The Los Angeles Priests Who Aren’t

The International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee, rife with confusion concerning its legitimacy, has a few more questions to answer.

Being a Catholic, this writer was naturally drawn to the names of two priests who signed the May 4th letter to the Honorable Ricardo R. Campo and their Americans for Christ International group.

Searching for Americans for Christ International in Los Angeles, CA produced no results so we decided to contact the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for more information.

We received the following response:

It would appear the Archdiocese would also like to know who these mysterious priests are as Ms Benavides indicates they have searched for the men as well.

For the record, priests do not simply show up in an area and start working. It is up to the Bishop or Archbishop to approve and assign positions.

Whoever the two men are, they are not Catholic Priests in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA. There is no Americans for Christ International in the Bishopric either.

So far the International Ad Hoc Religion & Justice Observatory Committee has introduced us to a Bishop who is not a Bishop and two priests who do not exist.

Can any letter demanding accountability within the legal system be taken seriously coming from such a dubious source?

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “The Los Angeles Priests Who Aren’t

  1. Oh dear, OSA’s previous high standards of professional criminality(e.g. Snow White, the “church” of scientology’s domestic espionage operation of the 1970’s) have really dipped to all-time lows in the 21st century, eh?
    They can’t even find credible cut-outs to do their dirty work anymore!
    Tsk tsk, so much for the alleged power of their “postulates” over matter, energy, space, and time…and the supremacy and intergallactic influence of their “technology”!
    I guess the Mackin’ Machiavellian Munchkin will have to “do it all himself” if this sector of the universe is gonna be saved…

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  2. All I can say Stefani is thank you so very much for the time you are taking to prove that the letter smearing Judge Olmedo is based on a made-up group of made up clergy.

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