Well This Was Stupid…

Another day, another blatant lie by the most ethical religion on the planet.

Hate Monitor is throwing even the semblance of truth to the winds as they desperately attempt to find something…anything…to make Leah Remini look bad.

In this episode of By Any Means Necessary we have Scientology quoting itself in an attempt to deceive Twitter into thinking Jezebel Magazine targeted Remini.

Gleefully the uninformed yes-minions jumped on the bandwagon in support.

As usual things are not what they seem.

What these deluded brown nosers fail to realize is that their own “church” is making them look like complete idiots.

It’s obvious that none of Hate Monitor’s cheerleaders even bothered to read the article before preserving their ignorance for eternity in writing.

How embarrassing for them.

Jezebel’s article was not an acknowledgment of Leah Remini’s “ill intentions”.

Rather more damaging for Scientology, it was a reporting of Remini correcting Scientology’s lie in the Danny Masterson courtroom.

Frantic to interfere with the Masterson rape trial, Scientology has engaged in some pretty unethical behaviors recently including having their attorney, Vicki Podberesky allegedly attempting to intimidate Jane Doe 1.

Scientology supporter and defender Reverend N.J. “Skip” L’Heureux appeared at court recently ostensibly to “ensure Scientology’s religious rights were protected”. A strange objective for someone who “…told the judge he had no association with Scientology”

How immoral for a Methodist Pastor to lie to a Judge. In fact L’Heureux not only supports and defends Scientology, in 2019 he wrote a letter on behalf of COS for Stand League criticizing the A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

We wrote about Reverend L’Heureux and his letter here.

Leah Remini has been a public supporter of the Jane Does in this rape case against Masterson. As she took her place in the gallery, the defense attempted to have her removed by claiming she was going to be called as a witness for the defense.

Remini set the record straight on Twitter and on her Substack blog.

Jezebel reported on these tweets as well as quoting from an earlier Deadline article stating; “Deadline, who was present in the courtroom, reported that Masterson’s defense unsuccessfully sought to bar Remini from the proceedings, though she’s a potential witness for the defense. Shawn Holley, another attorney for Masterson, told the outlet that Remini was a ‘percipient witness to certain conversations.’”

Scientology, in their never ending attempt to attack Remini, turned what is a less than complimentary article concerning Scientology and Danny Masterson into a completely fictitious creation that bears nothing close to the truth.

In fact, the quote used in Hate Monitor’s tweet is not from Jezebel at all.

Rather it comes from Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw in response to Jezebel’s request for comment.

Hate Monitor quoted their own spokesperson from the article to make it look like Jezebel had written that comment against Remini.

Then, insanely, they thanked Jezebel for finally seeing things their way about Remini. Something that never happened.

Talk about journalistic malpractice.

Scientology’s most recent stupidity is indicative of the helplessness Miscavige must be feeling. Hate Monitor wrote something so transparently false, something so easily checked, that even master liar L. Ron Hubbard would be facepalming in despair.

It’s ludicrous and laughable that Hate Monitor is praising Jezebel as though the magazine were on board Scientology’s hate train. Even more ridiculous for the pathetic followers to blindly parrot the fiction so sincerely.

Now all of them look like assholes, especially David Miscavige and once again Scientology has confirmed to the world that fair game is a real policy.

There is not a single accusation yet made against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder or other former members that is true.

Scientology spends countless hours every day fabricating lies in order to attack. Sad indeed that a so-called “religion” must resort to such low, underhanded fictions just so it can bully others.

Hate Monitor’s stupidity and poor choices are getting worse and it is important to remember that nothing this account posts is without OSA approval and thus Miscavige’s.

Rather than causing anyone outside the organization to believe the fanciful tales, it helps further the much needed discussion about Scientology’s abusive practices. For every tweet against COS’ enemies right thinking, concerned people respond, challenging the deceit with facts and scorn.

The sane appreciate truth.

Scientology lies.

4 thoughts on “Well This Was Stupid…

  1. The “church” of scientology’s “Office Of Special Affairs” : bullies, brown-nosers, lackies, liars, losers, COB cucks, cowards.
    Masters of Mendacity. “O.T.”, i.e. operating twits. Publishers of slander, libel, propaganda, and non-sequitur nonsense.
    Tawdry, deluded, ignorant fools who are intergallactic heroes in their own very expensive cult melodrama…

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  2. Ah, this brings up precious memories. When “Going Clear” was released to great critical acclaim, the cult literally cut and pasted words from rave reviews to make it appear that the book had been panned by these critics. Of course, as soon as one would go to the original review, the fraud became readily apparent and revealed them for the con artists that they are.

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  3. scientology lies, must lie, can’t lie; the whole organization is based upon lies — which I didn’t realize until they tossed me out for not swallowing it whole, uncritically.

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