The International Multi-Faith Coalition

Sanctity- “1 : holiness of life and character : godliness 2 : the quality or state of being holy or sacred”

Sacred- “dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity”

The International Multi-Faith Coalition, like Scientology, appears on the surface to be a dedicated humanitarian organization.

Like Scientology all is not quite what it seems.

Founded by the Reverend Cecil “Chip” Murray, one cannot help but wonder if the creation of this group was at the request of Scientology.

Murray has a longstanding relationship with COS.

In 2016 he spoke at the dedication of the Inglewood, CA Scientology event; “My friends, this new Church is an opportunity to make change. I encourage you, the community, to take full advantage. L. Ron Hubbard was a genius of a man who could say, ‘Here’s the problem, here’s the solution, and here are the details of how you achieve that solution.’ Well here is a mansion that has been constructed by L. Ron Hubbard. He is an architect of the soul and a designer of dreams. Our challenge is to make use of what we have been given. I am so very thankful for what you bring us today. God bless you all.”

Murray was embroiled in a questionable series of events in 2019 involving Scientology that can be found in more detail here and here.

Bishop L.J. Guillory, whose name appears as the author of a letter in defense of Scientology to the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles is even more of an enigma.

November 2011 the town of Jasper, TX held a recall election to remove three council members. Consequently the Justice Department announced that it would be sending agents to audit the election.

One man appeared in Jasper wearing a badge and military type clothing representing himself as a DOJ official.

That man was Bishop L.J. Guillory.

Details surrounding this astounding fraud were covered by journalist David Bellow and can be found here. This article is worth a read as it reveals Guillory in a much different light from the activist and religious humanitarian he portrays.

Guillory, a three time convicted felon who was sentenced to 15 years for kidnapping, created his own Ombudsman organization complete with a logo suspiciously similar to the Presidential seal.

After the article appeared Guillory then threatened Bellow that; “…unless I took this article down, he would sue me and call my job to try to get me fired and he said he would go to all the news stations and say I am a racist.”

Like L. Ron Hubbard who purchased his Ph.D from a mail order university, it appears Guillory obtained his title of “Bishop” in the same manner. In 2009, Guillory inserted himself into the middle of a trial of a teen accused of stabbing his teacher. During the case Judge Floyd Getz asked Guillory where he went to seminary.

“Guillory replied, ‘I didn’t, but neither did Jesus Christ.’”

Of course it is fair to say that people can change and better themselves, however in this case one wonders.

According to a Los Angeles County Court search, Bishop Guillory has more recently been accused of elder abuse, harassment and domestic violence.

As for Bishop Guillory’s commitment to the message of family and sanctity this too seems an illusion.

In November 2021 while speaking at Evergreen Cemetery Guillory was recorded spewing a most vile and racist diatribe.

Referring to himself as a “field n*****” he goes on to proclaim; “I am not afraid to die. I sure am not afraid to (sic) going to court and fight a bunch of white, pedophile loving murderous people who think that they (sic) name of they (sic) slave masters should be on these black kids. Take that name and take it to Hell with him.”

At the 0:56 mark the Bishop shouts “Colored folk don’t represent me! Colored folk don’t represent me. Sellout n****** don’t represent me.”

(This writer condemns the use of such derogatory terms and only includes this despicable word as a quote by a racist man claiming to be a Bishop as an example of his truth.)

Yet this man, this self appointed Bishop, claims to represent religious freedom. Claims to embrace a mission of tolerance. This is Scientology level hypocrisy and needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

That this man alone is numbered among men claiming to fight “To Restore Sacrosanctity to all Houses of Worship” is offensive and mind boggling.

As for the other signatories of the letter that ignores the trauma and pain of rape victims in favor of empty claims of First Amendment violations, it has already been established that Methodist Reverend L’Heureux lied about his affiliation with Scientology.

In their capacity as members of this coalition the remaining signers have all had association with Scientology in one way or another as would be expected of such a group. How each man justifies the partnership with a cult that stands so diametrically in opposition of anything remotely sacrosanct, spiritual, familial or tolerant must be left to their own consciences.

