is stuck with undeniable proof that he’s a liar and worse, in his position as a spokesperson for his organization he’s once again highlighted the fact that Fair Game is alive and well.

Reeves can’t undo what he’s posted without incurring even more ridicule and casting even more light on Scientology’s policies.

If he took it upon himself to post this social media slam at Yashar Ali then he’s messed up big time. If he acted on the orders of OSA (or in the position of a volunteer for them) then again, he blew it irredeemably.

Either way Scientology Dad Thaddeus Reeves has done his part to give Scientology another black eye through an unimaginably stupid move.

Definitely treat stories you hear from Scientology with a critical eye.

Scientology LIES.

So does Scientology Dad.

8 thoughts on “Scientology Dad Thad Reeves Is A Liar

  1. Thank you for showing up the lying tweeting Scio dad. I wonder what the defective truth button pressed by the cherch does to his communication with his children.

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  2. Congratulations on another post of highly important cult observations. As you noted, other than Cult Dad, no one had ever mentioned let alone suggested “hating” anyone regardless of how contemptible they may be. This is an all too common parlor trick also highly popular among the “woke” cancellers: Trying to back people into a corner by taking their options away. Leaving them with only two: Either you co-sign my BS, or you are a hater.

    Cult Dad also inadvertently exposes what people may “hate” about the cult (which coincidentally, does NOT equate to “hating” human beings in a cult). Namely, most scientology watchers I have ever encountered (and that’s been a great many) will happily “grant beingness” to anyone who wishes to believe that our woes are due to pulverized demons. Or anyone who wishes to believe that a huckster has all the rights answers, even in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Or that they are satisfied when much evidence is promised and none is given.

    The problem with scientology is not beliefs but conduct. This is the same standard that we would apply to any fellow citizen or corporation. Even more so if we are supporting them with our taxes.

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    1. Small disagreement: the problem with the “church” of scientology is its beliefs AND its conduct; they are literally inseparable.
      They believe that they are superior to non-scientologists, and that their policies and practices are “senior to” all laws and governments on the planet. They, having ” the only tech that can save the universe and all beings in it”, can LITERALLY do what they want to achieve that goal. Period.

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  3. My husband got in ethics trouble when he engaged with a SCN critic even though he was defending SCN at the time. He thought he was helping straighten the critic out. He was told that OSA has a whole team of people who handle attacks on social media. My husband going rogue only “kept up the banter”. Hence giving power to the enemy.

    There’s no way Thad is not doing OSA’s bidding. Rogue comments on social media are not allowed.

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    1. Bingo!
      I LOVE the irony of OSA forbidding ” rogue commenting “. Seriously, these folks are utterly nuts. They have to present OSA ENDORSED, TONE 40, “OT” LIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA!
      Yep, the fate of every man, woman, and child, hell, the whole universe… DEPENDS on their valiant, homo novi efforts to repel and defeat the “suppressives” .

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  4. I interacted, a little bit, with Thad and, more so, with his wife, when I was on staff in Washington,DC. She came into the HGC(Hubbard Guidance Center-what a darkly ironic phrase, eh?) for auditing and one of my responsibilities was to make sure that she was “sessionable”. Anyway, in a sort of casual, politely social way, they were nice people.
    Thad has been an OSA lap-dog for years. His tweet is a classic example of culty, disingenuous semantics . Your thorough quoting of “sacred scripture” is the PERFECT response to him; you make it clear that “scientology policy” and “scientology scripture” are not only synonymous, but are more sacrosanct than “law”, as we non-cultists understand and define the word. In fact, there are NUMEROUS Hubbard policies(both public and confidential), advices, and quotes from his lectures and books which hammer home the point that scientology policies and practices are ALWAYS “senior to” the laws of the land-ALWAYS! It’s easy to find numerous disparaging, dismissive assessments of the courts, law enforcement, governments, psychiatrists and psychologists, medical doctors,etc. in Hubbard’s policy letters and technical directives, which, as you point out, are sacred and unalterable and are to be followed to the letter, without question or doubt, in order for “this sector of the universe to be saved”-by scientologists, of course.
    This is the true scientology mindset: we are superior beings who bear the burden of saving the universe, and whatever we do to achieve that goal is unquestionably correct and above doubt, criticism, or protest. In fact, those who DO question and criticize scientology are, allegedly, ALWAYS AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION, truly evil beings who not only actively OPPOSE spiritual freedom, but actively seek the complete ruin of this and all universes!
    You consistently do the right thing on this blog: you quote scientology policy and published materials to prove your assertions…and show what a destructive, toxic, international crime syndicate it ACTUALLY is- and always has been!
    Criminality and abuse are essential, foundational features of this so-called church.
    Thad the cad is just another deluded, thoroughly indoctrinated cult wanker screaming at “s.p.” windmills…

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