And From Forgery to Foolishness

Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute, was approached by someone asking him to to support a letter accusing Judge Charmaine Olmedo of violating Scientology’s First Amendment rights. Certainly someone in his position would lend gravitas to any legal complaint.

Fortunately Mr. Snider followed the Golden Rule of Law; never sign anything unless you know what you are signing.

While acknowledging that the accusations contained in the complaint were serious, he declined to add his name because he had no proof that the information was true.

In spite of his ethically responsible refusal to be involved, his name was digitally signed and presented not only to the Superior Court of California but the rest of the world via the Internet and Scientology as well. An act fully in line with David Miscavige’s indifference for anyone else’s rights but his own.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Professor James A. Santucci, Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton.

Dr Santucci too, was approached by someone not only for the May 4th letter seen on the I.M.F.C’s website and Scientology’s social media, but also for an Amicus Letter Supporting Petition for Review on April 13th. The petition followed a prior letter sent to an Honorable Sergio Tapia on April 12th that was not posted online.

Santucci could not be bothered with due diligence where the serious accusations against Judge Olmedo were concerned and he added his name to both the erroneous letter and the formal petition for review.

We contacted Dr. Santucci concerning his participation in this fraud.

His response to us was telling. He specifically bases his reasoning for his support on three key points found in the letters presented to him. Ultimately each of his concerns are based upon false data that he never took the time to validate.

His response in full can be seen here:

Thus Santucci and three other academics all placed their names on a letter founded on lies and not one of these learned men thought to make certain that the Judge they were helping to condemn was truly guilty.

We responded to each of Dr. Santucci’ s three reasons for participating blindly in this fair game attack on Judge Olmedo.


Since sending our response to Santucci we have had no reply.

Two letters and a formal petition for review of Judge Olmedo’s conduct have been produced by whoever has a vested interest in this case.

As mentioned by Chief Counsel Snider the charge of violating the strictures concerning the separation of Church and State is a serious one. Judge Olmedo is accused of the interpretation of doctrine in her courtroom, something that she has assiduously worked to avoid.

Dr. Santucci and his unnamed co-academics have provided legitimacy and credibility to something that is, in the end, a farce designed to harm a Judge’s reputation.

Shame on them.

5 thoughts on “And From Forgery to Foolishness

  1. Excellent response to Dr. Santucci. Although he is clearly in the wrong on all counts, I doubt he will ever acknowledge any wrong doing on his part. I must say you are extremely thorough and very well researched. I was very impressed by your work. Now I understand why you have received shout outs and high praise from the SPtv YouTube channels. I am in awe!

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      1. It’s a pleasure to read your blog, really!
        Every voice counts in the struggle to end this cult’s fraud and abuses;
        keep doing what you are doibg!

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