Searching has not revealed any information concerning either Catholic priest named at the end of the letter nor does there seem to exist an organization called Americans For Christ International in Los Angeles. If such a group is real, how a Christian belief in Christ can be reconciled with Scientology’s heretical insistence that they are Mankind’s only salvation (not to mention the blasphemous assertion that Christ was a pedophile) is a mystery.

Finally one wonders at why the International Multi-Faith Coalition did not simply write, sign and post their letter in a straightforward manner.

Instead, the letterhead actually says Ad HOC Religion & Justice Observatory Committee, the ARJOC.

With such questionable circumstances surrounding this organization and given Scientology seems to be the only recipient of the group’s collective attention, can one take them seriously?

3 thoughts on “The International Multi-Faith Coalition

  1. In scientology lingo, this organization’s “TR-L”(training routine lie; the ability to lie easily, thoroughly, and convincingly) gets a big “flunk”.
    It doesn’t surprise me that an organization created by a sociopathic criminal with a large, fragile ego has policies(“sacred scripture”) and practices(“technology”)that are an extension of that disturbed psychological profile. It also doesn’t surprise me that some its most ardent supporters shamelessly engage in similar behaviors.
    Scientology: once again, scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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  2. Rev Balderos is listed as not affiliated with the Roman Catholic diocese in LA. Can’t find any info Rev Martinez but just a guess that he is not in good standing either.

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  3. How could a legitimate organization with the “message” they proclaim POSSIBLY associate with CoS?

    “To restore sanctity to all houses of worship” seems to imply that anything goes in a “house of worship” and that carte blanche must be extended, no questions asked. Following that “reasoning,” the problem with Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones or David Koresh is NOT what they did in their “houses of worship” but the ill repute they suffered as the inevitable consequence of their own actions. Even “houses of worship” as established and powerful as the Third-Reich era German church or the pedophile-scandal era Catholic Church came to learn that reputation, like respect, can not be simply demanded. It must be earned by reputable actions and tangible and sweeping amends following catastrophic betrayals of trust.

    As the masterson trial has revealed recent surveys have shown that the “church” of scientology has earned a public reputation equaled only by satanists. Their remedy is to double down on supporting a serial rapist, intimidating his accusers, and interfering in the legal process by illegally obtaining secret discovery materials. Far from this being an isolated blemish on the “sanctity” of their “house of hubbard worship” they categorically claim that even the best documented of a multitude of criticisms is perpetrated exclusively by “liars” and “bigots.” They have never done any wrong, not even in a single instance. Their solution is vile hate web sites attacking the accusers without addressing even one of the wrongs alleged. Along with demonstrably counterfeit “charity” activities. Is this how you “restore sanctity?”

    “We are family.” As long as “we” doesn’t include those in our families, including spouses and closest of relatives, that the “church” did not order us to disconnect from. Or the “disappeared” spouse of the “church” leader himself.

    “Respect the religious beliefs of others?” So if Mark Rathbun decides to leave the “church” and practice scientology privately with his friends, this calls for terrorizing his entire neighborhood for months on end by sending the “squirrel busters” to his home and that of his neighbors? (And then defending these thug activities in a TX court of law by brazenly claiming they are merely constitutionally protected religious activities). If Leah Remini converts from scientology to Catholicism and publicly states her reasons for doing so, this calls for hate web sites and (fortunately futile) continuous efforts to raise Twitter cancel mobs? And there is a need to deploy tax-exempt funds to send no fewer than four PIs when people who have left the “church” decades ago decide to have a family picnic in a Clearwater park? Or have an armed-to-the-teeth posse follow the scientology leader’s own elderly father and obey said “ecclesiastical leader’s” decree to “let him die” when the surveillance subject appears to be in medical distress? If these are all activities implementing one’s “religious beliefs”, surely the “of others” part is nowhere in evidence.

    An organization pretending to advocate for religious rights by legitimizing these kinds of gross human rights abuses is about as credible as a consumer advocacy group focusing exclusively on the “rights” of armed robbers and looters.

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