From Fake Clergy to Outright Forgery

First a word of warning to L. J. Guillory.

Dear Mr. Guillory, There is no way anyone who knows anything about Scientology would believe for a New York minute you crafted this operation on your own. If you think that David Miscavige is your friend or partner in this debacle you are very much mistaken.

Scientology will not come to your aid if there are any repercussions or fallout from this poorly thought out attack against Judge Olmedo. If, as so many suspect, Scientology is behind this you have been nothing more than a convenient tool for OSA. In the event you find yourself facing angry backlash Miscavige will leave you twisting in the wind and on your own.

If you truly are dedicated to anything remotely religious you owe the truth to every person affected by your actions via this letter. If you go down, Scientology and David Miscavige will make certain you go down alone. You may want to rethink your situation and do what damage control you can while you still have time. -Stefani Hutchison

Lettergate 2023 has so far brought us a fake Coalition, fake Bishop, nonexistent Catholic Priests, fake Archdiocese for the Unitarian Religion and a letter filled with intentional lies about Judge Charlaine Olmedo.

Now the line is crossed from fiction to identity theft and oh what a fine bit of forgery this one is.

Go big or go home was the driving motivation for whoever cobbled together the International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee’s letter to the Honorable Ricardo R. Ocampo.

Nothing like signing the Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute’s name on a letter intended to attack a Los Angeles County Judge-

Without his permission.

This time there is no ambiguity.

No mistake has been made.

According to Kevin Snider, whose name appears on the top of page 5, he was contacted and asked to sign.

Here is what he says:

Mr Snider was asked to participate. He declined.

His name appears on the letter anyway.

Given the seriousness of the circumstances surrounding this letter, the erroneous allegations made against Judge Olmedo and the questionable nature of both the Committee and the identity of the author this is mind boggling.

Risking the reputation and good name of not only the Chief Counsel but of the Pacific Justice Institute as well, this was one truly stupid decision.

In this instance, at least Chief Counsel Snider actually read the letter before signing it.

In our next installment we will address a Ph.D who signed without due diligence and is now looking foolish.

Never sign anything without fully understanding what you are signing.

7 thoughts on “From Fake Clergy to Outright Forgery

  1. Fakers gotta fake, hucksters gotta hucklebuck hustle, cultists gotta con…
    Aye, wee Davey, what’s a criminal cult don to do? Billions in the bank, yet
    you can’t put TR-L(“training routine lie”) in on your starved slaves and subsidized
    “wog” servants…Tsk, tsk…and tick tock…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, the minute Aaron talked about this letter, the very first thing I thought of was you! I knew you’d be working on it immediately! I’m FURIOUS about the two “priests” as well.


  2. Just when I’m thinking there are lines that even they won’t cross–of course, not due to scruples or “ethics” but simply out of fear of being discovered for who they really are–they do just that.

    Thanks for all your research. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my dog, I feel that! Just when I think I’ve heard everything, something more appalling comes to light or they pull some new outrageous thing!


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