Hate Monitor Got BUSTED!

Yesterday we wrote about Scientology deliberately lying about a story published in Jezebel Magazine.

Scientology’s Hate Monitor tweeted that Jezebel was finally “catching on” to Leah Remini’s supposed bigotry and support of rapists.

The truth is that Jezebel received a statement from Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw which was included in an article about the Danny Masterson rape trial. Scientology then created the illusion that it was Jezebel that initiated this statement.

Deceit such as this is Scientology stock-in-trade. It is part of L. Ron Hubbard’s written policy and this is not the first time the group has intentionally lied in order to justify their dehumanization of innocent people. For more on this see Mike Rinder’s blog here.

Remember the F. Gaviña and Sons Coffee debacle? Another example of OSA literally creating a lie in order to excuse an attack on Leah Remini.

This time however, in a stunning and courageous move, Editor-in-Chief Laura Bassett did something heretofore never seen.

She called Scientology out for their lie.

Officially caught in their fair game deception, Scientology once again doubled down on the stupidity when the very same sycophants who were lauding Jezebel did a 180 and are now attacking Laura Bassett.

Even more ludicrous, these fools are still proving to the world the utter failure of Advanced Scholastics/Study Tech. None of these ridiculous comments are remotely true. In fact it is literally impossible for even the simplest of minds to read Jezebel’s article and come away with the idea that anyone is defending a rapist.

Folks, we have devolved from stupid into credible madness.

Scientology created a fiction which they embraced fully, right down to a show of saccharine praise and gratitude.

Called out for their pretense, they do an about face, create a new fiction and attack the Editor-in-Chief for publicly stating the truth.

If this is not madness…

Even more insane is that the entire driving force for such unhinged behavior is the fixed, unhealthy obsession with Leah Remini by David Miscavige.

OSA does nothing without his command.

None of this would be happening if he weren’t authorizing it, if not actually coming up with the ideas himself. After all, Miscavige is the one who insists he wears all the hats and he does all the work.

This is reckless insanity on display for all to see. Fabricating an easily debunked lie, lashing out and attacking someone when caught, then making up a new easily disproven lie are not the actions of sane, right thinking people.

We applaud Ms. Bassett for her decision to come forward and speak out against Scientology. It is way past time someone in the media stood up to David Miscavige and called out this hate.

Here’s hoping that this is only the beginning and other brave journalists like Tracey McManus, Ben Schneiders, Yashar Ali, and Laura Basset will also stand up and expose the truth about Scientology.

Well done, Laura Bassett. Well done!

4 thoughts on “Hate Monitor Got BUSTED!

  1. David Miscavige, The Little Lift-Wearing Napoleonic Tyrant, is doing a truly
    EXCELLENT job of extending Hubbard’s legacy of insane criminality well into the second decade of the 21st century.
    What a “church”, eh???

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  2. This is rich! As we know from the Masterson trial (and many other sources), the cherch does its utmost to protect rapists and deny their victims justice. In a “code of honor” comparable only to that of criminal gangs, members are forced to safeguard criminal secrets or else face retaliation. Victims/witnesses are terrorized by cherch goons. Witnesses under cherch control are disappeared. Police departments are corrupted to where evidence vanishes.

    Am I being dramatic? In the Masterson trial, no one less than Judge Olmedo has made comparisons between the cherch’s behavior and that of criminal street gangs, no less than three times so far (and she should know as gangs is her usual area of judicial expertise).

    Still, by criticizing the human rights atrocities committed by a rape-enabling organization resembling a criminal gang, it’s now the critic who becomes the rape enabler? The cherch has used many different avenues to attack and smear Remini. In their own best interest, they would be well advised to remain silent on the topic of rape (and a few others while they’re at it).

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