Where is The Media?

Scientology has for months been engaged in a virulent, malicious campaign of misinformation and twisted propaganda across social media.

No one is safe from Miscavige’s narcissistic spleen.

Journalists, former members, business owners and sponsors peripherally connected to former members; OSA is an equal opportunity Hate Monger.

Falling through the cracks is the reason for this syndicated vilification of those unfortunate enough to catch OSA’s paranoid eye.

David Miscavige is trying to deflect attention from Danny Masterson’s rape trial.

We need to pay attention.

From the beginning of this trial Scientology’s various attempts to interfere/influence what goes on in that courtroom attest to a level of desperation that speaks volumes.

Why would Scientology attorney Vicki Podberesky sit in Jane Doe’s line of sight and glare daggers at her?

Podberesky’s (alleged) behavior is not that of an officer of the court.

Scientology’s attorney is now up to her neck in a felonious scandal concerning how her employer has come to be in possession of the majority of the Discovery information that the prosecution provided the defense for the trial.

If ever there were proof of the unethical, illegal practices by The Church of Scientology…

Yet rather than this mysterious leak of vital files straight into David Miscavige’s grasping little hands hitting the headlines, the public sees pictures of Tom Cruise with Hips Don’t Lie singer Shakira.


Nothing more than an acting job by Cruise for Scientology, the story spread that there was “chemistry” between the two and a “source” said Cruise was “extremely interested in pursuing her”.

The only purpose of this was to point the focus on something, anything other than Danny Masterson and Scientology’s actions during this trial. Obediently Tom did his part in this fiction in order to give the media something to focus on.

Shakira’s team was quick to quash this line of thinking; “Shortly after Page Six reported that Cruise had romantic interest in Shakira, a source told Us Weekly that the feelings are not mutual for the single singer.”

Essentially Miscavige and Cruise used the recently heartbroken and vulnerable singer as a diversion.

On Twitter, Hate Monitor is hourly posting ugly diatribes against anyone they can target. Poorly photoshopped images accompany nasty allegations of bigotry and hate. All designed to shift the focus from Masterson and Scientology.

Lower sycophants, perhaps doing Amends, appear from the ether to lure others away from the trial onto a never ending hamster wheel of purposeless argument. Better to engage in useless twaddle than have anyone discuss Podberesky and the Traveling Files.

Danny Masterson, like Bill Cosby, is accused of drugging and raping women. His accusers are utterly traumatized and are being forced to relive their (alleged) attacks. These woman must recount, in humiliating and anxiety inducing detail rapes at the hands of a Hollywood actor.

Why is mainstream media not all over this trial?

Amidst the testimony of bruises, unconsciousness, blood and fear Scientology displays its complete inability to respect the judicial process.

Methodist Minister “Skip” L’Heureux showed up at the courthouse, ostensibly to “protect Scientology’s religious rights”. He lied to the court when he said he was not affiliated with the cult.

What was L’Heureux supposed to be able to do? He is a dishonest Minister not an attorney. He is not part of the process so cannot speak to the judge. L’Heureux was completely powerless in any capacity when he showed up to the courthouse.

Scientology grandstanding that went unmentioned by the media.

Why did not one journalist attempt to interview L’Heureux about why he was there, who sent him and what he thought he was going to do? No one publicly called the man out for lying about his connection to and prior support of Scientology.

Read into the record was that Vicki Podberesky was attempting to intimidate Jane Doe 1.

The Underground Bunker reported; “Vicki Podberesky was directly behind me (Judge: I did notice her) and JD1 said it was in her line of sight and Vicki was making eye contact. She had made some kind of response to a statement by JD1 and she rolled her eyes and flipped her hair. JD1 felt uncomfortable and had trouble focusing.”

One can only imagine the news coverage had an attorney behaved in such a way during either the Bill Cosby or the Johnny Depp trials.

So where is the media for the Danny Masterson case?

Where are the headlines “Scientology Attorney Accused of Witness Intimidation”, “Vicki Podberesky, Lawyer for the Church of Scientology, at the Heart of Leaked Discovery files”?

Podberesky told Los Angeles News Channel 7 that she was not working for Scientology. If this is so, then why is she sending complaint letters to LAPD on the cult’s behalf?

Why is none of this making the News?

Leah Remini has shown up in support of Masterson’s accusers, making a silent public statement of compassion for their experiences while they seek justice. Why did the fact that defense attorney Cohen, in an attempt to have Remini removed from the courtroom, claimed she was going to be called as a witness for the defense not merit an article?

As Leah Remini angrily stated on her blog; “So far, silence from mainstream media members who breathlessly covered every raised eyebrow and cough in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial.”

One thought on “Where is The Media?

  1. Yes where are the press. I just sent a complaint/request for Tampa Bay Times Tracy McManus to find out how Scientology Lawyers have discovery from prosecution in Masterson Trial. Let’s all start asking the press.

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