Fake Bishop, Fake Coalition; Real Scientology

Who is the International Ad HOC Religion & Justice Observatory Committee?

Searching for this organization produces only its mention on the International Multi-Faith Coalition’s website.

The IRS has no record of it in the United States as a nonprofit.

International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee has no website of its own and its actual membership is a mystery.

Whoever they may be, they’ve been busy recently, sending at least two letters of complaint to the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles against Judge Charlaine Olmedo. The first, dated April 12, 2023 sent to the Honorable Sergio Tapia was followed the very next day by an “Amicus Letter Supporting Petition for Review”. A subsequent letter from this group was sent to Judge Ocampo on May 4.

All of the correspondences erroneously claim that Judge Olmedo violated “100 years of judicial precedent protecting the First Amendment and the separation of Church and State” by comparing “a dangerous criminal enterprise that can be tried under the RICO Act with a First Amendment-protected religious institution.”

Judge Olmedo did not make such a comparison. She gave an example in order to show precedent for allowing Claire Headley to speak as an expert witness due to her experiences in Scientology. The author of these letters purposefully took her words out of context and gave them an intent that did not exist.

Here is what the Judge said in context, from The Underground Bunker Blog on Substack:

It would appear that this twisting of facts was the impetus for at least one of the signatories of the May 4th letter to participate, something that will be addressed further in our next blog.

So who is the International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee?

With no real internet presence, no website other than a very recent appearance on Twitter and no nonprofit information with the IRS this organization seems to have sprung up from nowhere.

There is however a clue.

On the first page of their letter, the return address, email and phone number are for Ombudsman International.

Bishop Guillory’s personally created ombudsman entity which enabled him to title himself Ombudsman General.

Guillory’s Ombudsman International, Inc features an extremely close likeness to the Great Seal of the United States. The same seal the Bishop used on his fictitious badge in Jasper, TX when he impersonated a DOJ agent.

In addition to having Bishop Guillory’s ombudsman contact information, he was the first to sign the May 4th letter.

In fact there is No Archdiocese of North America Unitarian Universalist Church.

A search reveals only a Facebook page for this organization and the contact information is, once again, for Guillory’s fictitious ombudsman website.

Note this is the same email address on the bottom of the first page of the May 4th letter.

Everything keeps coming back around to Bishop L. J. Guillory.

But who is behind him?

Who has the resources and experience to orchestrate such an elaborate operation?

It is obvious that the International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee is not a real or credible organization. There is no history, no information, no membership. Only the logo which so closely resembles that of the International Multi-Faith Coalition which has Scientology’s fingerprints all over it.

Throughout the second trial of Danny Masterson there have been multiple issues pointing to Scientology attempting to interfere.

Reverend L’Heureux and Eva Mahoney showed up together ostensibly to protect Scientology’s First Amendment rights. Mahoney is a Scientology mouthpiece but with questions as to the validity of either the International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee or the International Multi-Faith Coalition who is L’Heureux actually representing?

What of the other signers of Guillory’s letters?

Have these men and women been duped into defending a letter filled with misinformation? If so they still bear some responsibility for their part in the attack on Judge Olmedo. It appears that those who added their names never spent a moment of due diligence to discover whether or not the letter was legitimate or true.

Guillory created his own church wherein he anointed himself a Bishop, he created his own ombudsman website from which he made himself an Ombudsman General. The organizations he is ostensibly heading are sketchy at best and point to Scientology at worst.

Can Scientology achieve the Dead Agenting of Judge Olmedo?

Probably not.

But it certainly seems like they’re trying and using a fake Bishop as their tool.

8 thoughts on “Fake Bishop, Fake Coalition; Real Scientology

  1. Bishop Pillory, of the Greater Arslykus Archdiocese
    Bunghole Emeritus of the International Association Of Freelance Hucksters
    And Cult Affiliated Criminals

    This has the stench of scientology all over it. OSA doesn’t even bother with finding cut-outs and lackeys who are believable or reputable; any dumb, greedy, barely literate wing-nut will do…

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  2. It’s curious that they are embracing a “member of CoS” accused of multiple heinous crimes without any reluctance whatsoever and NEVER asking whether among the “threats” to “shared values” public safety from a violent serial predator merits any consideration at all. (Of course, the fake bishop’s judgment may be clouded by his own numerous felony convictions and his continued career as a con man).

    At issue in the court case is solely whether the “church” provided a convenient hunting ground and acted as a willing enabler for this predator. And how this affected the victims’ willingness to approach law enforcement. Instead of distancing themselves from the perpetrator and retreating to the position that he may have taken advantage of the unwitting “church”, their willingness to aid the perpetrator, at the expense of the violated “parishioners”, continues unabated. This does exactly what they want to declare verboten; it leads to serious questions about the “church” itself! Whether they pose a danger to their own members as well as society at large.

    Letters such as this one only exacerbate their problems. First off, it will most likely fare as well as hubbard’s letters to the FBI. Someone will mark it as “appears mental”, and it will be ignored. The writers and the dubious committee show how lowly the “church” has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to recruit any supporters (paid shills, I would suspect) at all. Finally, they’re a lot like the insufferable Harry and Meghan, clamoring for attention while boo-hooing how they are getting all this unwanted attention.

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  3. This is a timely expose. It answers my suspicions about the bogus nature of this attempt to smear Judge Olmeido.
    Only the cherch of Scientology would be behind such an obviously fake “religious rights” letter. Since LRON H ordered always attack, and don’t apologize, and any warm body at OSA can be tapped to get up a bunch of signatures for a defamatory letter, this ranks up there with other misguided attacks.
    But they attacked a JUDGE!
    I can picture the hand wringing going on at OSA HQ as various ex-scientologists and never ins alike share their distrust of this attack letter. Even before your investigation.
    After reading your inevitable puncturing of the bullshit balloon, I find myself only surprised that this unworkable stratagem has been trotted out yet again.
    How many footbullets can Scientology shoot?
    To the OSA staffer reading this comment, look around and see if your co-worker pressed to do this religious letter operation is still sitting at his or her desk.
    Didn’t think so. You could be next. Or you could leave the sinking ship.

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    1. CURRENT Scientologists: If you’re reading this, you probably already have that nagging feeling that something isn’t right. Does what you and your peers are doing right now feel like it aligns with the reasons you joined Scientology or do you feel like it’s gone “off the rails?” If you joined as an adult, you had the best of intentions; you wanted to help your fellow man and create a better world. Does it feel like you’re accomplishing that mission or are you just being bullied day after day? You CAN leave, even if you haven’t got any money or family/friends on the outside! You can even continue practicing Scientology if that’s what you want to do. Most importantly, know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!! The Aftermath Foundation has the resources & volunteers to help you start over! Nobody there is going to try to talk you into leaving – that’s something you have to come to on your own, but when you’re ready, please reach out here: contact@theaftermathfoundation.org or (956) 752-8484.

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